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  1. You don't trust Beinemy because he coached under Andy Reid but you think Carmichael had control of Sean Payton's offense? Also, the Andy Reid OC thing wasn't a talking point when Nagy got the job in Chicago, nor when Peterson went to Philly and won a ring before Reid did. But suddenly it's why Beinemy can't get a job. Funny.
  2. I'm inclined to agree, but I just don't see how he survives while we get rid of literally everyone else. We're gonna have to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water on this one.
  3. I've never rooted against this team in my life, but I've also never seen a coach that doesn't tell his players the rules of the **** game and chases points in the second ****in quarter. He has to go.
  4. That is 10000000000000% Quinn's fault. Players not knowing the rules of the game falls solely and unquestionably on the coaching staff. So is chasing points going for 2 in the 2nd got**** quarter. That's completely unacceptable. I've never pulled out the pitchfork on him, but I can't support a team that employs a head coach that straight up doesn't know football.
  5. I just lost $45 off this ********. We get our *** beat I'm not even mad. But to let a ****in kick just roll like that is indefensible
  6. They tried to screw Russ over with the worst supporting cast on the list but I'll still take him over the other 2 stiffs.
  7. I want this so bad. Teach Jameis your evil ways and let him go to the AFC so I can root for him and hand the keys of your franchise to Matthew Slater with a wildcat package
  8. Dude has never taken more than 10 snaps under center in a game, much less started one. The attention he gets for being Antwaan Randle El with a Mormon mission on his resume is astounding
  9. What's political about everything going on and how could those winds possibly change? You know what, never mind. All Black everything all season. Black jerseys, Black pants, Black socks. Every player with John Randle-level eye Black. I even want the field spray painted Black. Black yard markers too, so people will actually have an excuse for not being able to see what's really going on.
  10. One of my favorite pages of the playbook in Falcons history. On topic, I'd love Bowden as the new Sanu "wildbean"(or whatever they called it) QB. Huntley has some jets on him too. Not sure where they're mocked, but I'd be happy with either one of these guys in the 4th.
  11. Sounds like what Dion Jordan was supposed to be as a prospect. If he has filled out like he was projected to then he might be a late bloomer.
  12. OP, I hope you stub your toe so hard you think it's broken for 90 seconds, but then feel perfectly fine and go on about your day.
  13. The question should be "who fits Raheem Morris' system?". We were a lot more aggressive once he(and Ulbrich) took over. More blitzes, more press coverage, etc. The key to an aggressive defense is pressure up the middle, which is why Grady is so vital. Putting Kinlaw next to him would provide a boost to the entire pass rush. You're probably thinking of an edge rusher, but I would put my money on Kinlaw having the best chance at 8+ sacks next year and beyond.
  14. This is what will make or break the jersey. Provided there's no horrendous sleeve designs, everyone will generally be ok no matter the colors as long as the numbers look right
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