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  1. First time I’ve turned a game in a long while
  2. My heart says yes, but my brain says no. I hate the injuries he’s had to endure while here
  3. This thread should be pinned until the offseason
  4. He’s the best DE on the team. We’re trading the wrong one if that were to happen
  5. Trade Beasley next plz
  6. He’s taking over for BB when it’s over and everyone knows it
  7. I was honestly thinking it was going to say Beasley
  8. Gotcha, I just tuned in
  9. Have any of these been overturned so far this year?? What’s the point of the challenge if they’re not going to overturn blatant calls/no calls??
  10. Yea, if you and your facts could just stand aside so people can still have their group therapy sessions on the boards; that'd be grrreeeaaaatttt....
  11. I know football is football at the end of the day, but I like promoting our own in the Quinn era. People can say what they want about him, but the man genuinely cares about developing players. I have no issue with Carter being brought up from our PS
  12. I care about winning, not making headlines with splash signings. To each their own
  13. People also seem to be forgetting about Neasman, he settled into the role better as the season went on last year.
  14. My only other caveat is DQ preaches playing our brand of football. He needs to stick to that and stop playing down to our competition. In my mind, how we played defensively in Philly Week 2 is our brand of football. Why we got away from that in Indy is beyond me. I can’t ignore the flashes of what I think this team can be this year, I also can’t ignore the mistakes. We’ll see what happens, the mistakes made so far are for sure fixable
  15. I’m still reserving judgement until the next game or two is done. We’ve always had slow starts (minus 2015) under Quinn. Just wish he would take preseason a little more seriously
  16. I was thinking more along the lines of this
  17. I was talking with a co-worker about this when I arrived in the office this AM. Though I haven’t dug through the stats, I do seem to recall Matt being more turnover-prone when DK was calling the plays.
  18. Was just about to mention Berry, bring ‘em home TD
  19. LETS ******* GO!!!!!!
  20. This skit is cringeworthy
  21. In order to conquer an animal, I have to think like an animal, and whenever possible, look like one.
  22. Where would we be right now if Vick kept his head out of his ***, actually studied the playbook, and kept his nose clean??
  23. https://shop.atlantafalcons.com/c-12435?ab={wt-aspot}{pt-home}{al-position_1}{ct-allyall}{tt-atlanta_falcons}