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  1. Well to be fair, he's probably not going to trash a NFL coach on his former team to some random guy he's never met before
  2. I legit wouldnt mind cutting all of them listed and going into FA with money to play with to build up these lines. The only possible exception I see is Sanu, because he has great hands. Bosher is way gone, Bryant thanks but we can go younger and cheaper. Having to replace 2 corners could be tough but we could easily address that in the draft/ FA
  3. I think Vic Beasley should play somewhere else next season
  4. Not sure you and I have been watching the same games then. Mack and Matthews have been good. That's it
  5. That's going to be very hard to do considering they have a top 5 run defense and our OL is one of the worst in the league and we are playing on the road
  6. Brees and Vick are also generational type talents. As is Russel Wilson. Francois is nothing close to them. In fact the average starting qb currently is over 6'3
  7. What's the deal with this 92 kid? Also Polite looks like a monster, albeit inconsistent at times
  8. Im not sure about that. The only "good" chances we have at wins the rest of the season are at Cleveland, which will be tough with that defense and a running qb, and at home vs Arz late in the year. We also play a ton of road games
  9. He's got a nice arm, but my big issue with him is he's barely 6 ft tall, if he is a legit 6 ft
  10. Who is Jackson and how did we acquire him?
  11. Is Sanders eligible? also what do you see in Weber? To me he is great as a pass catcher, but too small to run b/w tackles and not very shifty
  12. Also think we can do better than Weber in the 4th. Rodney Anderson and LJ Scott could both be available as both are dealing with injuries. Weber just doesn't do enough to excite me
  13. Ed Oliver is 285-290, not 270
  14. Nah man I'm right with you. I've thought the same since I saw him last year. Would love to see us get a 320 + pound guy at some point though to eat up blockers for Grady
  15. Random question, but why don't we try to develop a guy that can punt and kick FG? It saves money and a roster spot