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  1. Do this while keeping the current logo and switching to red helmets. Sold
  2. They still aren't being as thorough with game-day testing and are letting players back on the field when they don't need to be. Yes, they've gotten better about it but it's still a long way away. I have friends and connections in professional sports medicine (two work for the Mets and Rams, respectively) that will explain how it's still very new territory for professional teams and they aren't yet doing all they can as they're still working out all the kinks.
  3. Good for him, maybe the league will start taking concussions/player safety a little more seriously now that their poster boys are retiring from the game early. And yes, I understand it's a dangerous game and don't want to see it get turned into flag football but the league has been grossly negligent with handling concussions IMHO.
  4. He said he wants to be on a CONTENDER
  5. Are you seriously proposing that the majority of the posters on this board should make sense????
  6. Saints ‘gon take this to the Supreme Court
  7. This game wouldn’t have gone into OT if Ryan was playing
  8. Who tf lets their punter take it under center like that?!?!?!
  9. Allen not looking very good in crunch time so far
  10. I bet Dimarco is liking his decision to go to Buffalo right now
  11. I wish we would bring Manuel back as a position coach. I don’t think he caught on anywhere else after we let him go
  12. All I want for Christmas is a pinned Quinn thread...
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