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  1. “He would be a great choice"
  2. Smoot in the 1st round would be golden. He has a chance to be a monster vs both the pass and run. Pair him with Beasley and Jarrett and you already have a monster d line with other moves still left. I also love the Villanova kid and Jaleel Johnson
  3. What are your feelings on Dontari Poe? I think he could be the monster up the middle we need to go with Jarrett
  4. My favorite 2 D linemen that could be available for us are Smoot from Illinois and Thomas from Stanford. If these were our first 2 picks to go along with a FS and DT at some point, we could have a very young and good defense.
  5. If we are going to tempt fate, I hope it's to trade up for Myles Garrett
  6. I know this isn't popular, but I would not be terribly upset if we did draft in the top 5 and were in a position to draft him. Assuming we get a DT and another DE in Free Agency, this could solidify our defense. Especially if Beasley starts to produce consistently. Obviously I want to win as much as possible, but Myles Garett isn't a bad consolation prize at all
  7. I'd be ok with getting one pass rusher in FA and drafting one. I also want a DT in FA though. I think we have to look at FS, DT, and DE first and foremost this offseason. I wouldn't mind double dipping in the draft at DE. Would you trade up for Myles Garrett?
  8. You mean Feeney isn't your first pick?!?
  9. Tank for Myles Garrett! Just kidding, but how great would it be if we could pick up a big nasty DT (Poe, Williams, Short) to go along with Garrett? Would you trade up for him?
  10. How do you feel about going after Kawaan Short or Ian Williams in FA and looking to the draft for DE and pass rushers?
  11. I think you're over valuing Feeney a bit. Guards don't typically go all that high in the draft either. Is he good? Yes definitely. However, our biggest need lies along the defensive lines and pass rush. I think it's a decent chance Feeney falls to the 2nd round, just because there will be a bunch of other premium position guys available, especially along the d line and at rb
  12. You really love you some feeney. We aren't drafting a guard in the 1st round
  13. I'm not advocating this in anyway, just pointing out some things. Trading Ryan would allow us to receive multiple top draft picks to fill the multiple holes we have, especially along the d-line. It also gives the ability to draft a top QB high in the draft, whoever you may like. Another positive is it clears a lot of cap space to be active in free agency. There are also a ton of reasons not to do it, including MB stadium, developing a QB, losing seasons, etc.
  14. I can understand that. I was just thinking it might be easier and cheaper to get a DT in free agency and load up on Edge guys in the draft since there seems to be a surplus
  15. What are your thoughts on AJ Jefferson from Miss State and Ekanem from VT?