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  1. If you don't mind, what are you paying to stream the Sunday ticket? I have it through direct TV but if I can cut them out I'd love to.
  2. All the legends threads I've been seeing, I thought they've been talking about actual falcons legends lol... Until last night, then it all made sense
  3. Here's the video starts at about 42:30.
  4. Like others have said, just last week you were on the complete other side of the argument. Not a good look man. I love it when people make it blatantly obvious that they're not all their mentally. Much easier for me to figure out who I need to ignore.
  5. He was in a good position for each of the catches I saw on him, the receivers just made great plays on the ball.
  6. I hope he returns to full form with no complications. We need him!
  7. Played a game of Madden and it threw me off when the kicking meter showed up on the left lol.
  8. x’s and o’s

    I love you man.