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  1. The liquor store
  2. This is the one frustrating thing about Ryan. It seems like every season he has to have a moment where he completely unlearns everything he's mastered over his career. Just fundamentally bad decisions. He'll still be great this year, but **** like this drives you up a wall
  3. He's just playing candy crush
  4. you misspelled "lose"
  5. It's over. Season is DONE. Time to tank for a draft pick.
  7. Run it up the middle for a gain of 1
  8. Why don't we stop pussyfooting around the issue and state the obvious. Ryan's days are numbered. The future is Sanu.
  9. Fun fact: every falcons qb is some power of 2 Etling = 2^0 Ryan = 2^1 Simms = 2^2 Schaub = 2^3 I'm fun at parties... Jk. I don't get invited to parties
  10. Based Money Matt.
  11. Brush just give him the 5k we all know it's coming sooner or later
  12. Asking the real questions. #staywoke
  13. I think he'll get better. This game doesn't entail the same wear and tear for QBs that it used to. The game has been redesigned to stress technique and mental acumen. That's why dudes like Brady and Breed are still playing with no desire to quit. And Ryan was quoted just a year ago feeling the best he ever had. I think the more interesting question is whether we will see a couple 50 year old QBs way down the line.
  14. D led is so ******* based I love it