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  1. One of the few places I come to so I can get away from all this Covid stuff. Can’t even escape it here
  2. We’re gonna re-sign. We’ll be a’ight, coach
  3. Cons: Knee kind of a punk pros: 25
  4. I’d rather draft Swift if we’re brining in a UGA RB, I don’t want Stephen Jackson 2.0
  5. I am going to burn
  6. As long as they stocked up on birth control too, I'm good with it
  7. You must be new here....
  8. I have it on board authority that the term, 'develop' is foreign to this coaching staff
  9. I was about to come in and post this. It’s the same ones from before
  10. I really hope our helmets will be matte black...
  11. Well.... I might have to backtrack on my previous comment. That doesn’t look too bad
  12. Not sure how I feel about a red chrome face mask on a matte black helmet.....
  13. I'll PM you
  14. The helmet will NOT be white. Please do not ask how I know