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  1. Our WRs are: 1 1st rounder(CR) 1 6th rounder(Gage) 1 5th rounder(Sharpe) 1 7th rounder(Darby) and a bunch of UDFA. But we'd be "stacked" if we drafted one in the 2nd round next year? Make it make sense.
  2. And the Chiefs LOST a Super Bowl in part because the Bucs took Hill/Kelce off the board and nobody else could make a play. Their OL was dreadful, but Mahomes would scramble for 15 seconds and still nobody could get open. Meanwhile, Tampa's WR core was 5-6 deep with quality receivers. I get that people are still in their feelings, but acting as if drafting any WR in the first 2 days would be a bad pick is ridiculous.
  3. Avery will have a TD through all 3 phases of the game this season, book it.
  4. he played average ball AFTER he left Atlanta. We've seen so many guys take the last snap of their lives in Falcons gear over the years that somebody simply keeping a job after leaving here really gets the blood pumping
  5. AS with the UNC connect Trubisky signing next offseason confirmed
  6. Intentionally scheduling a team to only play 7 of 17 games on its own field is malpractice.
  7. 12-5 Top 10 offense Top 10 in turnovers and TO differential
  8. The comment about RB being wide open since they didn't draft anybody makes me wonder if that was intentional. You currently have: a fresh legged 28 year old trying to prove he's a lead back a fresh legged 30 year old trying to prove he's a RB period an unproven 3rd year back trying to prove he belongs in this league under a new regime and 2 UDFAs That type of energy amongst that position group should pull another level of greatness out of at least one of those guys
  9. Totally plausible. I imagine we'll see a lot of personnel moves with aints connections over the next few years. Now please excuse me while I go rinse my mouth out with a fire hose 🤮
  10. He won me over when he smacked the **** outta Brees on that CB blitz and got flagged for hitting him too hard
  11. The biggest reason to not take a QB is because we have one. Matt either turns it around with the help of our top pick(Pitts, Chase, or indirectly with someone who improves the D) or he's as bad as everyone wishes he was and we're in position to draft a guy next year.
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