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  1. What are your thoughts on Austin Bryant?
  2. Rasheem Green is a monster. Wouldn't mind him as more depth along the d line
  3. What are your thoughts on Josh Sweat from FSU?
  4. What about Nnadi from FSU? I’d love Chubb, not sure he’s there though
  5. You gotta check into hi. I think he’s a surefire first rounder
  6. Man maybe I'm completely off, but to me there's no way Equanimeous St Brown isn't a top 3 receiver in this draft and could be the best overall. He's 6'4 with great speed, great hands and rubs good routes. He's the perfect guy for Julio to groom in my opi
  7. I’d love to know your thoughts on Equaniemous St Brown from Notre Dame. He’s got size,speed, and runs good routes i think
  8. “He would be a great choice"
  9. Smoot in the 1st round would be golden. He has a chance to be a monster vs both the pass and run. Pair him with Beasley and Jarrett and you already have a monster d line with other moves still left. I also love the Villanova kid and Jaleel Johnson
  10. What are your feelings on Dontari Poe? I think he could be the monster up the middle we need to go with Jarrett
  11. My favorite 2 D linemen that could be available for us are Smoot from Illinois and Thomas from Stanford. If these were our first 2 picks to go along with a FS and DT at some point, we could have a very young and good defense.
  12. If we are going to tempt fate, I hope it's to trade up for Myles Garrett
  13. What are your thoughts on AJ Jefferson from Miss State and Ekanem from VT?
  14. Depends on season obviously, but assuming we still have Ryan, I think we still need to focus mainly on the front 7. Maybe a cb. But we have to focus on defense right now. I wouldn't mind double dipping with Edge rushers. WR could be another need