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  1. Think of it this way. There's no way in **** the aints are winning a Super Bowl if they lose tomorrow and are swept by the Falcons, and to THIS Falcons team. Ya'll be done if ya can't get it done tomorrow night.
  2. Georgia was at its best under Kirby it when the statistically greatest running back due in the history of CFB stood in the backfield. You have to wonder if this constant ground pound, a Georgia trademark, is truly going out of style when you look around the rest of the country. The thing is that in the National title game Georgia out did Alabama at their own game, but they adjusted and when Tua was inserted to the game it changed their offense from that point forward. Then you look at LSU and they are spreading the ball around like never before. It really makes me think that we sho
  3. Bring on our rush D like we did tonight and I like our chances. They're a physical though, so are the Titans, we got them week 3. The Colts and Titans played this afternoon too and it was a defensive battle. Winable games imo, 3-1 would feel unbelievable after the first game.
  4. Eliminate turnovers and keep it up on defense like against the Eagles and assuming we have Bridgewater, Pocket Cam, and Winston, (lol) then the division should be ours.
  5. I see some of those idiots calls for Taysom Hill to start over Bridgewater. He's a great gimmick player, but I don't think they actually wanna see Taysom freaking Hill throw 40 passes a game.
  6. I have nothing against him, I just don't think he's a core part of the team, which to me on on offense is Ryan, Julio, Alex Mack (highly underrated, remember our center situation before we signed Mack?) and Matthews who has been up and down but has been a solid blind side protector for us for much of career, and that sometimes can be hard to find even at a decent level. The running back position in today's NFL is expendable compared to other positions. More specifically, paying a running back top dollar is borderline asinine. They get hurt and/or beaten up all time and as we all know they
  7. Gono's second year, he was an UDFA in 2018, but I get your point. Our two first rounders might very well end up being solid starters, but it might be too much to ask for this quick. Brace yourself, Matty Ice.
  8. One of either two things need to happen for the saints to have a "downfall" 1. The center situation goes to **** post Unger. 2. Drew Brees declines. Number 1 has the bigger potential to happen. Number 2 is expected by many, but I'll believe it when I see...namely a sharp Brees decline. He's dropped off maybe a tad, he's prone to a couple of more bad games here and there, but he's still a field general until further notice. Otherwise the positives outweigh the negatives for NO. I think if they are sucessful then Brees will do what he always does imo and that's making good skilled ba
  9. Until Julio inevitably rewrites our receiving record books, (which could very well be this year) I consider Roddy to be our greatest WR ever. There was nothing like his trolling smile against the aints especially.
  10. Good for them, I wish we had Suh, but the Bucs have no viable QB, I'm not scared of them at all.
  11. Fields transferring may very well happen, but like Carter just alluded to, this transfer decision is mere rumor until we hear something official...then again I can only speculate that he is at the very least considering it because if he wasn't he would quell rumors with a single tweet or text, but he hasn't I don't think Fields leaving is a testament to bad coaching, this is simply a product of the times with highly recruited QBs transferring...especially over the last five or so years or so. I knew as soon as we got Fields that either him or Fromm will end up leaving to get more
  12. I don't like soccer, but I know it meant a lot to AB, so good on him and to the entire city. Best fans in ATL pro sports by far.
  13. Here we go again. If we have everything going right, Matt Ryan is a hero. If things are bad, he's a zero. ***** very boring. Ryan is not the best QB in the league, but he's top 10 nearly every year, top 5 in his better years. He's our guy. He's proven he can lead us to a Super Bowl. There are 31 other teams trying to do the same. This is the pros. **** happens. I'm happy with Ryan as our QB until I see an actual huge decline in his production.
  14. Man, that's who D-Led is? Holy crap, so all this time I've been watch these press conferences trying to figure out who that mush mouth mother ****** is who asks redundant questions, and now it all makes sense.
  15. Julio may say he doesn't care about TDs in interviews as long as the team wins, and he may think that way to an extent, but that sounds more like generic answers to the media to me. You can't tell me it didn't mean **** to him after he scored and how pumped he was for a garbage TD, and the reaction of his teammates. It really shows you how tight knit this team is regardless of what happens.
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