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  1. Apples and Oranges. This is the NFL, not the NCAA
  2. Bye, Felicia. We’ve got some other folks that need to get paid. We’re good with Freeman, Ito, and Hill
  3. I love how AB doesn’t really interfere with football operations, but if I were in his shoes, I would challenge DQ to start calling the defense next year. His feel of putting players in a position to succeed and calling the plays is a HUGE reason he was brought here. Let the man do what he’s good at, like others have said; we can bring in an assistant to help with game management and what not.
  4. My two biggest things with Sark is he doesn’t seem to make in-game adjustments and he still doesn’t appear to always know how to exploit matchups, which just shows a lack of creativity to me. If we end up going with a new OC and call on Bevell, I’d much rather keep Sark tbh.
  5. Happy Birthday, dad!
  6. It’s Christmas. Can we not for today?
  7. “We’ll get ‘em next year!”
  8. Wasn’t that the dude that got in Matt’s face during our joint practice sessions in Houston back when we were featured on Hard Knocks?
  9. If I think your opinion sucks........ Yea. I’m all for people having opinions, doesn’t mean they’re absolved of being called out on it. Not everybody agrees with me either and I’m ok with that. That’s what places like this are for, welcome to the boards
  10. Kind of what I was thinking, but happy to be wrong
  11. Welcome to AFMB: Where everyone’s an expert and facts don’t matter
  12. Or Bevell
  13. Does anybody know if Quinn started calling the defense again? We haven’t been perfect, but we seem to have been playing a little better on that side of the ball. I know having Debo back and playing some softer teams have helped, but we seem to be bringing more than just four on some plays and were actually blitzing today.
  14. According to the board goons, TD can’t hit on draft picks anyway.....
  15. Weed and Nicotine affects your brain chemistry and prolonged use (mainly weed) has shown to increase risks of psychosis, anxiety, and depression. There are harder drugs, I agree. But, to say that weed or nicotine doesn’t affect your mental health is an ignorant statement. I personally don’t care what people do, but each individual should educate themselves on what they’re consuming (food and drink included) and the possible outcomes of use. Back on topic, I hope Gordon finds the help he needs. More to life than football, take care of you.
  16. Addiction absolutely affects your mental health. The two aren’t mutually exclusive
  17. Y’all still givin’ out them likes???
  18. I tend to agree with some of the general consensuses on the board about him, he seems to be doing better on a limited snap count.
  19. Sadly, several betas flock back
  20. I like the optimism. I'm not typically a guy to say, 'fire everybody', but I wouldn't have a problem with bringing in a new OC and demoting MM. We need a WC offensive coordinator that knows the pro game and can exploit matchups. I was willing to give Sark at least two years and he's taking too long to adjust to this league, IMO. Dan also needs to just take the reigns and call the defense, he has a truly impeccable feel for the game in that aspect. And that's just the start. Some of the position coaches need to go too. Lookin' at you, Bryant Young
  21. ^^^This. I get tired of seeing Head Coaches for other teams retain playcalling duties and it works (for the most part)
  22. Lemme guess..... It’s Falcons related because we’re hosting the Super Bowl? Who cares about the ‘Aints, **** ‘em
  23. 8 pages deep, really? This isn’t even Falcons related...
  24. Don't drop that thud, thud, thud (Aye) Don't drop that thud, thud, thud....