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  1. Sounds like what Dion Jordan was supposed to be as a prospect. If he has filled out like he was projected to then he might be a late bloomer.
  2. OP, I hope you stub your toe so hard you think it's broken for 90 seconds, but then feel perfectly fine and go on about your day.
  3. The question should be "who fits Raheem Morris' system?". We were a lot more aggressive once he(and Ulbrich) took over. More blitzes, more press coverage, etc. The key to an aggressive defense is pressure up the middle, which is why Grady is so vital. Putting Kinlaw next to him would provide a boost to the entire pass rush. You're probably thinking of an edge rusher, but I would put my money on Kinlaw having the best chance at 8+ sacks next year and beyond.
  4. This is what will make or break the jersey. Provided there's no horrendous sleeve designs, everyone will generally be ok no matter the colors as long as the numbers look right
  5. Racist thread is racist
  6. Better than him falling and us passing him up
  7. How often do rumors pop up like this that don't amount to much? Pretty often. How often do rumors pop up like this that specifically name a team that makes this much sense? Not often at all.
  8. Wtf. I was in agreement with the cuts so far but this sucks.