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  1. You think Chicago might reconsider on the 40 million cap hit just so we can get rid of him???
  2. We did bench him during the game and Rosen did no better. Your argument is invalid 🙃
  3. He seems to tell it like it is, takes ownership of the mistakes and backs his players. That’s all I can ask. I’ll take this over Captain Catch Phrase
  4. Would not be surprised at another performance like we had against Philly but the fan in me is hoping for the best as always
  5. Glad they didn’t show the replay on the injury
  6. They chose two of the most boring teams possible for tonight’s game
  7. I think we got a good one, he might need some time but I think we got our guy. Love his attitude
  8. If anybody was gonna get anything out of him it was Sean. And I hate it because it would’ve been nice not to worry about New Orleans
  9. The reality of making a lateral move to another bad team finally set in
  10. Using Chrome on iOS was giving me those issues. Now I use Safari and it works fine
  11. Yea, Rosen at least deserves serious consideration for the backup spot if he didn’t lock it up already.
  12. Went from solidifying his roster spot to on the bubble real friggin’ quick
  13. At least he gets rid of the friggin’ ball instead of taking the sack
  14. I know he needs some help but good lord he has got to know when to get rid of the ball
  15. Like H said, he was a better coordinator. A lot of these guys aren’t cut out for the HC job but make excellent coordinators/assistants. Wouldn’t be shocked if he does well in Big D…. Although, I also wouldn’t be shocked if he got a shot at being a HC again soon when he has to take over for McCarthy after he’s canned mid season
  16. I’ve got friends that live down there too, stuff like this is bigger than football. Ts and Ps
  17. If anything that says more about Philly’s QB situation. That said, TATF 🙄
  18. Is it odd that the Dallas game got to me more than the Super Bowl?? Not going for the ball is just inexcusable
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