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  1. Saints ‘gon take this to the Supreme Court
  2. This game wouldn’t have gone into OT if Ryan was playing
  3. Who tf lets their punter take it under center like that?!?!?!
  4. Allen not looking very good in crunch time so far
  5. I bet Dimarco is liking his decision to go to Buffalo right now
  6. I wish we would bring Manuel back as a position coach. I don’t think he caught on anywhere else after we let him go
  7. All I want for Christmas is a pinned Quinn thread...
  8. Relegated to watching it on my computer. Just learned that ESPN blocks the HDMI converter for Apple devices... Would've been nice to watch it on my TV
  9. Honest question... What does he bring to the table? I’ve heard him on game days and he obviously was the starter for Dallas decades ago. Not really sure what makes him a good candidate for job.
  10. I started keeping tabs on the team around a month before Reeves was fired (around ten years old). Wasn’t a diehard at that point but really enjoyed seeing what Mora Jr. Did with the team during my younger years, although I admit I just liked watching the team since it was something mom and I did (and still do when we can) together. Her and I thought it was cool to see Mora run around the stadium pregame to get the jitters out. I wasn’t really invested in wins and losses and couldn’t tell ya what a west coast offense or a 4-3 defense was at the time, it was just something mom introduced me to a
  11. I would believe it coming from him, these hedge fund guys are very cutthroat. He’s also a very good dude. I’ve followed him a little more closely than the average bear over the years, this move has Tepper written all over it. You’re right about him not being very high on Ron’s way, but he respects him. He wants more of a modern coach that uses analytics and sports science but also someone that has an old school foundation of toughness and discipline. That franchise is going to look a lot like Pittsburgh when he’s done and if they start looking like the Steelers of back in the day.
  12. Tepper doesn’t play. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy. I actually wish he was our owner, though I don’t really have any qualms with Blank
  13. Nothing wrong with wanting to see a side piece on the weekend when your main squeeze is giving you trouble
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