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  1. A mind is a terrible thing to waste...
  2. I’d only be for taking a QB in 2021 so he can come in and learn behind Ryan before taking his spot when Matt retires
  3. Indifference, it’s just a game and it’s only week 1. I love this team, but one shouldn’t let sports wreck their day/life
  4. This article doesn’t mention her sleeping
  5. Read it again dude: ”Later that month, Brown allegedly assaulted Taylor again while the pair watched a church service on her iPad on a training trip in Miami. "Unbeknownst to Ms. Taylor, while she was focused on the religious video, Brown began masturbating behind her," the lawsuit said. "Before she knew it or understood what was happening, Brown ejaculated on her."
  6. Allow me to take a seat at the ‘victim blame’ table for a moment.... He first exposed himself to her in a bathroom, then ‘marked’ his territory the second time (while watching a sermon, no less), then the third instance is when the alleged ‘rape’ occurred.... Why the **** did she continue seeing him after the first instance and not report it then???? If all of this is true, he showed his true colors the first time, yet you kept going back?? What the **** did you think was gonna happen???
  7. He’s wearing wrap around sunglasses for gods sake
  8. I have it on good authority that Tua is the answer to all of our problems
  9. What people see in Tua, I’ll never understand.
  10. Absolutely, I was just hoping to see a better response from the team. Definitely failed the stress test
  11. A lot of uninspired play yesterday
  12. By that same logic I would also like people banned for *****ing about this game
  13. God I missed you
  14. They’ve come a long way for sure. You can’t really get a bad American sports car nowadays. I just wish they would’ve kept the Charger as a two door, love what they’ve done with the Challenger though.
  15. I gotchu, man. I’m ridin’ in a Charger myself. I like the new 350’s
  16. Humble brag??
  17. You’re right about contact, but he missed most of the preseason. There’s being in shape, then there’s being in game shape. Looking forward to seeing how he does against a starting D-Line
  18. Can we stop talking about this clown now??
  19. Just cut your loses and move on, this guy is toxic
  20. I always associate him with the Dallas Cowboys so I always get confused when he does any kind of promotions for Atlanta
  21. I’ll never forget watching the Super Bowl with my folks last year. Mom thought they were having audio issues when Travis Scott performed
  22. A lot, in my opinion. Can’t stand most mainstream ‘music’
  23. Meek Mill is an improvement over Trainwreck
  24. He also had our playbook and will divulge all of our secrets