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  1. Worrilow had a great game and looks better at SLB than in the middle.
  2. Worrilow had a great game and looks better at SLB than in the middle.
  3. That's a different type of worst. It was my worst moment of being a fan in terms of what I wanted the team to do. I would say that 2012 was the worst feeling. 2010 vs GB was the lowest.
  4. Watching Glenn Dorsey jog off the field just now reminded me of how mad I was when we drafted Matt instead of him in 08. Didn't know he was still in the league. Definitely not my finest moment in scouting and the one thing I'm eternally grateful to eat crow on.
  5. I've said Julio is TO 2.0 since his rookie year. A+ receiver with B/B- hands. Gotta take the bad with the epically great.
  6. Definitely thought this was about the basketball player
  7. the most impressive part of that play is how he turned around and didn't fall or go out of bounds. 99 times out of 100 I see any receiver turn that close to the sidelines they don't make it to the endzone.
  8. He was a 4th round pick. Probably top 10 best pick of his round that year if we thought about it. As far as Perkins goes, we run a complex offense that I'm willing to bet will lead the league in 3TE sets at the end of the year. Having someone ready to step into the offense in the event of injury without significant changes to the gameplan is invaluable to our coaching staff. I also think that he is being groomed to be Tamme's replacement as the inline/checkdown TE, with Hooper being the flex/big play TE.
  9. We have all been waiting for our "big" acquisition on the DL to start making plays and it looks to me like a switch flipped for him this past Sunday. He had a big TFL and blew up the interior OL and a handful of snaps too. I think this first quarter of the season was an adjustment period for him to get acclimated to his new position at DT and we'll see more disruptive plays from him moving forward.
  10. They were able to deflect it mostly because we were throwing a slant to a 5'8" RB who just motioned out of the backfield. Great play by them, but it was a bad call that was pretty telegraphed. Nevertheless, the fact we can have something like that happen and go straight down the field for points the next drive is inspiring.
  11. I felt the same way. I just wrote it off as Shanahan being cute and waited for the next drive.
  12. You're right, but that roughing the punter flag can't be put in the same box of mental errors as the Goldson 12 men or Alford PI calls. Hardy was **** close to getting there and I'll take that chance on a punt block any day.
  13. Sanu goes over 1,000 yards Our defense finishes top 5 in turnovers One of the OGs get hurt and Schweitzer takes over the spot he'll hold for the next 5 years Grady Jarrett leads the team in sacks with 7.5. Taylor Gabriel has more receptions than Aldrick Robinson Keep it going.
  14. He would be the perfect nickelback in this scheme
  15. McKissic has to stay. He's a baller. My final depth chart would be: Julio Sanu Hardy Robinson McKissic Weems
  16. This is more for the older guys here as I started watching football after Keyshawn came in and started the WR #s in the teens trend, but which number change was more awkward for yall? How long did it take to get used to it? Because seeing the ghosts of Jason Snelling and TJ Duckett playing LB is making my skin crawl....
  17. I think we all understand the defensive scheme we run and how it's a hybrid, but it's still interesting to see Quinn compare our defense to 3-4s.
  18. /thread, argument, conversation about this bs for all eternity
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