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  1. LETS ******* GO!!!!!!
  2. This skit is cringeworthy
  3. In order to conquer an animal, I have to think like an animal, and whenever possible, look like one.
  4. Where would we be right now if Vick kept his head out of his ***, actually studied the playbook, and kept his nose clean??
  5. https://shop.atlantafalcons.com/c-12435?ab={wt-aspot}{pt-home}{al-position_1}{ct-allyall}{tt-atlanta_falcons}
  6. It was deliberate good sir, plus my against the grain nature likes the message on the shirt and how it can be interpreted lol. I’m also thinking since more and more might interpret it as ‘F Y’all’ it’s only a matter of time before the social justice warriors get it yanked from the store. Gimme
  7. The devils on my shoulder just talked me in to ordering one
  8. I’m also talking with a buddy of mine that works in sports medicine and he is saying it’s not a good sign that Brees isn’t even attempting to grip a ball
  9. Talking with a buddy of mine right now that works in PT for athlete’s. He’s saying the fact that Brees isn’t even trying to grip a football is not a good sign
  10. I find it ironic that they often have a slip of the mind when reminded of who raised us
  11. How you gonna hate on Derrick Moore??
  12. That’s an insult to Ewoks, bro
  13. A mind is a terrible thing to waste...
  14. I’d only be for taking a QB in 2021 so he can come in and learn behind Ryan before taking his spot when Matt retires
  15. Indifference, it’s just a game and it’s only week 1. I love this team, but one shouldn’t let sports wreck their day/life
  16. This article doesn’t mention her sleeping
  17. Read it again dude: ”Later that month, Brown allegedly assaulted Taylor again while the pair watched a church service on her iPad on a training trip in Miami. "Unbeknownst to Ms. Taylor, while she was focused on the religious video, Brown began masturbating behind her," the lawsuit said. "Before she knew it or understood what was happening, Brown ejaculated on her."
  18. Allow me to take a seat at the ‘victim blame’ table for a moment.... He first exposed himself to her in a bathroom, then ‘marked’ his territory the second time (while watching a sermon, no less), then the third instance is when the alleged ‘rape’ occurred.... Why the **** did she continue seeing him after the first instance and not report it then???? If all of this is true, he showed his true colors the first time, yet you kept going back?? What the **** did you think was gonna happen???
  19. He’s wearing wrap around sunglasses for gods sake
  20. I have it on good authority that Tua is the answer to all of our problems
  21. What people see in Tua, I’ll never understand.
  22. Absolutely, I was just hoping to see a better response from the team. Definitely failed the stress test
  23. A lot of uninspired play yesterday
  24. By that same logic I would also like people banned for *****ing about this game