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  1. Sark? What are you doing on these boards?
  2. Rhodes tied up with a blocker, kamararuns him over and gets up talking trash. Only the saints
  3. I knew it was over when, "the shovel pass"
  4. Last year's Falcons brought the fan out of even my wife who hates football. After the super bowl she said she'd never invest emotion into a football team again and didn't watch a single game. Guess I'm too hard headed, but dam it feels good chasing that high again didnt it.
  5. Don't take away anything from their d, they came tonight to ball. We didn't
  6. Before that shovel pass i really felt like I was watching the 2016 Falcons on that drive, then they went and pulled that nonsense and reminded me that the 2017 Falcons were playing.
  7. This is a match made in heaven for Morelli. Haha
  8. Deon Jones and Camilla meet up on the goal line again. Jones 2-Newton 0
  9. It's always nice to watch January ball with a vested interest but as ya boi says I'm not expecting a whole lot
  10. I hate to say it but this team probably needs an add kicking like this. Maybe it will wake up that bumbling buffoon of an offense we have.
  11. True, whether or not it is warranted team's still fear us and prep accordingly.
  12. Please tell me Matt is Austin's brother who we acquired recently that can actually hold on to the ball
  13. Agree, id be willing to bet that ball made it to the receiver before he made contact with Ryan.
  14. Love em, love watching them. I always know in the back of mind this team is capable of anything, but what bothers me about this particular squad is when they start getting manhandled on the field at home, we don't have the grit to punch back. And that doesn't bode well against some of these stout defenses we've been seeing.
  15. Unfortunately this team hasn't shown a speck of resemblance from last year's team.
  16. Lol, got a brother just like him, I'm just as optimistic as the next guy, but sometimes I wonder what team these folks are watching.
  17. It would be nice too when faced with a third down you draw up a play that actually has a chance of getting to the sticks.
  18. Me too, I'll continue to be optimistic about my team, but like everyone else here, I know deep down this team, the way it stands right now, has no business anywhere near the playoffs.
  19. Falcons 20 Seattle 1 Seahawks run back a point after attempt
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