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  1. Sarkisian was handed the keys to a Ferrari and he's driving it like a VW......his play calling is predictable, doesn't find mismatches and doesn't seem to be very good at scheming to other teams weakness, we are not a very focused team and very inconsistent.......not very much leadership on either side of the ball....
  2. It's a combination of things, Sarkisian stinks at finding mismatches, he's predictable with his play calling, our Offensive Line is terrible, the Wide Receivers " for some reason" have forgotten how to catch, Ryan " to me" looks like his accuracy is off and his arm strength is down, The corners are playing sub-par football, we give way to much cushion, which can be somewhat attributed to the D.C. ......Absolutely no leadership on either side of the ball.....just my opinion...
  3. Don't like taking injured players, probably ain't gonna be completely healthy till 2018....Heck I would rather have had Foster........we gave up too much to move up and grab this guy, would have probably still have been there at 31....oh well.
  4. Amen Brother we Coach hungry and play hungry, that's how you win.......
  5. Same plays just different terminology, Matt could probably be his own O.C....He's most assuredly got the brains to do it.
  6. That's Quinn's style " play fast and aggressive " and we're young all these thing's will lead to success...
  7. That means we've got a tough Offense to stop, you can't single out one player...20-7 Saints, Go New Orleans....think I just threw up in my mouth a little.......
  8. Whew what a game our Offense is rollin and our Defense is starting to believe......
  9. Amen .......Just gotta tighten up on D and keep the Offense rolling.
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