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  1. I mean they beat the Steelers in the playoffs without a QB, so who knows
  2. I'd write an encyclopedic novel for ol' Noodle Arm
  3. He'll just get mad when Ryan throws an errant pass and sub himself in at QB
  4. I was just joking lol. It's definitely a flop. Guy on the stretcher is someone else
  5. Amateur. This is how you take a player down. He died later that night btw.
  6. Honestly another galaxy brained choke job would be pretty entertaining tonight. I wouldn't mind some laughs
  7. Blame the D if you want but the catalyst for this loss was on Gurley. The game was all but decided and he single-handedly opened it back up again. He was given a simple instruction and didn't do it. The fact that the defense blew it is annoying, but honestly that was to be expected. The offense knew this too, which is why everyone was so adamant that he doesn't score.
  8. Not surprised. Ryan also got an 88 QBR (the ESPN stat, not passer rating), which is about what I expected. He wasn't shiny on the stat sheet but he made a lot of good plays including clutch drives at half-time and for the final drive that should've won the game. But nah... trade him
  9. I know Matt hasn't declined because modern day pocket passers don't decline at 35. He and several older QB's have all commented that they're in the best shape of their life. My real fear is that these last 4-5 years will be wasted on a scrub non-WCO OC. Even Sarkisian had him playing at an MVP level
  10. For any other QB, securing the game winning drive would be enough to absolve any blame. But for Matt Ryan, the goalpost just shifts to something else, like he threw a bad pass or something in the 3rd quarter.
  11. "giving away the game" is usually hyperbole, but in this case it was 100%. There was literally no way we lose unless Koo exploded into a million pieces walking onto the field.
  12. Everyone thinks we suck. Pretty sure we're properly rated
  13. All we had to do was run the ball (super bowl) All we had to do was grab the onside kick All we had to do was take a knee But we didn't. and we suck
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