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  1. I truly don't blame t-falcon for his dumb and incorrect opinions on most topics. It's not his fault he lacks the intellectual capacity for critical thought. We should all be nicer to him. You don't mock a four year old for not understanding complex topics. Same idea applies here. I'm sorry, t-falcon. I think you're super.
  2. I'm prepared to name you the worst poster of all time.
  3. T-falcon is just simple. A bit angry too but mostly just simple. I'm assuming there was a traumatic brain injury at some point in his life.
  4. Jack Bauer tortured his own brother for this country. You spaghetti spined liberal pansies wouldn't understand what it takes to protect us from Jack Bauer's father it turned out.
  5. I'm going to assume that means nothing. FWIW, you're melting pretty hard for someone that accused me of being mad earlier in this thread. Maybe you're projecting for some reason. Did you try to join the military but they turned you down for not meeting the minimum IQ requirements?
  6. What are some of your contributions? Other than knowing people that have served in the military I mean.
  7. I don't see anywhere in there where you say YOU served. Quit trying to take credit for other people's sacrifices, coward.
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