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A Dog Named Brian

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  1. Again, never claimed that's why we're losing.....
  2. Not an excuse, it's an observation. See also 2013 & 2014 Atlanta Falcons. If I said that's why we're losing, THAT would be be an excuse.
  3. No one on this team is killing it right now to be fair. We're only down 18......
  4. Can ANY Atlanta team catch a break with injuries????? Jesus H.....
  5. Sure, let's put gimpy back in. Makes sense
  6. Cavs are looking good defending the rim, need to get creative opening some lanes
  7. This thread should've been locked up pages ago, Jesus H......
  8. First 3-5 pages are actually on topic, then went downhill from there, sounds about right..... TATF'ed!!
  9. I'm planning on seeing what a "brand new" coaching staff is going to be doing with "brand new" schemes and philosophies using current and new pieces we have added. But I digress.... Carry on with your sky is falling thread good sir!
  10. OTA's, mini camp, training camp, have yet to even start..... Better hit the panic button!
  11. Does Pierce ever miss a shot? Dam
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