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  1. And the refs screwed them from going to a superbowl and possibly winning one last year. So no matter how you spin it, what goes around comes around. Everyone has been on boths sides of calls so it's stupid to keep blaming the refs, they actually had to win the game in the superbowl, which the Falcons lost by themselves without a refs bad call.
  2. You forgot to mention talent, that's the big one.
  3. Freeman is just finding it comical like everyone else that watches the Falcons at this point. If he weren't laughing he would be crying.
  4. No reason to take up for a team that will find a way to lose anyway.
  5. I think you meant to say that the Falcons suck.
  6. They just suck from top to bottom., It's that simple.
  7. When you like someone so much it makes it to where they have blinders on. Anyone looking from the outside in can see that he lost it completely. An offensive line or a new coach won't change nothing.
  8. First off, I only responded because he said something that wasn't factual. Secondly, I'm bored, I'm in the hospital recovering from my 4th back surgery. Tell me, what would you be doing if you were laid up in the hospital? I intended to only view the forum to see how many was acting like the sky was falling. Thirdly, I'm very comfortable and secure with myself, but sometimes its just too much fun to read this forum. Peace.....
  9. Last year wasn't a "choke job", everyone except yourself realizes it was the ref that blew the call, that's why they changed the rule. Think before you type out junk.
  10. The Saints had a time out, so all y'all talking about it is irrelevant!! Sean called the time out just soon he hit the ground.
  11. Holy crap, learn how to use your words correctly so we can make out what you're trying to say.
  12. I would stop blaming the refs at this point. You could have the refs call everything on the Vikings and they would still fined a way to screw it up. They need to blow the whole **** thing sky high and start from scratch, It can't get any worse.
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