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  1. This is such a fluid situation, how can the league be expected to have had a plan in place months ago??? Trust me, these owners and players want a season just as much as we do. Again, a nuanced approach needs to be taken while we figure out how to live with this thing until we can beat it.
  2. This is the way. Stay at home and enjoy the game if that is your preference or if you would like to go see it live, enjoy but be smart. It really isn’t that hard
  3. We agree that death sucks, but you’re missing my point entirely. If you address what I said in context, an opportunity for civil conversation can be had. I’m all on board with following cdc guidelines and what Fauci and others in the medical profession have suggested be done. Shutting everything down across the board is not the solution
  4. Thank social media and sensationalist news outlets for this. H1N1, while a different disease, didn’t cause this amount of panic. A billion infected, 500k died, and hardly anybody knew about it. We need nuance in this situation as we progress further, not a ‘light switch’ solution. Keeping everyone locked down and allowing the economy to tank is creating more diseases of despair and will do much more damage to us long term than this virus ever will. The amount of ignorance going around about this disease and denial of scientific fact is disturbing
  5. Has quietly been a top 10 QB every year since he was drafted. How people pin 28-3 on him is mind boggling... Oh, and how are DeShaun Watson and Carson Wentz above him on that list??? The former hasn’t done too much so far and the latter is made of glass and didn’t even play in the Super Bowl they won a few years ago
  6. I got a 50% discount if I went through Falcons shop. So I guess that’s the price I have to pay for getting a steep discount
  7. He’s currently beating the **** out of White Knights in MMA
  8. Falcons shop says it won’t be shipped until late July so..... no.....
  9. Over the past week I’ve been leaning more towards the side of this has been here since at least November of last year. There have been countless direct flights from Wuhan and some of the hardest hit places in Europe to this country when this started spreading overseas and we just started tracking our infections in March. I too work with some folks that are very confident that they had this in November/December. No way in **** this just got here. Media has also been very irresponsible during this whole thing. It’s scary that what I’m hearing from doctors that are reading the literature from medical journals about this disease and what the media is reporting are on far different ends of the spectrum. A lot of doctors and scientists have been more cautiously optimistic about all this and the media makes it sound like the sky is falling, only reporting on the absolute worst of this disease. If that isn’t sensationalism at its finest, I don’t know what is. I’m still going to be wearing a mask when going out for groceries or something like that and using sanitizer, but I think there is going to be some information coming out on this virus sooner rather than later showing this wasn’t as bad as we were initially led to believe. But we won’t know the extent of anything until testing (specifically antibody testing) is ramped up. That being said, I think there will be football played this season
  10. Homers saying he’s going to unseat Josh Allen
  11. He better not be going anywhere, I just bought one of this **** jerseys
  12. Most of your famous people are relatively healthy. What the news isn’t telling you is it’s also wreaking havoc on the obese. A lot of the people (not all) that are dying from it were not healthy to begin with. You got one body people, take care of it.
  13. I wouldn’t bet against Father Time in this scenario
  14. I laughed wayyyy too hard at this and we got some short mother lovers on here, that punchline went WAYYY over y’alls heads. Laugh a little, you might live longer
  15. Anybody remember how stupid the Thursday Night Football intro by Pentatonix was???
  16. I want to like them, but I can’t get past that atrocious ‘ATL’ on the front. Has any of the photoshop people on here posted a picture of what the uniform would look like with ‘ATL’ printed on the jersey in a much smaller size?
  17. I’d be VERY shocked if those weren’t it based on what I’ve heard about them. The numbers remind me too much of Jacksonville, but these are definitely better than what we have now. Also curious to see if we did have two helmets and what the other one looks like if so.
  18. I’ve got some great Oceanside property on the moon you might be interested in. Hit me up
  19. Blue Dress/Gold Dress pt.2 y’all are wild man
  20. Lol, lets try not using a picture that rivals Big Foot quality and tout it as proof of a change. We’ll find out what was changed soon enough
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