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  1. This type of move has Tepper written all over it. Also wouldn’t be shocked considering who their OC is
  2. Blank’s most recent ex has confirmed this
  3. Julio just texted me, said him and the Migos were in the kitchen, wrist twistin’ like a stir fry. They thought the new threads were, “lit af”
  4. This is getting good, who else has BS sources????
  5. Since we’re all touting a bunch of nonsense lately...... I would like to point out that I too have been exposed to the new threads and I find them rather..... shallow and pedantic.....
  6. We picked up an option for a man that serves as Ryan's QB Coach/Backup. Considering all that he does, we got him cheap.
  7. Tabeek (Who has seen the new duds) just confirmed that white helmet ISN’T our new one.... Why are people still questioning the helmet after the fact???
  8. I’m cool with it, it seems like every year there is at least one deserving team that gets booted because of the way it’s currently structured.
  9. Is this where y’all want to be when Jesus comes back???
  10. It’s a company called Custom Outfitters: https://xflnewshub.com/xfl-news/new-division-of-adidas-will-be-xfl-uniform-manufacturer/ Most of the uniforms leave a lot to be desired in my opinion, although I do like how the Guardians did theirs.
  11. I’ll say something uniform related.... Tampa royally screwed up their logo/threads. How can you have something as intimidating as a Viper and come out dressed like a popsicle???
  12. Of course he does, who else is gonna ride the inactive list???
  13. If I were a bettin' man....... I would bet that Atlanta United and the Falcons are going to have VERY similar uniforms design-wise, especially with the colors. Just got an email today from the soccer team about them introducing new threads too...
  14. forreal tho, I hope they do a good job with them. Board is gonna implode regardless
  15. I'm secretly hoping the new uniforms are a dumpster fire and this place implodes as a result
  16. I personally like that topics are being better managed now, we have sub forums for a purpose. Sometimes this main forum gets a little too noisy with all the draft and free agent news in the offseason. I come to this forum for Falcon’s news, not 32 different potential player breakdowns. The fun part is when most of y’all get in your feelings and go full on white knight for a draftee
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