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  1. The funny thing is he's been quite good at evading pressure in the pocket since 2016. But I agree in 2016 we capitalized big on a lot of those rollouts or bootlegs (or whatever they are). It seems like they disappeared in '17-18 under Sarkisian, but maybe I'm just misremembering.
  2. Here it is: "For the first time in his career, Ryan had to tape his ankles in practice because of all the bootlegs and rollouts. That's not who Ryan is as a player -- or should be. He functions best when in the pocket. For that reason, I ripped Shanahan last season. This season, he deserves praise. He has decided to cater his offense to Ryan, rather than the other way around." https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/monday-musings-the-reason-behind-matt-ryans-turnaround-and-why-falcons-are-3-1/ I guess they're claiming the opposite, that Shanny catered to Ryan in 2016 and t
  3. Physically? Nothing more than usual. All this stuff about dwindling arm strength and athleticism is just selective perception bias because we're losing. He's physically as good as he's been since 2016, if not better. Ryan just needs to come prepared to step out of his comfort zone and adapt to whatever Smith wants to do with the offense. I remember something in 2016 about Ryan having to tape his ankles in practice because of all the bootlegs Shanahan was running, and I vaguely remember it mentioned that he didn't like them because his back was turned away from the defense for too l
  4. I wasn't referring specifically to you when I said that. I was just pointing out that this is exactly the type of tweet that gets Tatf riled up. I also didn't mean anything negative by it either. These threads are my favorite
  5. Nebulous, baseless tweet about Matt Ryan being traded. This is prime Tatf bait
  6. A real galaxy brain would move the entire city of Atlanta. Those Indian burial grounds are going to keep trolling ATL teams until the end of time.
  7. That Jersey tug definitely cut his momentum a lot so I get it. Still, if you "let them play" all game it's going to look really embarrassing when you finally do call it, especially to decide the game.
  8. Back in 2016 I was on the Brady hate train as much as anybody, but for a guy to have 6 rings/9 appearances and to join a uncertain team in a totally different conference and do it again in his first season?? I honestly can't help but root for him to keep making history at this point. ....Unless the Bills somehow make it to the suber powl. Then I'd root for them. But, I mean, let's cross that bridge if we get to it.
  9. I always love how every new coach is first greeted with D Led. It's probably like a Flowery Branch hazing ritual at this point.
  10. We haven't won a SINGLE FRIGGIN GAME since he's been here.
  11. Some say he's still standing in the pocket to this very day...
  12. Dude we've been reigning champions for like 4 years now lol
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