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  1. The way the rest of the country hates it so much only makes me love it even more hahaha
  2. We wont leave Clayborn on his own to hold the edge all game. And we will not have a standard front we use every snap. This isn't 1975
  3. Hola better internet. You are never truly "banned" from this place.
  4. forget about the terms 3-4 and 4-3. just know that there will be two pass rushers on the field at all times. period. most defenses are pretty similar in the modern nfl anyway
  5. Shouldnt even matter. Most coaches I've known would rather have their ballcarrier feel most comfortable instead of swtiching hands anyway
  6. Adding Beasley and Irvin in the same offseason would be huge.
  7. eh...whateves. are we that unlikable of a franchise? lol i mean, its one thing to have an opinion, but is it really necessary to bash the team like that after they hired a new coach? i mean clearly we are trying to make changes. does he call out every bad defense and every QB he doesnt like, or are we just special?
  8. i hear ya. they have some of the stupidest rules imaginable
  9. oh...i guess i just didnt consider that to be a fiasco.
  10. whatever. let them take a 6th rounder or whatever and lets get this thing over with. i think that is what blanks feelings on this are as well. it is really just stupid and a waste of everyones time. fine us, take a pick, make an example out of us and then lets move on
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