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  1. Fields transferring may very well happen, but like Carter just alluded to, this transfer decision is mere rumor until we hear something official...then again I can only speculate that he is at the very least considering it because if he wasn't he would quell rumors with a single tweet or text, but he hasn't I don't think Fields leaving is a testament to bad coaching, this is simply a product of the times with highly recruited QBs transferring...especially over the last five or so years or so. I knew as soon as we got Fields that either him or Fromm will end up leaving to get more playing time, I don't know what fans really expected. Then again I don't know what the **** Fields was expecting either coming here...the only thing I can think of is that he really underestimated Fromm, as did I frankly.
  2. I don't like soccer, but I know it meant a lot to AB, so good on him and to the entire city. Best fans in ATL pro sports by far.
  3. Here we go again. If we have everything going right, Matt Ryan is a hero. If things are bad, he's a zero. ***** very boring. Ryan is not the best QB in the league, but he's top 10 nearly every year, top 5 in his better years. He's our guy. He's proven he can lead us to a Super Bowl. There are 31 other teams trying to do the same. This is the pros. **** happens. I'm happy with Ryan as our QB until I see an actual huge decline in his production.
  4. Man, that's who D-Led is? Holy crap, so all this time I've been watch these press conferences trying to figure out who that mush mouth mother ****** is who asks redundant questions, and now it all makes sense.
  5. Julio may say he doesn't care about TDs in interviews as long as the team wins, and he may think that way to an extent, but that sounds more like generic answers to the media to me. You can't tell me it didn't mean **** to him after he scored and how pumped he was for a garbage TD, and the reaction of his teammates. It really shows you how tight knit this team is regardless of what happens.
  6. Would there be anyway to measure the best long snappers in the league? Ha...if not, maybe you can measure the best purely by longevity. It might be the most obscure position in football next to the holder.....maybe equally so.
  7. Price range of the fine if this happened in the No Fun League?
  8. Yes sir you gotta be impressed with the D tonight. Makes me excited to think that Deion can still make a comeback, our defense might actually be competent then. They kept it tight tonight though for three and half Qs, at times I was thinking it was the offense that needed to pick up the slack.
  9. I don't mind the very existence of fantasy football, but I'm sick of reading around about football without fail there is always someone who feels compelled to let everyone know the progress of their fantasy team. I have a fantasy team too, but it's like get over yourself, who the **** cares about your fantasy team
  10. Oh yeah you gotta be happy with a W in this league, it doesn't mean I think the team is perfect and Super Bowl bound, but you gotta love this win going in the bye. This team could have rolled over and died after the numerous injuries on defense, but they keep fighting. The only time this year we have looked truly overmatched was the Steelers game.
  11. This was a quintessential Falcons win. The Giants out sucked us tonight. All the way to that crappy onside. I'll take it for now. 3-4 is way better than 2-5
  12. Holy **** two FGs of at least 50 for the kid today, nice Falcons debut on MNF
  13. Giants are still in this game. Pathetic.
  14. Welp screw the run for now we gotta pass for the 1st down here
  15. Coleman what the **** go out of bounds there