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  1. Yeah, computer generated simulations teach nothing that's why they just toss fighter pilots straight into the air and let them figure it out on the fly no pun intended
  2. He's coming off an ACL if I'm not mistaken so he should be cheap-ish. Definitely worth a look as a complimentary piece
  3. Did a few trade downs and ended up with: 19. Najee Harris, RB, Bama 23. Kyle Pitts, TE, UF 43. Jaelan Phillips, DE, Miami 51. Alim McNeil, DT, NC State 74. Spencer Brown, OT, N. Iowa 96. Talanoa Hufanga, S, USC 102. Davis Mills, QB, Stanford 135. David Moore, OG, Grambling St 166. Jaret Patterson, RB, Buffalo More offense than I planned for, but that's the way the board fell
  4. Matt was still on his rookie contract and Roddy and Tony weren't the top paid at their positions. Matt and Julio are getting paid and Ridley is well on his way to a big deal now. Poor allocation of financial resources. Speaking purely about the on-field product, though, I think it would be amazing.
  5. 12th in what? Only thing I'm seeing them in the top 10 for is attempts. They were 24th in QBR and in the bottom half of the league in every other meaningful stat. DJ Moore is a beast, Anderson looked better than he did as a Jet, and Samuel is a really slick utility player. Given that Rhule and Joe Brady are supposed to be offensive geniuses, potentially poaching someone off their staff should be seen as a lot more shrewd than getting Charles Nagy's underling. Point is there is nothing that separates Ragone and Jackson to the point of making Ragone a legit candidate and Jac
  6. Or maybe Smith actually believes Jackson is the best man for the job. He's done more with Carolina WRs than Ragone has with Bears QBs at the very least
  7. You don't trust Beinemy because he coached under Andy Reid but you think Carmichael had control of Sean Payton's offense? Also, the Andy Reid OC thing wasn't a talking point when Nagy got the job in Chicago, nor when Peterson went to Philly and won a ring before Reid did. But suddenly it's why Beinemy can't get a job. Funny.
  8. I'm inclined to agree, but I just don't see how he survives while we get rid of literally everyone else. We're gonna have to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water on this one.
  9. I've never rooted against this team in my life, but I've also never seen a coach that doesn't tell his players the rules of the **** game and chases points in the second ****in quarter. He has to go.
  10. That is 10000000000000% Quinn's fault. Players not knowing the rules of the game falls solely and unquestionably on the coaching staff. So is chasing points going for 2 in the 2nd got**** quarter. That's completely unacceptable. I've never pulled out the pitchfork on him, but I can't support a team that employs a head coach that straight up doesn't know football.
  11. I just lost $45 off this ********. We get our *** beat I'm not even mad. But to let a ****in kick just roll like that is indefensible
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