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  1. Thanks for treating this like week one, Gregg
  2. JuJu really did a number on him
  3. Rosen still making rookie mistakes
  4. Lauren Tannehill is still hot
  5. I have DirecTV and those channels aren’t blacked out.... That’s interesting...
  6. *Maybe Hoyer since it’s the Patriots, but point taken nonetheless
  7. It’s a team sport, coach. Can’t put everything on Matt when our defense let them waltz back into the game. I think we can all agree that it really came down to poor coaching on our part
  8. Stopped listening after, “Matt was the guy to give up 25 points in the SB”
  9. I believe it’s one of those things where players inherently know who to go to on the team for leadership, coaches too. I always saw it as kind of a gimmick with most teams but I think we’re one of the few teams in the NFL that actually takes it seriously and put weight on it. Contrast that with the Patriots, I don’t believe BB actually uses the patches or used to not use them for that reason. He knows it’s a gimmick
  10. Pat McAfee talked about Captains on his show at the beginning of this year. He went on to illustrate how a lot of the times it’s just a PR move. Pretty much falls in line with Scam. Start of the video talks about it:
  11. I don’t think Elway wants to be outshined again at QB so he seems to be bringing in sub-par QBs since Manning retired.
  12. This. He doesn't have that fire in his belly. I'd argue you can see it in his eyes too (tough to explain) He's good to have on rotation, but he constantly needs someone pushing him to be great. I'm more excited to see what Takk will do this year
  13. I think he's a brilliant offensive mind. However, when there's a Ferrari parked out front all you have to do is get in and drive. He knows how to drive. I'll be interested to see what he can do with the '69ers this year, given a healthy Jimmy G.
  14. Not even his mama
  15. ‘TROFFED
  16. They were almost always willing to knock it down to promotional prices every year. I also got it for free two years in a row because I upgraded the TV package and they always treated it as a ‘net new’ client vs an ‘upgrade’ to an existing client. They were cool with giving me the premium movie channels too. I just miss the little things like that and it’s also why I had no problem throwing a few extra bucks their way when upgrading the service. Now they don’t do anything like that since the merger which I understand from a business perspective, they’re losing clients. Just miss the good old days
  17. Yes, but it will probably be my last year doing so, I’m sure you’ll be able to stream that stuff soon enough independent of these companies. I’ve had it for almost a decade. Part of what I was getting at with the customer service of DirecTV is they were REALLY good about working with their customers. There was a few years where I either got Sunday Ticket for free or at a drastically reduced price. Now that AT&T is over everything, the product is lacking.
  18. Yea, I’m talking about the service as a whole. The way I experience it as a subscriber is I get the box and a dish, the streaming app is also included. I haven’t quite caught up to the times yet with streaming. I’m still old school with TV for now (just for live broadcasts). I’m slowly starting to stream more and more.
  19. It’s one of the better streaming options as far as BigTV is concerned IMO. But looking at holistically, I liked them much better when they were on their own. Their customer service used to be really good too. Now you can’t get a tech to come out to your house without getting shafted
  20. The service has drastically gone down hill since AT&T took over. DirecTV was much better when it was it’s own entity
  21. And we’re livin’ in it
  22. Poor/sub-par conditioning and injuries definitely have a strong relationship. Let’s not be so quick to dismiss the topic here. However, there is also a factor of **** happens at play too. A lot of people confuse ‘conditioning’ and think it only applies to cardiovascular endurance. Starting rookies are at the greatest risk for injury coming in because they’re not used to the demands of the NFL yet. They’re basically playing two college football seasons in one NFL season from start of training camp to end of regular season.
  23. I’d be upset as any good parent would be, sure. That doesn’t give me or anyone else license to strip him of his livelihood though. I’m all about giving someone a shot at redemption because I would expect a shot at one myself. If it really was as bad as y’all are making it out to be, he would have NEVER been reinstated so quickly. I’ve read the parent and player statements, I would also encourage you or anyone else to do your homework on it as well (meaning read/watch from ALL angles) I want to also clarify by saying I deal with things on a case by case basis. This wasn’t Penn State nor should it be treated as such. He was also brought on in a ‘consulting’ role like we’ve done every summer for other people. Y’all act like Arthur Blank gave him majority ownership of the team, R-E-L-A-X
  24. I find it ironic (as well as moronic) that the people that preach tolerance and acceptance are typically the first to throw stones. This whole witch hunt/McCarthyism thing we've got going on as a society these days needs to stop. While the incident was unfortunate, this man shouldn't be allowed to never coach again because of what happened especially after he was re-instated. It's really sad how people aren't really allowed an opportunity to redeem themselves anymore
  25. Welcome to TATF; where no topic is off-limits and football doesn't matter