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  1. I’d be VERY shocked if those weren’t it based on what I’ve heard about them. The numbers remind me too much of Jacksonville, but these are definitely better than what we have now. Also curious to see if we did have two helmets and what the other one looks like if so.
  2. I’ve got some great Oceanside property on the moon you might be interested in. Hit me up
  3. Blue Dress/Gold Dress pt.2 y’all are wild man
  4. Lol, lets try not using a picture that rivals Big Foot quality and tout it as proof of a change. We’ll find out what was changed soon enough
  5. Quarantine is doing things to people
  6. I normally don’t get very edgy about stuff like this, but given the state of things right now.... **** it. These things better be good
  7. The Beek just reported that the uniforms will be revealed, “Soon. Very soon.”
  8. One of the few places I come to so I can get away from all this Covid stuff. Can’t even escape it here
  9. We’re gonna re-sign. We’ll be a’ight, coach
  10. Cons: Knee kind of a punk pros: 25
  11. I’d rather draft Swift if we’re brining in a UGA RB, I don’t want Stephen Jackson 2.0
  12. I am going to burn
  13. As long as they stocked up on birth control too, I'm good with it
  14. You must be new here....
  15. I have it on board authority that the term, 'develop' is foreign to this coaching staff
  16. I was about to come in and post this. It’s the same ones from before
  17. I really hope our helmets will be matte black...
  18. Well.... I might have to backtrack on my previous comment. That doesn’t look too bad
  19. Not sure how I feel about a red chrome face mask on a matte black helmet.....
  20. I'll PM you
  21. The helmet will NOT be white. Please do not ask how I know
  22. I see the Rams logo after looking at it for a minute but the Chargers immediately come to mind. Poor job by their marketing team for the redesign in my opinion
  23. Doesn’t look like the Chargers at all....
  24. Thank you for sharing that. I just went back and listened to that portion of the interview with her, I feel MUCH better about them now. We are also the only NFL team that had one of our designers from the team work closely with Nike to design these. I’m sure her previous tenure at Nike helped with that. One other interesting tidbit from the interview is she mentioned that their research team also scoured internet sites like this when doing research for fan feedback and they took our remarks into consideration. Guess all those uniform threads weren’t made in vain