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  1. Is there some magical double-secret draft loaded with G prospects? Or are you planning on scraping the bottom of the barrel for more failures who couldn't win a job, just ones who failed for other teams?

    The fact that other teams' castoffs might actually be upgrades and immediate starters is depressing in its own right.

    I'm planning on seeing what a "brand new" coaching staff is going to be doing with "brand new" schemes and philosophies using current and new pieces we have added. But I digress....

    Carry on with your sky is falling thread good sir!

  2. that would be an insult to McFadden, not his fault he went to Raiders and got banged around b/c the Offense had nothing else. Mcfadden was AP talent coming out of college

    Guy hasn't played but one full season and you're reaching pretty high there putting him in the same boat as AP. Don't get me wrong, I like the pick, just not the comparison