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  1. The noncall turned everyone in new Orleans into angsty teenagers
  2. You'd think these attorneys would have the foresight to know what a PR blunder these complaints are to the Saints. I've already seen plenty of people go from wanting the Saints to win to being glad they lost because of how sour they've been.
  3. Someone inform Godell that we need to redo every game for the last 7 years. I have gut feeling that if the refs called it right we would've won the last 7 Superbowls!
  4. Geez I get it was a bad non call but I don't think I've ever seen a fan base refuse to own up to a loss like this before. They act the whole game took place in those 5 seconds, but it didn't. They had so many ways to put that game away and they failed. I remember a one Julio getting absolutely mugged by a Richard Sherman on what would've been a game winning pass. I get that it wasn't the NFC Championship. But that's the point, it's only because it was YOUR loss in YOUR big game that you (the Saints) have gone full damage control in an otherwise regular occurrence in football. Why the **** was Payton throwing it in the first place when you could've scraped so much time off the clock? Did he not watch OUR super bowl? Don't get cheeky. Also fun fact: Brees' first and last pass attempt in the playoffs was an interception.
  5. Also **** Payton for being so vindictive. "Yea I just got off the phone refs blew it. League said so." Dude you've been the beneficiary of refball more than anyone, especially in the Dome
  6. He's good but he's no Jordan Richards. Hopefully he'll be a good backup though
  7. How do you not score a point after the first quarter? Jesus...
  8. I want Toilolo back just because I like ukulele playing Samoans
  9. So Ryan played like crap, but he WON the championship. That's some bizarro **** right there.
  10. Is this THE D. Orlando Ledbetter?
  11. You know DLed is feeling himself right now. This is like the one time he got to flex on the haters (TaTF)
  12. That's the story of Matt's career. Key moment, something stupid happens. And even though it's almost always not his fault, when fate keeps ******* the same guy you can't help but point the finger at him. One of these days Matt Ryan is gonna **** fate instead
  13. Just 300 more days
  14. Is it possible we put to much stock in "schemes". I need PeytonManningsForehead to break down what exactly would change if we switched to a "four verts" offense from a "WCO". Matt flourished in both systems. Maybe what matter more is an intelligent playcaller and detail oriented coach, regardless of scheme.
  15. "respeck" is fitting