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  1. 6 minutes ago, Foo Falcons said:

    Seeing single digits for LBers is weird and will take some getting used to no doubt. I'm sure by next year we'll more used to it but before then it'll be strange. I'm happy for the players though. Honestly there shouldn't be any restrictions on numbers IMO.

    I wonder if there are any predominant players on any other teams doing so.. Haven't heard anything up to this point.

    There is a certain WR just northwest of us who's paying homage to his old battery mate now :ninja:

  2. 56 minutes ago, TheHeartless said:

    The Bucs defense won that game with a masterclass performance in how they limited the Chiefs offense from doing what we know them to be capable of. That said I don't have an issue with taking a WR, but we know for a fact just looking at the list of SB winners over the last 10 years, how many of those teams were stacked at the receiver position? Seattle, New England, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Baltimore all had one guy that may have been top 10 at their position, with every other receiver being serviceable. The Bucs are an outlier to the norm in this regard, but did they did have one thing that's been consistent for most SB winners, a defense that came to play and showed out. 

    We've had elite receiver core for years and it's never gotten us a ring, and that sounds true for many other teams that had great cores, but you don't see them in the history books with the best to win it every season either. So while I wouldn't mind another receiver and do think we could draft someone that's better than Gage, it's also completely possible to win a SB without 3 great receiving threats as history shows us. 

    Our WRs are:

    1 1st rounder(CR)

    1 6th rounder(Gage)

    1 5th rounder(Sharpe)

    1 7th rounder(Darby)

    and a bunch of UDFA.

    But we'd be "stacked" if we drafted one in the 2nd round next year? Make it make sense.

  3. 1 hour ago, TheHeartless said:

    You realize the Chiefs won a Super Bowl in a situation similar to ours, obviously Tyreek is one of the best in the league and Kelce is a monster, but the rest of the receiving group they had isn't anything special at all. Build up a defense and let the rest come together. 

    And the Chiefs LOST a Super Bowl in part because the Bucs took Hill/Kelce off the board and nobody else could make a play. Their OL was dreadful, but Mahomes would scramble for 15 seconds and still nobody could get open. 

    Meanwhile, Tampa's WR core was 5-6 deep with quality receivers. 

    I get that people are still in their feelings, but acting as if drafting any WR in the first 2 days would be a bad pick is ridiculous.

  4. 8 minutes ago, Slumerican said:

    What exactly did Poole ever do beside play average ball?? Hes a huge example of what's wrong with the mindset of our fan base.. Guys like Poole wont get ya to championships.. We've got to set our standards much higher if we really expect to be a dominant team.. 

    he played average ball AFTER he left Atlanta. We've seen so many guys take the last snap of their lives in Falcons gear over the years that somebody simply keeping a job after leaving here really gets the blood pumping 

  5. The comment about RB being wide open since they didn't draft anybody makes me wonder if that was intentional. You currently have:


    a fresh legged 28 year old trying to prove he's a lead back

    a fresh legged 30 year old trying to prove he's a RB period

    an unproven 3rd year back trying to prove he belongs in this league under a new regime

    and 2 UDFAs

    That type of energy amongst that position group should pull another level of greatness out of at least one of those guys

  6. 22 minutes ago, mtldirtybird said:

    to think Madden has any relevance to anything in real life let alone to a new coach with a new team

    Yeah, computer generated simulations teach nothing


    that's why they just toss fighter pilots straight into the air and let them figure it out on the fly

    no pun intended 

  7. Did a few trade downs and ended up with:


    19. Najee Harris, RB, Bama

    23. Kyle Pitts, TE, UF

    43. Jaelan Phillips, DE, Miami

    51. Alim McNeil, DT, NC State

    74. Spencer Brown, OT, N. Iowa

    96. Talanoa Hufanga, S, USC

    102. Davis Mills, QB, Stanford

    135. David Moore, OG, Grambling St

    166. Jaret Patterson, RB, Buffalo

    More offense than I planned for, but that's the way the board fell

  8. 35 minutes ago, mtldirtybird said:

    you sure about that? The Panthers WRs are talented. Ragone lead the Bears to the 12th ranked passing offense in the league with Trubisky and Foles. Imagine with our players? 

    Also haven't seen it written here yet but Jackson was the Titans WR coach under Mularky and was a QB turned WR in college. So he probably understands the game well in that regard.

    12th in what? Only thing I'm seeing them in the top 10 for is attempts. They were 24th in QBR and in the bottom half of the league in every other meaningful stat. 

    DJ Moore is a beast, Anderson looked better than he did as a Jet, and Samuel is a really slick utility player. 

    Given that Rhule and Joe Brady are supposed to be offensive geniuses, potentially poaching someone off their staff should be seen as a lot more shrewd than getting Charles Nagy's underling.

    Point is there is nothing that separates Ragone and Jackson to the point of making Ragone a legit candidate and Jackson just Rooney Rule lip service.

  9. 59 minutes ago, Geaux_Falcons said:

    Came to mention this. I'm expecting Ragone to get the job, but Jackson was a WR coach I believe in 2017, while Smith was TE coach. So i'm sure they had a close relationship, making it an easy way to satisfy the rule, while getting Jackson some notoriety for even being considered for the OC job.

    From what I have read up on(deep digging), Ragone is apparently thought to be an intelligent mind offensively, and being a former QB at Louisville with also QB coach experience has led a few to believe he is potentially HC material.

    Not sure how much of that is smoke for the media, but while looking through some articles, I read Ragone was asked to provide more ideas in the offensive game planning since the bye this year. The Bears since the bye had a much improved offense. Went for a more short passing game, and focus on power in the run game.

    I'm not saying Ragone is perfect for the job, but I think Smith might be looking for help in the passing game, and like's Ragone's mind enough to bring him in.

    Or maybe Smith actually believes Jackson is the best man for the job. He's done more with Carolina WRs than Ragone has with Bears QBs at the very least

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