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  1. Wrong, unfunny, and with an unnecessary exclamation point. Are you dealing with any serious medical conditions due to your advanced age? *fingers crossed*
  2. I'm going to read this later. Should answer my questions from the mountain climbing thread. Thanks!
  3. Did you really laugh out loud when you typed this?
  4. You believe it happened. I'm just asking HOW you THINK it's possible. Also curious how you think a man could build a boat large enough to fit two of every animal on earth and then somehow get them all on that boat. Not to mention all the food required for said animals and keeping them from killing each other. You admit you believe these things, have you ever thought about how it could work? Or do you just try really hard not to think about it? I'm asking because you DO try really hard to come up with ways to explain away evidence that goes against your young earth belief, you don't seem to apply the same burden of proof to other things.
  5. I just wanted some logistics on how the whole living in a fish for three days thing would work.
  7. I don't understand why he's avoiding the question. He's made it clear this is what he believes.
  8. What does someone living in a fish for three days have to do with origins?
  9. I'm going to assume this meant yes. Please explain how these things are possible. Be specific.
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