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  1. This was dumb
  2. Nobody is taking shots at your fandom, brother. I think you mistook the intent of the post.
  3. As an Alumni, I can say that we really didn't have players worth taking the past 10 years besides blue chip guys like Stafford, Gurley, Houston, and Green. I enjoyed my time there but never understood the blind homerism by most folks that I went to school with, the non-alums are typically (not always) the worst fans. We're not the only school in the SEC (or any other conference) that has talent. This FO will take whoever they feel will help best contribute to the team; if we take players from a local school like Georgia, that's just a bonus in my opinion.
  4. I don’t believe so. I think their pricing structure is different, real fans can actually afford to go to games. Turnouts for their matches are incredible
  5. I ain't mad, but y'all's tears are delicious. We're finally addressing the trenches
  6. Belichick is their GM too
  7. And on track to becoming one of the greatest players to ever play the position
  8. Yea, but he'll always be #32 in our hearts
  9. I can’t wait for the, “We should’ve kept Sark” threads after Matt throws his first pick of the season or if we have to settle for a field goal in the red zone
  10. Where’ve you been??? Jokers are turnin’ on people over mocks..... Sheesh
  11. Like many others have stated, I'm all for bringing him in during camp to see what he can do. Everyone wants a second chance and lets not pretend he wasn't helpful during our late-stretch SB run in 2016. Almost no risk and high reward at this point
  12. Give us these with the new logo and a slightly modern twist to the helmet and I can dig it
  13. Something like this with a throwback element in the jerseys please:
  14. BeCuZ hEe PlAiD 4 dEm DaAwWgzZ
  15. Smells of desperation if true. Shanny’s seat might be hotter than people think
  16. I don't disagree, I’m just not as high on him as others are. Eli has been an issue for them for a while now
  17. His highlight reel is composed of the infamous one-handed catch and a few others here and there. That and he pulls a Casper when he’s needed the most. I’m not sold on him either
  18. Good for them, they deserve to be a relevant team that could be in the mix for the playoffs
  19. Only one thing to say: Prenup
  20. Little did Schaub know the path that he had just set a young Nick Foles on. After taking some slightly over cooked cow to the dome, Foles tirelessly worked day and night working towards becoming an NFL QB.... Ten years later, Foles went toe to toe with the likes of Tom Brady in SB 52 and bested the Goat to hoist the Lombardi.... A feat Matt-Quartermile-Schaub, could never accomplish... Check-mate, Uncle Rico
  21. You guys know we have a scouting staff, right??
  22. I hate NFL OT rules, both teams should have an opportunity to possess