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  1. Hardy is Weems 2.0. ST ace with a valuable, defined role on offense. He shouldn't worry about being replaced for a long time.
  2. Butbutbut our 5th round pick is taking his job in training camp
  3. The Titans run more read option with Mariota that defenses have to respect and react to, which probably helps that stat as well.
  4. Any chance he backs up the OT spots too? Backup OT is the biggest hole on our team as of right now
  5. Willis is a 2-for-1 special as a prospect. On tape, he's a technician who will make a living in this league despite his (perceived) athletic shortcomings due to his skillset and mentality. In workouts, he's a beast with elite untapped potential that needs development to translate to the field. I think most people don't care for him because you almost never get both together in one package. Either you're a poor athlete who finds a way to make plays or you're an athletic marvel who hasn't put it together yet. If he was just one or the other, he would be liked more because he'd be easier to figure out. I love him as both a technician and an athlete and if any coach can put get him to put it all together it's DQ.
  6. We've had Matt Ryan and Matt Bryant for years so I'm sure you'll survive
  7. Where would you play Davis? WLB? I love that tape but he doesn't look like a SAM in our scheme
  8. You're right but apparently all the other LSU prospects ran close to their combine times. I thought he was close to a 4.45 guy and if you average the two out then that's what you get
  9. The biggest red flag to me is that, if I'm reading his statline correctly, he only had half a tackle past the line of scrimmage the whole season. That makes me question his motor and pursuit of the ball. I don't expect him to make every single play, and the sacks/tfls are impressive, but you only assist in one play past the line the whole season? Yikes.
  10. He played all over the field in a rotation. Great was an exaggeration, but he was a productive player who went beyond the stat sheet. He was basically a taller, more athletic Campbell. Addressed the "great" part above, but yes, I am serious that it's not his fault Miami tried to make him into another Jason Taylor. Bad coaching staffs put players in bad positions to succeed. Our staff brings out the best in players. Jordan was a top athlete with a unique skillset coming out and I think Quinn and co. could make something out of him. Best case he's a minor upgrade on Wheeler. That's all
  11. He produced great for what he was, which was a rover OLB. If he was the same exact player but 4 inches shorter then he would've been drafted in the late 1st/early 2nd as a LB and probably would be a solid contributor right now. He's responsible for everything that has happened since he came in the league as far as suspensions and attitude concerns go, but it is not his fault that Miami(and the draft process as a whole) tried to make him into something he never was.
  12. Shelby had some of the most explosive plays I saw any DL make for us last year in the game he got hurt. If he's healthy, I would make a way-too-early prediction of him being one of our top 4 linemen next year.
  13. You do realize that "poor young lady" was screaming racial slurs in his face, right?
  14. If Eric Berry gets tagged then that means Dontari Poe doesn't. He would be an amazing pickup for us.
  15. Will one of the young guys on D pull a Malcolm Smith/Dexter Jackson and make a gamebreaking play? Will Coleman or Freeman run wild? Will Bosher force a fumble on a kick return and return for 6 himself? We'll find out tomorrow. For now, post your dark horse candidate and their predicted statline/big play(s). Ryan, Julio, and Beasley are off limits, obviously. I'll start with Deion Jones getting 12 tackles, a strip sack on a blitz, and a pick 6
  16. Our defense can make plays when it counts. Even in the Seattle game earlier, we held them to a FG after the interception. I believe they will step up in the key moments we need them to. Our defense really hasn't truly lost us a game this year either, outside of maybe week 1 vs TB. All our other losses this year are due to turnovers(SEA, KC) or our offense losing all resemblance of rhythm(SD, PHI). If our offense does their job, our defense can and will do theirs.
  17. They got away with it the same way they got a flag for the running back getting slammed while going up the middle.
  18. I swore I saw all 3 on the field at once which I found peculiar at the time but it makes a lot more sense if he was at Will.
  19. Exactly. So if Campbell is the Will and Jones is the Mike then Worrilow was the Sam.
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