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  1. lol the falcons are so devoid of talent i wouldnt be so picky
  2. there's simply no way to predict whether next years schedule will be harder or not. forget that we played like 4 or 5 backup qbs this year. it's just impossible.
  3. how about not drafting players with 10 college starts in the second round? perhaps that would ease the transition. just a thought.
  4. going into year 4 of the 2 year rebuild now. im sure one of these bozos in charge will get cute and reach on a draft pick just like every year. 2015 it was our second, which one is going down the toilet this time?
  5. whoever picked Collins needs to be fired. if it was quinn he needs his power reigned in.
  6. Collins was the stupidest pick of all time. TD needs to be gone.
  7. why god would you still want gurlie with what we've seen out of freeman and beasley at this point? im still po'd about the 2nd and 3rd picks not our first. they need to run coleman like a dog sunday and he better hold onto the ball. gurlie probably isnt even playing sunday he's in a freaking walking boot.
  8. we arent doomed. the guys going to play lights out next season with a center that can hike the ball and the familiarity he gained this year with the scheme. you can put FIRE SHANAHAN in your sig now next to the gurlie garbage since you like being proudly ignorant.
  9. dimi has the cushiest gm gig in the league. he has a co-gm to share responsibility with and a head coach drafting players! id wanna come here if i was a gm it sounds like you just collect checks while doing half the work anywhere else.
  10. coleman was in the league for one second before getting catfished into sending nude pics, and he cant hold onto the ball to save his life hageman tried to buy weed on twitter these guys are dumb as rocks is coleman at least off the concussion protocol for next week? i hope they run him a lot. if he fumbles again im writing him off
  11. ryan needs all the practice he can get in real game situations with the new system. if coleman is not out for his concussion he needs to be run like a horse too to prove he can hold onto the ball. im so out on this guy already.
  12. lol if we go 9-7 its a 50% increase in wins over last year and it wasnt shanahan throwing stupid picks it was MR getting used to the new system which he should fully grasp by the mid way point of next season, and stupid fumbles which also isnt on shanahan you guys want a culture and a foundation and also want to change systems after a year
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