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  1. RW has a no trade clause, he holds all the cards and people seem to forget that
  2. I mean, I guess you can make the argument that he restructured his contract to make peanuts so that they can bring in everybody like the Bucs. This is TATF, after all.
  3. Might do him some good, I believe the coaches that made him successful are still in Indy after leaving Philly.
  4. Happy Birthday to a real one, enjoy your takes brother
  5. I’ll take dupes of this over the, “Trade Matt Ryan” threads any day
  6. He did it because he’s about to retire yet most of you goons take it as your opportunity to throw Ryan through the GD wood chipper 🙄
  7. I want to like him but he is showing himself to be an entitled little brat. I get wanting a great team around you but to think you should have say so on who the HC and GM is???
  8. Where you at, Fantasy/Madden warriors???? Anybody with two brain cells to rub together knew these two weren’t going anywhere next year
  9. You really think most on here understand the salary cap??? Easy to look like an expert when all these goons know is madden and fantasy
  10. He attacks, those LBs run downhill
  11. Comes down to coaching on this one. Should’ve gone for it on 4th and goal. You don’t settle for a field goal with that little time left and give Brady the ball back.
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