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  1. My amateur observation to atlanta professionals:
  2. You can say some bad things about Ryan, but "folding under pressure" should never be one of them. The team might fold when it counts, but Ryan? nah
  3. Indeed. The concept of space in Taiwan is almost nonexistent. But even though I usually don't like crowds, I still felt very comfortable there. Did you live there for a while, or just vacationing?
  4. Haha. I remember hanging with friends in the nightmarkets wondering which vendor was selling stinky tofu... And then the smell hit all of us at once. It didn't take long to figure out.
  5. I've had to privilege of traveling to Taiwan twice and both times I fell completely in love with the small island country. I plan on going back one day, maybe to live there for a few years, so I'd like to master the language as much as possible before I return. Also it could make for some nice career opportunities as well, but we'll see.
  6. If it hasn't come from Sharpe's cell phone it ain't legit. Wake me up when my mans dials up
  7. Yea. Some days it's enjoyable but other days I want to slam my head into a wall because the path to fluency always feels so far away. Oh well, 加油!(literally "add fuel") as they say lol
  8. My hobbies alternate a lot, but for the last year my biggest thing would probably be cooking and learning Mandarin (if that counts as a hobby). I'd like to get back into surfing, but scoliosis kills my motivation most days. getting old blows
  9. As long as he's got a good offensive mind Matt Ryan will do well. He's played some really clean games when Julio's been out. Julio is a beast but sometimes Ryan gets burned trying to force it to him. If Julio leaves it'll be interesting to see how this changes his game under panic situations.
  10. I mean the former had two certain HoF. The latter is just speculation
  11. The funny thing is he's been quite good at evading pressure in the pocket since 2016. But I agree in 2016 we capitalized big on a lot of those rollouts or bootlegs (or whatever they are). It seems like they disappeared in '17-18 under Sarkisian, but maybe I'm just misremembering.
  12. Here it is: "For the first time in his career, Ryan had to tape his ankles in practice because of all the bootlegs and rollouts. That's not who Ryan is as a player -- or should be. He functions best when in the pocket. For that reason, I ripped Shanahan last season. This season, he deserves praise. He has decided to cater his offense to Ryan, rather than the other way around." https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/monday-musings-the-reason-behind-matt-ryans-turnaround-and-why-falcons-are-3-1/ I guess they're claiming the opposite, that Shanny catered to Ryan in 2016 and t
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