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  1. The increase of the passing game is offset by the increase in pass protection. 90s Guards were turnstiles almost by design. It balances out comparing across eras, imo.
  2. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t come here too often anymore
  3. The locals are passionate, it's the transplants that are the problem. But agreed
  4. We were a top 10 team on both sides of the ball. 12 teams make the playoffs. Do the math.
  5. Dedicated this song to him for tonight https://youtu.be/dBrRBZy8OTs
  6. Yes please, let the rest of the league be that stupid
  7. It's completely rediculous that you are more ok with a flawed, fabricated product than you are with people exercising their rights for justice but that's your prerogative man.
  8. The protests and bad officiating have absolutely no correlation and to put them on the same level is remarkably disingenuous. That being said, if we won then the 4:00 Cowboys/Seahawks game and a handful this week wouldn't have mattered at all. That was the reason for the fix even moreso than usual Aints home cooking.
  9. You just brought back the ghosts of the playoff game vs GB in 2010. Thanks a lot, jerk.
  10. It's about not having players protesting against police brutality and the inequalities of America during the anthem.
  11. I called you out for your self-admitted racist comments and yet you're still allowed to post here. Despicable.
  12. We play them better on this side of the Atlantic than we did on the other side
  13. Doubt any of those.... children of God.... who wanted to call Bennett a liar and needed proof instead of taking the man at his word will respond to this, but you can plainly see at 1:12 the officer pointing a weapon at Bennett's head. What now?
  14. Nobody thinks he should switch positions? With that athleticism and lack of accuracy you would think that would be the first thing mentioned....
  15. Because Goddell screwed up something serious with Elliott's case and has to suspend somebody else to look good. No purple.
  16. Aints- Jimmy Graham. They usually draft guys I think are busts or just don't care about, but I knew he would be a beast with some coaching. Sucs- Jameis. Only thing that's gonna stop us from turning the NFC South into the AFC East. Panties- Greg Hardy. I was too young to see the signs of his psychosis when he was coming out of college, but I thought he was a top 10 talent coming out.
  17. He should be extended, but only for fringe top 10 LT money. He's not elite and shouldn't be paid like he is
  18. What do you think is happening to people thanks to the new stadium? I used to live at the apartments behind the highrise across the street from the Dome on Northside Drive. The land was bought up, everyone was kicked out, and it currently lies abandoned until some developer bulldozes it all down and builds New condos that the previous residents of the area could only dream to afford. That process is continuing all through the westside along with the rest of Atlanta. You don't understand gentrification if you think that all that makes the term applicable is the literal ground something is built upon. You said yourself that 1) this pushes for further developments in the area, and 2) is going to bring people from outside the area into it. That is going to make every square foot in Atlanta even more "prime" real estate than it is already and further the effects across the entire city. This isn't about tailgating. I never said anything about tailgating. I didn't even know that it was a tailgating site. This is about the people of Atlanta being pushed around and out with little to no regard given about their welfare nor the history of Atlanta. You need to "wake the f up" and understand what's happening to the city.
  19. I prefer my city to not get gentrified into oblivion. It looks cool on paper, and probably will be cool for those who live in the suburbs, but this type of stuff is destiny getting manifested all over Atlanta.
  20. You don't be offended by this.... And I won't be offended by that Edit: I hadn't gotten to the second page of this thread and seen how butthurt some of you really are over that "lily-white" comment. I bet Tyler Starr having his hair down isn't intimidating, but Takk having his dreads down is? Crazy when the shoe is on the other foot.
  21. Technically not a rookie, but Devin Fuller could make an impact. The biggest weakness listed in his draft profile was him showing consistent effort. We should find out if he's corrected that within the first round or 2 of cuts. If he has, he could take Roberts out in the KR/PR battle as a chance to fill Robinson's role as "Julio's backup" in the offense.
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