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  1. K
  2. I'm just waiting for Pt.3
  3. We’re not the only team experiencing injuries, albeit we do seem to have the worst of it. All starts with the CBA and rules around practices, it’s no coincidence that injuries have gone up since practice time has been cut short
  4. I’m just here for the pics
  5. Normally I’m all for fun and games, but this one cuts too deep lol
  6. Jesus Christ.....
  7. I get that we lost, but let’s stop pretending that we weren’t missing THREE starters on defense today.... That, and the Stains still have a pretty potent offense
  8. I wasn’t on the Earl train when Keke went down, my ears have since perked up
  9. When some people just can't help themselves....
  10. At least you’re not talking about money shots this time, I’ll give ya that
  11. At least this place is a little more bearable after a win
  12. I can’t help but be excited about this. Just hate that this is how Kazee came by a starting job