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  1. We wont leave Clayborn on his own to hold the edge all game. And we will not have a standard front we use every snap. This isn't 1975
  2. forget about the terms 3-4 and 4-3. just know that there will be two pass rushers on the field at all times. period. most defenses are pretty similar in the modern nfl anyway
  3. Adding Beasley and Irvin in the same offseason would be huge.
  4. sure..but he is a different person. no need to rush the kid. if he is ready, hes ready, but he is only 20 years old. i think 2nd half of 2016 seems right
  5. heyward is a totally different player. WAY better with the glove, took twice as many walks, which gave him a huge OBP advantage. heyward is way better on the bases too
  6. i dont think it would be smart to rush peraza. he should be ready in the first half of 2016. no need to push him. johnson could be a real nice addition to bridge the gap. and you could look to move him at the tradedeadline this season if the braves are out of contention (which, it looks like its going that direction)
  7. youre looking at the wrong statistics. .351 OBP, .167 ISO, good baserunning ability, doesnt strikeout, walks a ton, basically the ideal leadoff man
  8. Heyward is a monster. Look at the OBP. Look at the power from a leadoff man. Look at that glove (possibly the best defensive player in baseball). Not to mention speed on the bases....he can do it all.I realize it sucks he is gone, but he is one **** of a ballplayer. And dont forgot, he is only 25. Only gonna get better. His only real weakness that holds him back from elite, elite level is his ability to hit left handed pitching
  9. just to wrap up that martin looks as though someone indeed was bidding with the easy to say it now, but i wouldnt wanna do 5 years with him...or $85 million. the 4 years is what made it reasonable.
  10. losing miller doesnt even hurt them a bit.
  11. why did it have to be st. louis though? i mean anywhere but st. louis. geesh.
  12. hot stove just exploded...
  13. woah heyward for shelby miller
  14. Thats what Ive been hearing...not sure if its agents talking to try to get him that 5th year or if the jays are serious. they have rumored all over the place so who knows?
  15. There is no way he finishes 13 years in Miami.