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  1. If you don't mind, what are you paying to stream the Sunday ticket? I have it through direct TV but if I can cut them out I'd love to.
  2. All the legends threads I've been seeing, I thought they've been talking about actual falcons legends lol... Until last night, then it all made sense
  3. Like others have said, just last week you were on the complete other side of the argument. Not a good look man. I love it when people make it blatantly obvious that they're not all their mentally. Much easier for me to figure out who I need to ignore.
  4. He was in a good position for each of the catches I saw on him, the receivers just made great plays on the ball.
  5. I hope he returns to full form with no complications. We need him!
  6. Played a game of Madden and it threw me off when the kicking meter showed up on the left lol.
  7. I'm happy that Quinn is choosing to develop his guys instead of bringing in vets. Its hard to watch but think big picture. This is only going to help build the strength of our team in the long run. There's no better way for these guys to learn than to take their lumps like they've been doing. Just think, if these guys start figuring it out we'll have some serious depth. We are always commending Quinn and company on their ability to develop talent, well let's let them do just that.
  8. I'm waiting for the day the NFL offers their own streaming service, hopefully sooner than later.
  9. I'm assuming you're talking about the Sunday ticket through Direct TV? If so, then yes. I hate paying for it but I can't tolerate trying to find a decent stream every Sunday.
  10. Anyone got a link by chance? They started cutting up all these interviews what a terrible idea!
  11. While we are on the topic of special teams, anyone know why I've seen Alford, Neal and some other defensive starters playing special teams? Is this common?
  12. Holy sht Takk look's like a monster in pads.
  13. these videos make me want to run through a wall. I can't WAIT for next season.
  14. you're one of the few I do listen to. appreciate all your knowledge mate.
  15. That touchdown run after his fumble in the 9'ers game is the most disrespectful run I've seen since Marshawn Lynch against New Orleans.
  16. I'd love to get my hands on a few of those wrist bands. Anyone know if that's possible?
  17. Love this GIF but there's an even nicer one (imo) of Tru I think during training camp shadowing someone like glue.
  18. Not sure why anyone is even entertaining this Sam guy any longer. After his post, "I didn't say I was scared, I said I was worried", confirmed all I needed to know about dude. Stop wasting yalls' time.
  19. Wow great video KOG, kid looks like he can play. I'd love to see Perine in a Falcons jersey steam rolling a defense that just got their ankles broken by Freeman the play before.
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