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  1. 1) stopping the run is our defense's first priority and I think Billings + Hageman could be the best run stopping duo in the league 2) I think he could use his strength and develop his pass rush to push the pocket back into the QBs face 3) we rotate all our linemen, so anybody we drafted would kinda be a "2 down lineman" regardless
  2. ILBs are both the WLB and the MLB in this scheme. SLB and LEO are OLBs.
  3. I just gotta write it off that he doesn't fit the system. I trust our drafting to get the players they want, and they just don't want him for some reason.
  4. Billings was one of my top 3 choices for our pick at 17, and I have no idea how he's still on the board. I definitely assumed we would be drafting a DT somewhere to take Soliai's spot, but I guess the staff is satisfied with what we have + the possible signing of Easley. Right now, I would look at our depth chart possibilities like this: 1T: Mbu/Jarrett/Hageman/Jackson 3T: Babs/Hageman/Jarrett/Shelby Not sure what the plan is with Jarrett. If he and Hageman are on the field together, I would put Hageman at the nose and let Jarrett penetrate. I'm speculating on Jackson playing the nose, not sure if that's really a thing. Shelby was expected to slide inside on passing downs, which may be more than just 3rd and longs. I take it that the staff believes highly in Mbu as he's the only true NT on the team now. How do you see it playing out?
  5. I wanted him in the first. Getting him in the third would make me slap my mama.
  6. This is great. Want an OG but you sold your picks so well I'm not even mad. Love the Floyd pick.
  7. My first thought is that I'd hate for us to draft any DE at 17. My second thought is that I believe Quinn believes he could teach technique and would therefore not value refined technique very highly.
  8. Higbee is a racist ******* who should never wear an NFL jersey. My vote is for Devon Cujuste , WR, Stanford. He's a big body, good blocker, and had the quickest 3 cone time at the combine. That all adds up to a dangerous move TE convert to me.
  9. That's terrifying. I already see my homie Boykin ballin out there
  10. Somebody gotta slide. He as a 2-3 on CBS, which is where I built this from. You're probably right though.
  11. I wouldn't mind Lee and Smith either. Lee is my 2nd pick for 17 behind Billings.
  12. Would you say the same if it was a DE? I think Billings' ability and versatility could have him lead our DTs in snaps from day 1.
  13. As in, if there's only 2 CBs on the field, then Collins is on and Alford is not? Not sure if that's confidence in Collins or doubt in Alford, but I disagree. I'd take that bet 10 times out of 10.
  14. Who could we draft/sign right now who would start over Alford? Collins wasn't going to regardless. It would be good if we had an exclusive slot guy, but it's not mandatory as of now.
  15. 1- Billings, Lee, Floyd, Whitehair 2- Smith, Cravens, Joseph, Nkemdiche
  16. Something simple I decided to put together on this cool Saturday afternoon. We trade down with NYJ from 17 to 20 for an extra 4th round pick. They make the deal to move ahead of Indianapolis for Jack Cocklin to replace the recently retired(and all time great name) D'Brickashaw Ferguson. 1. Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor This kid is a future monster that would fill the biggest void we currently have on our team, which is a dominant inside presence. Our defense is predicated upon stopping the run first, and his combination of strength and motor would be able to plug the line at a level comparable to Soliai, who anchored the #1 run D through the first half of the season before injuries took their toll. On the flipside, he possesses great quickness for a DT and could become a pass rushing force as well. I would alternate him and Hageman between 1T(2 gap stuffer) and 3T(1 gap penetrator) and hopefully generate enough pressure to collapse the pocket. 2. Jaylon Smith, LB, Notre Dame This is pending the medical recheck that is scheduled to take place next weekend. As long as they say that his leg doesn't need to be amputated, I take him here and I don't look back. The reason why he was at least a top-10 pick before his injury is because he has the natural instincts needed at the position to become a star. Those will not be undone by this injury. Even if he is robbed of some athleticism, he will still be more than capable of becoming a fixture in this defense for years to come. The same people who say he won't be able to contribute this season are the same people who say we're not winning the SB this year, so that's virtually irrelevant to me. I fully believe that 31 NFL teams will look stupid in a few years for passing on this guy, and I don't want us to be one of them. 3. Karl Joseph, SS, West Virginia This kid is Bob Sanders Jr. Aside from the injuries, Sanders was one of the most present safeties I ever saw play in his time, and I see the same thing out of Joseph. Despite the size, his physicality will make a major difference to our defense, and that is what will matter the most. His versatility will also allow for different coverages that other SS prospects may not be capable of. He can also act as insurance in case Allen doesn't take that next step next year, as we can pair Joseph up with another SS and move him into the FS spot if necessary. 4a. Connor McGovern, OG, Missouri Here we get a guy who can definitely lock down an OG spot this year and for years to come. He's one of the strongest guys in the draft, and has the quickness necessary to move in our ZBS. Just plug and play. 4b. Travis Feeney, OLB, Washington Feeney is not far away from Cravens as a hybrid SS/Will LB prospect to me. What makes him possibly more intriguing to me is that he's a bigger, better athlete who was used more as an edge player. While Cravens was able to make more plays in the secondary, Feeney's experience on the edge could create exponential growth in our system, which will keep him clean from blocks and allow him to run around and make plays. 7. Devon Cajuste, WR/TE, Stanford Cujuste was a WR at Stanford, and was relatively impressive to me as a #1 WR in a running offense where his was more of a third option behind McCaffrey and the TEs, securing big catches when he was targeted. He was an active blocker on the outside, and I think he handles that well enough to transition to a move TE position for us. His 3-cone drill time was the best of any receiver at the combine, and that along with his size and hands should lead to him being a dangerous big slot target.
  17. I've seen comments about Collins' suspension saying we will look for corners in the draft. That's not happening. The reason for that being Akeem King. Regardless of what happens with Collins, I've felt better about King since last season. I believe Quinn is going to use this as an opportunity to give King more reps that he will take advantage of.
  18. I feel like we can't lose. TD has hit on every first rounder when they were healthy. Quinn comes from Seattle, which has had some pretty high busts and made it up with late round stars. Even if Quinn fails on Collins, I believe he can make it up with King. I believe in TD to ensure we get the guy we need in the first. Even if we miss on a guy, we'll make up for it somewhere. ****, TD made up for Dent with Worrilow....
  19. Dude.... what? Where have you seen Feeney listed as a SS? He was a linebacker at the combine. Has he officially been seen as a conversion prospect or are you projecting? Either way, I like that pick, along with Brown and Thuney. Meh on the first two rounds though.
  20. it's weird that they don't say how old he is. that would be a major factor in how I felt about him as a prospect.
  21. That line never played together. Kerney got hurt the first game he played with Abe and then went to Seattle the next season.
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