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  1. Good for them, they deserve to be a relevant team that could be in the mix for the playoffs
  2. Only one thing to say: Prenup
  3. Little did Schaub know the path that he had just set a young Nick Foles on. After taking some slightly over cooked cow to the dome, Foles tirelessly worked day and night working towards becoming an NFL QB.... Ten years later, Foles went toe to toe with the likes of Tom Brady in SB 52 and bested the Goat to hoist the Lombardi.... A feat Matt-Quartermile-Schaub, could never accomplish... Check-mate, Uncle Rico
  4. You guys know we have a scouting staff, right??
  5. I hate NFL OT rules, both teams should have an opportunity to possess
  6. Minny miracle, easy. That was soul crushing to whiff on an open field tackle like that and have Diggs run it in. Que the Titanic music
  7. What kind of car?
  8. It’s gonna be a LONG off-season....
  9. Like TAFT’ers do.......
  10. I’ll eat crow if I’m wrong, but this guy will be lucky to last two years in GB. He’s done NOTHING and was probably hired because he’ll be A-Rod’s doormat. Shanny didn’t even bring him along to SF and he wasn’t offered a position to stay here. That should tell you A LOT
  11. Kirby would not make a great NFL coach.... You can’t scream at grown men like he does now at the collegiate level. They’re better off trying to land Arians
  12. Ryan’s replacement isn’t even in high school yet
  13. Could've used an amended 'frog in hot water' analogy so that it was more palatable for the audience. I personally don't care, but we're currently in a culture where outrage is the currency. He should've known better
  14. Quinn is going to be the DC. This was reported earlier this morning
  15. I'm hoping the Bevell interview is just a courtesy. He needs to do what he did when he first got here and hire a great offensive mind to run the offense.
  16. Nah, you just claim it's 'inside' information when you have a good feeling about it. I don't have you confused with anyone
  17. I've actually been here for quite some time. And you haven't been right about everything you claim to have 'inside' information on. Nice try
  18. Nonsense... My friend of a friend of a cousin that has been twice removed from Arthur Blank says that Gase is our next OC. Bank on it
  19. He should've been calling the defense since he got here
  20. Gase, bring him home
  21. Raiders might be dangerous in another year or two. Good freakin' hire