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  1. I'd write an encyclopedic novel for ol' Noodle Arm
  2. He'll just get mad when Ryan throws an errant pass and sub himself in at QB
  3. I was just joking lol. It's definitely a flop. Guy on the stretcher is someone else
  4. Amateur. This is how you take a player down. He died later that night btw.
  5. Honestly another galaxy brained choke job would be pretty entertaining tonight. I wouldn't mind some laughs
  6. Blame the D if you want but the catalyst for this loss was on Gurley. The game was all but decided and he single-handedly opened it back up again. He was given a simple instruction and didn't do it. The fact that the defense blew it is annoying, but honestly that was to be expected. The offense knew this too, which is why everyone was so adamant that he doesn't score.
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