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  1. It's beyond time for it. Said it last week, but this team isn't close to competing for anything. Might as well go into cap purgatory for the next two years and collect draft picks
  2. It's beyond time to replace Ryan for good. He can barely throw the ball 30 yards down the field. That throw to Ridley was pathetic
  3. We had a **** of alottttt more talent in 14/15 than we do right now. It's not even comparable
  4. Which also means we don't have the cap space to get any better through FA and rookies aren't just going to magically be Pro Bowlers. So why not go into cap purgatory and suck for a couple years? Bite the bullet and suck for a couple years while developing young draft picks and then become a legit contender again. Maybe I'm wrong, but I really honestly don't see any way in **** this roster is competing for any kind of playoff spot soon
  5. No I get that he's going to be dead money and our cap situation would suck for a year or two, but honestly do you think this roster is legitimately going anywhere any time soon? We also don't have any cap space right now, so why not just bite the bullet. As far as season ticket holders go, do you think they like watching this **** show they watched yesterday or the past couple years? At least with young guys, they can have a chance at an exciting future. This roster has very little chance at an exciting future
  6. Name any player on the defense, besides Grady and Deion, that would start on any of the Bills, Ravens, Bucs, Rams, Seahawks, 9ers, etc. . There flat out are none. No one on the o line is an impact guy either. Like it or not, we have to admit Matt Ryan is no longer an impact guy at qb. There's a serious lack of talent there if you wanna admit it or not. Name the positions we can realistically upgrade at and compete for a playoff spot next year. Where am I wrong?
  7. First off watch your mouth *** wipe Secondly, who cares if we don't have any cap space for these next 2-3 years. I'd much rather be playing young guys with promise while stocking up on draft picks than watch this pile of garbage we have now. This team is going nowhere at any point soon so why does it matter how much cap space we have. No real free agents are signing here anyways
  8. I mean let's be honest for a second here. Are we going to be anywhere close to super bowl contention in the next 2-3 years? We literally have to improve a whole offensive line and at least 8 players on defense at minimum. You can argue we need a new QB and RBs as well. That's not happening in 2-3 offseasons, much less one. I agree with your point that most teams are 1 season away from things changing, but those teams don't need to upgrade at 14-15 spots. With all that said, why not just take our lumps this year and let the young guys run next year. Yea it'll suck for a couple years, but it's a lot more promising than this crap we have now
  9. I agree that most teams are/could be one year away, but what makes you believe the Falcons are even close to being one year away? There's such a lack of talent on this team it's sad. There's maybe 5-6 starters playoff caliber starters on this team and I don't think Matt Ryan at this point is one of them, but we're paying him like a top 5 qb so we will never have the money to spend to build around him. Why shouldn't we just bite the bullet for this one year when it's clear we won't be contending for anything other than high draft choices?
  10. It takes multiple years to rebuild the lines like we need to rebuild them and we aren't exactly young nor do we have any cap space. That's why I saw blow it up and go young and cheap
  11. That's the problem though, it's not like we're 1 or 2 years away and we aren't exactly a young team. So the longer this goes on, the older our better players get and the more expensive they get which means we won't be able to afford to bring in other good players with them. So it's all a losing cycle that needs to stop asap
  12. By the way, according to ESPN FPI we have a greater than 60% chance to win in exactly ONE of our remaining 16 games and that's at home against a Lions team that just put 33 on the 49ers defense
  13. So what's your solution? Keep losing or "trying to win" like this with this roster and be mediocre in our "good" years? Yea let's keep all of our overpaid players so we can keep sucking and not have any draft picks or cap space. Makes total sense
  14. You're a real cool guy there. Bet you have fun in your mom's basement eating ramen noodles
  15. I mean does it really matter if we're in a poor cap situation this year? No legit FA is going to sign here. Might as well just take the lumps, lose a lot of games and hopefully find a few guys to build around in the next 2 drafts with a lot of picks/young players
  16. So you actually think the Falcons are even going to make the playoffs with Matt Ryan, who can barely throw the ball 30 yards with any velocity, as our QB, an O line that can't block my dead grandma, a D line that can't get any pressure besides Grady, a terrible defense with exception of 2 good LB and 1 promising Corner, and RB who can't separate? Yea that seems logical.
  17. At what point do we just blow it up by trading Matt Ryan, Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones, etc. ? I'd keep Ridley, unless someone offers a 1st or something, but that's about it. It's clear the Falcons are going nowhere any time soon. We might as well just take our lumps, accept the cap hits for this season and get as much young talent/draft capitol as possible. We are in desperate need of talent everywhere right now
  18. I’m sure this has already been answered somewhere, but with the cuts of Freeman and Trufant, how much cap space are we looking at for next year?
  19. I would gladly take Justin Herbert. He’s got size and a rocket for an arm
  20. I can’t lie, if the Jags or another QB needy team offered me a 1st plus someone like a Myles Jack and a 3rd-4th round pick for Ryan, I think I would do it and find a way to get a QB in this deep QB draft
  21. Well to be fair, he's probably not going to trash a NFL coach on his former team to some random guy he's never met before
  22. I legit wouldnt mind cutting all of them listed and going into FA with money to play with to build up these lines. The only possible exception I see is Sanu, because he has great hands. Bosher is way gone, Bryant thanks but we can go younger and cheaper. Having to replace 2 corners could be tough but we could easily address that in the draft/ FA
  23. I think Vic Beasley should play somewhere else next season
  24. Not sure you and I have been watching the same games then. Mack and Matthews have been good. That's it
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