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  1. Who let Antic into the Phillips Arena?
  2. Cavs are looking good defending the rim, need to get creative opening some lanes
  3. This thread should've been locked up pages ago, Jesus H......
  4. First 3-5 pages are actually on topic, then went downhill from there, sounds about right..... TATF'ed!!
  5. That IP isn't mine, I swear
  6. I'm planning on seeing what a "brand new" coaching staff is going to be doing with "brand new" schemes and philosophies using current and new pieces we have added. But I digress.... Carry on with your sky is falling thread good sir!
  7. OTA's, mini camp, training camp, have yet to even start..... Better hit the panic button!
  8. Korver needs to stop attempting shots
  9. The refs are playing pretty well this game
  10. Does Pierce ever miss a shot? Dam
  11. Refs are unbelievable
  12. We're doing a great job of telling people they are wrong based off of what was interpreted and not what was actually said...... Good job fellas!
  13. Caaaaaaannnnnn you feeeeelllll the love tonight................
  14. I heard the Rams have a message board.......
  15. Gurlie need learnie how to stay healthie. Hopefully he learn how to do in St. Louie, now droppie the subjectie
  16. I'm just here to read the comments. TD never gets any credit, but sure gets all of the blame.
  17. Guy hasn't played but one full season and you're reaching pretty high there putting him in the same boat as AP. Don't get me wrong, I like the pick, just not the comparison
  18. Don't like the McFadden comparison......
  19. Dressed in red already, excellent pick
  20. Dressed in red already, excellent pick
  21. Dressed in red already, excellent pick
  22. Stop dragging out the **** selections
  23. Stay put
  24. Have fun running the bubble screen!