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  1. I'd probably be like niceeeee and then I'd text a friend something like "Brooooooooooooo" and that'd probably be it.
  2. Potential Football Player: "I know I can play football".
  3. Look guys, I am Matt Ryan BIGGEST fan. PERIOD. Nobody loves Matt Ryan more than me! ....But the reality is inescapable: He sucks **** and I hate him, and he's probably the worst player to ever play the game. Like I said though, I'm his biggest fan. I love the guy. But we all need to come to terms with the fact that he sucks *** and he's a loser. It's just facts.
  4. I'm cool with this. If Brady flops it'd be hilarious If he does well then that'd be good too. I'd be glad to see him cement his legacy.
  5. As a team we obsess way to much with receivers. If there's good protection and playcalling Ryan can throw to my grandma. In fact, I swear every time Julio and our WR2 were out he always has an outstanding performance.
  6. Falcons sb choke confirmed for Shanny's fault
  7. Not sure anyone in the WORLD could die right now that would gain as much attention as Kobe. I don't even watch basketball and even I was blown away when I saw the news.
  8. To be fair, it's not like they need Jimmy to pass the ball anyway.
  9. Idk man I kept hearing about 2 fumbles and an INT and even the announcers kept pointing out poor throws by Rodgers. If you're gonna be so apologetic of Rodgers at least try doing the same for Ryan.
  10. Rodgers making throws Ryan would be crucified for. Take note, haters
  11. The fact that Garropolo went 11/19 for 131 yards, 1 TD 1 INT and the 49ers still won by 17 is all I need to know about who carries their team. If Ryan played like that I couldn't imagine us being within two scores of tying, let alone winning by 17
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