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  1. 2 minutes ago, kiwifalcon said:

    The whole Julio thing has been over blown.As soon as AB says your a Falcon for life you mark it down and move on.

    When AB proclaims such things it’s like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west,the air you and I breathe just mark it down it’s done.

    And when he says he ain’t reportin’ to camp ‘cuz he ain’t changin’ his lid, belie’ ‘dat :ninja:

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  2. 2 hours ago, octoslash said:

    Not to start a whole thing but I can't think of three teams with good backups...'good' meaning that if their #1 goes down, they would be able to produce a winning record with a backup under center.  

    It's part of the NFL way of life that when the starting quarterback goes down, you're screwed until he comes back.  

    *Maybe Hoyer since it’s the Patriots, but point taken nonetheless

  3. 4 minutes ago, FalconsIn2020 said:

    Nice find.

    But what are the other 52 players thinking when they see a phony C on the jersey.  I would have been embarrassed to wear it, honestly

    I believe it’s one of those things where players inherently know who to go to on the team for leadership, coaches too. I always saw it as kind of a gimmick with most teams but I think we’re one of the few teams in the NFL that actually takes it seriously and put weight on it. Contrast that with the Patriots, I don’t believe BB actually uses the patches or used to not use them for that reason. He knows it’s a gimmick

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  4. 10 hours ago, schwarzenegger321 said:

    I personally don't think he has the mental make-up to be a good NFL player, but he has the physical skills.  Call it what you want, but most successes in life start with the correct mentality.  Listen to what Mike Golic has to say about Reggie White, calm and one of the most humble guys ever in the NFL, but when he was mad or challenged, White would smile and absolutely go crazy on people.  Vic doesn't do that.  He thinks he is playing on a level playing field where all he has to be is a "good player".  Sorry, that is the mentality that makes a lot of really mediocre "good players".

    This. He doesn't have that fire in his belly. I'd argue you can see it in his eyes too (tough to explain) He's good to have on rotation, but he constantly needs someone pushing him to be great. I'm more excited to see what Takk will do this year

  5. Just now, VTCrunkler said:

    yeah i can see the service going downhill.  My friend (browns fa) had the ticket and he would call in every year and talk them down to their promotional price.  it was a 60 min conversation on the phone, but he felt it was worth it.  I recall a couple years ago hearing there were massive dropouts from the Ticket

    They were almost always willing to knock it down to promotional prices every year. I also got it for free two years in a row because I upgraded the TV package and they always treated it as a ‘net new’ client vs an ‘upgrade’ to an existing client. They were cool with giving me the premium movie channels too. I just miss the little things like that and it’s also why I had no problem throwing a few extra bucks their way when upgrading the service. Now they don’t do anything like that since the merger which I understand from a business perspective, they’re losing clients. Just miss the good old days

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  6. 1 minute ago, VTCrunkler said:

    so you rolling with the nfl ticket?  and if so how many years have you had it?

    Yes, but it will probably be my last year doing so, I’m sure you’ll be able to stream that stuff soon enough independent of these companies.

    I’ve had it for almost a decade. Part of what I was getting at with the customer service of DirecTV is they were REALLY good about working with their customers. There was a few years where I either got Sunday Ticket for free or at a drastically reduced price. Now that AT&T is over everything, the product is lacking.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, VTCrunkler said:

    so wait, im talking about the streaming app, DirecTVNow where techs and boxes needed...you talkin about the satellite service ?

    Yea, I’m talking about the service as a whole. The way I experience it as a subscriber is I get the box and a dish, the streaming app is also included. I haven’t quite caught up to the times yet with streaming. I’m still old school with TV for now (just for live broadcasts). I’m slowly starting to stream more and more.

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