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  1. I would argue DT is still the biggest weakness. You can get away with having a decent punt returner as long as you have good blocking and no penalties. We can't allow teams to run all over us
  2. Zach Brown is a free agent. Tackling machine that I'm not sure why he doesn't get more attention. Would allow Campbell to rush the passer more also
  3. Probably not a popular opinion but with us needing a QB coach and Sark not going anywhere, I'd love to see Romo brought in as QB coach and eventually become play caller if Sark continues to struggle. The way he announces and sees the game is really impressive and think would help Ryan tremendously. Give him more money than Sark if needed
  4. Definitely think we need at least one WR and maybe a TE. Would love to bring in Watkins and Eifert or draft Ateman from Ok State who I think will be big time
  5. Another WR1 is what we really need. Move Sanu to the slot and get another guy that can go deep. That's what makes AB so good. Don't get me wrong he's talented but having Martavis Bryant on the other side makes it difficult to double him
  6. Hopefully something to the fact of we host the super bowl next year, we better be playing in it. Also we need another WR1 type option to take pressure off Julio, lets go get Josh Gordon
  7. Josh Gordon. If we really wanna give a TE a chance on a prove it deal, it should be Eifert
  8. Really feel like we need another WR1 type guy. Would love to see Josh Gordon brought in. I know he's had troubles but seems to have righted the ship and would make life a lot easier for Julio
  9. Completely agree but having Julio and Gordon on the outsides would be unfair
  10. How would you feel about bringing in Josh Gordon to play opposite Julio and let Sanu play the slot more? Also wouldn’t mind bringing in Tyler Eifert
  11. How would you feel about bringing in Josh Gordon this offseason to go along with Julio and Sanu? I know he has had problems but he seems focused now and would take a lot of attention off Julio
  12. What are your thoughts on Austin Bryant?
  13. Rasheem Green is a monster. Wouldn't mind him as more depth along the d line
  14. What are your thoughts on Josh Sweat from FSU?
  15. What about Nnadi from FSU? I’d love Chubb, not sure he’s there though