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  1. I’ll wait until this is confirmed by coaching staff. The article’s rationale for the move is quite literally, “Look at the photo caption” stuff gets captioned incorrectly all the time. Plus, it’s camp, coaches like mixing things up and seeing what works. This might not even be a permanent thing.
  2. What is our game plan here? Making them think they have the game the whole time then pulling it out in the end??
  3. I love his no-nonsense style/attitude. Some may not like it but you always know where you stand with somebody like that
  4. Oh, you didn’t get it?? **** postal service droppin’ the ball lately
  5. I’m not talking about the physical, he’s sharp and is a student of the game. Wouldn’t mind having that in the meeting rooms. Not gonna be upset if he we don’t bring him in though
  6. Eh, I wouldn’t mind a vet corner. Dude is sharp and can provide some valuable knowledge to the young dudes. Wouldn’t hate it either way
  7. Wonder if Justin Houston or Richard Sherman gets a look? Wouldn’t mind having either here for some Vet presence on that side of the ball
  8. We’ve got a pretty savvy WR/TE room. Expectations are high, but we have enough pieces around where he won’t have to do it all. Excited for this season
  9. Shout out to Fonte for making ****in’ MOVES. I’m liking just about everything I’m seeing outta this guy so far
  10. We also have a better QB. Tanny played great under AS but I’m seeing a regression back to the mean now that he’s gone.
  11. Unpopular opinion but I would not be surprised if Tennessee misses the playoffs this year. The person responsible for their offensive success is now here and their defense is gonna need to hold it down big time.
  12. People will get outta their feelings at some point. He’s a great receiver and did well for us but he is not what he used to be. We got a good deal here
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