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  1. Pure hilarity. Watch the pundits talk about "that's why you play the game" and "any given Sunday" blah blah blah
  2. If GB, SF, and NO all go to 1-3 then none of them are eliminated individually but 1 or 2 of them may be theoretically pushed into the wild card race. Us, Seattle/Arizona, and Chicago all have teams capable of 10+ wins and they would have to go between 9-3 and 11-1 to win their divisions and/or beat each other out for a wildcard spot. Not likely. Dare I say "almost impossible".
  3. Their corners like to take risks. I predict a 40+ yard touchdown by Julio on a stop and go(pump fake?) route.
  4. Just what I was thinking. He can probably handle about 80% of what we had Tony doing last year, and only is used a quarter as much with a penny as much attention. He just needs to develop a rhythm with Matt (that he clearly doesn't have yet) and he'll be ok.
  5. This is a good time to play this game. If it were later in the season, then it would be a lot colder which would give them a much greater HFA. If we come out looking for blood like we did vs.Tampa then I think we'll get a 28-17 type win. Another key about this game to factor in: Cincy's defense is still largely based off Zimmer's schemes which he brought with him to Minnesota. A "familiar" opponent with inferior parts could be a field day for Matt. Or Zimmer could've used that game as fresh film, shared notes with Marvin Lewis, and came up with the gameplan of the week. Or both.
  6. This was great. He was so on point I figured there must be two Mike Leaches haha.
  7. Devin Hester is amazing. What the most intriguing part of it to me is that Hester might have the freshest legs of any 32 year old WR ever. He's getting older, but he's also getting better. He really seems to have found a whole new love for the game. I can honestly see him playing with us for another 5+ years.
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