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  1. Meek Mill is an improvement over Trainwreck
  2. He also had our playbook and will divulge all of our secrets
  3. 3...... 2........ 1.........
  4. We’re saving the money for Melvin Gordon
  5. I honestly haven't paid attention these past few years. This is the first time I've been interested to see who is being cut given how good our defense looked in PS
  6. Are we doing all of our cuts at 3:59 PM today???
  7. I see the three fingers pointing back at me, believe it
  8. You're one crazy mother ******
  9. Why not just scramble for the first when you’re RIGHT THERE??
  10. Where’s the bleach???
  11. He got booed off the field during their last preseason game. Good lord people are friggin’ ***holes
  12. Guess we know where Fromm is going now
  13. Brees, hands down. It’s mostly Sean Payton that I can’t stand
  14. I’m wondering if it’s mental with him too? Last year he was only filling in, now he’s ‘The Guy’. Good find
  15. I thought that was Cousins for like two seconds
  16. Italian Ice is making it more difficult for me to support him, we need ya man
  17. This guy catches everything
  18. And when he says he ain’t reportin’ to camp ‘cuz he ain’t changin’ his lid, belie’ ‘dat
  19. Thanks for treating this like week one, Gregg
  20. JuJu really did a number on him
  21. Rosen still making rookie mistakes
  22. Lauren Tannehill is still hot
  23. I have DirecTV and those channels aren’t blacked out.... That’s interesting...