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  1. I think our defensive coordinator should have his head examined, along with most of TATF
  2. Only person I want from TV land is Charley Casserly
  3. Should never come down to that but I can’t ignore some of the **** poor officiating. This is starting to get like the NBA and it’s not just happening to our team
  4. Some of y’all must be a joy at the dinner table or to work with
  5. Healthy scratch or....?
  6. Can we just put all the “What if?” scenarios in one thread???? Y’all are killin’ me man forreal
  7. I can’t wait to see this place when Matt retires. His replacement will throw his first pick and the board goons will be clamoring for #2 back under center
  8. I hear Jake Locker is still available
  9. Can he coach the defense??
  10. Nah man, it’s just copy/paste
  11. “This is what it sounds like... when we ride on our enemies...”
  12. I couldn’t even tell ya who their receivers are
  13. I’d love to know why we’re running a hybrid 3-4/4-3. Not even Nolan’s ‘amoeba’ defense was this bad... I can’t believe I just said that
  14. I think we're seeing what Seattle did a few years ago.... The 'Brotherhood' message is only resonating with a few while it's grown stale for the rest. If Quinn manages to hold onto his spot, look for A LOT of turnover this offseason
  15. I think Tru gets an honorable mention, he's looked a little more like he did a few years ago before the torn pec. Still could be better tho
  16. Just wondering if this includes Freeman??? This was my girlfriend's second time watching the team play and even she noticed how bad he was, given she's just a casual watcher of football and isn't as observant as we are on the boards
  17. I wasn’t willing to write him off initially, but after the start to this season I’m done with him. The only thing he is consistent in is being a day late and a dollar short at getting to the QB. He’s shown no interest in adding to his skill set since being drafted. Pure speed worked at Clemson, gotta bring more to the table in the NFL.
  18. First time I’ve turned a game in a long while
  19. My heart says yes, but my brain says no. I hate the injuries he’s had to endure while here
  20. This thread should be pinned until the offseason
  21. He’s the best DE on the team. We’re trading the wrong one if that were to happen
  22. Trade Beasley next plz
  23. He’s taking over for BB when it’s over and everyone knows it