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  1. 2003 has not been mentioned enough imo, people forget how much hype we had going into that season. Vick was the most popular player in the league, Madden cover athlete. Had just traded for Peerless Price. Then Vick gets hurt in a meaningless preseason game. I have gotten over 2010 and 2012 because both of those teams overachieved during the regular season before coming to earth in the playoffs. Given that I recognized that the 2012 team overachieved, I wasnt that surprised by what happened in 2013 once Julio went down. 2007 should be mentioned on here too...Vick and Petrino couldve made magic together...
  2. It takes two teams to make a trade and the value has to be there (see what SF gave Miami to come up). You don't pass up an elite player for a couple of day 2 picks....
  3. No one knows what ATL is doing, but fwiw Pitts and Fields have the same agent...
  4. Whether we take a QB at 4 or not, the players who are on the roster today (as opposed to the guys we draft next week) are the ones who will largely dictate whether we are able to "win now". Also, in spite of Matt's contract restructure, it's premature to assume he is in ATL until 2023.
  5. I think it's reasonable to assume they've met with Mac Jones and Justin Fields' parents too....the truth will come out in 8 days.
  6. I do not think the defensive talent in this draft is being undervalued. Most drafts only have about 12-15 true first-round grade, impact prospects. Talented edge rushers and DTs get pushed up into that group because defensive line is such a premium position group in the NFL. As such we are usually talking about a DLineman (edge or DT) being under consideration for a pick in the top-5. Since there is not a top defensive line prospect in the top-5 discussion, the perception follows that the entire defensive class is being undervalued. However, guys like Surtain, Parsons and Horn are all still likely to go in the top-15, and it is not uncommon for the top players at those positions (CB and LB) to go outside the top-5 This team has spent two of its first three picks on defense in every draft but one (2019) since 2015. The defense still needs help no doubt, but they also need to coach up guys like Marlon Davidson and Isaiah Oliver (2nd round picks) if they want to get better. Lastly, you hired an offensive HC, so offense is likely to drive the team's identity and decision making. P.S. There is a sound argument that the offensive talent on this roster is overvalued.
  7. I actually lean Pitts, but I get it if they go Fields/Lance. I have no issues with Matt Ryan, he is the best QB we've ever had and I was a hardcore Vick fan.
  8. This narrative that you are anti-Matt Ryan if you are supportive of the drafting a QB at 4 really needs to be retired....
  9. Looking forward to these types of threads going away in 9 days and counting. If the new regime loves one of these QBs, they are taking him. TF and Arthur Smith don't belong in the NFL if they are worried about stats like this.
  10. The Woody Paige article that this fan blogger cites is the same article that prompted three credentialed Broncos reporters to take to Twitter to refute the idea that Denver had called us. Also, as mentioned by others on this thread, the compensation laid out by Paige does not make any sense for Atlanta (we'd have fewer picks in 2021 after this trade down). I don't know whether Paige's source is bad, or if the other three reporters have inaccurate info, but my guess is the answer probably lies somewhere in the middle. Perhaps the Broncos called ATL and floated the offer that Paige laid out, but ATL said no without closing the door that they would move for a more compelling offer. Either way, the other post on this forum accounts for Paige's story, so this isn't new information.
  11. Whether we take Lance at 4 or not, we need to acquire a capable backup QB for 21' in the draft or free agency for the scenario you laid out. If Lance is forced to play early because of an injury then he will have to learn on the job like any other rookie.
  12. This would be ideal to me if Fields goes at 3. Could still get Lance at 6 as long as Cincy stays put. May even have a shot at Pitts if Miami takes Chase at 4 and Cincy goes Sewell.
  13. By the way, in Woody Paige's story the deal he speculated on was: DEN receives- pick 4, Atlanta's fourth-round pick and one of Atlanta's fifth-round picks ATL receives- pick 9, Denver's third-round pick and Denver's 2022 1st That would not be enough to move off of 4 in my opinion. We'd actually be trading down and coming away with FEWER picks (8 instead of 9) in 2021. Not worth it.
  14. Yeah I saw Paige story too, Albright's tweet was in response to that. Two other Broncos insiders (Troy Renck and Andrew Mason) corroborated Albright on twitter
  15. If there is a trade down, it's highly unlikely that it will happen before we are on the clock. Remember that after SF moved to 3, Schefter reported that SF had discussions with us but opted to deal with Miami because SF wanted to get as high as the could and because Miami was willing to deal right then. That tells me that we want to see who goes in front of us before we commit to moving down.
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