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  1. **** man, I wanna go out there and get after it with the boys too. I'd pay to be able to go through that with them, what an experience
  2. But, are you past the 4 hour mark??
  3. ^^^This
  4. He paid his debt to society and really turned his life around. He seems to be one of the few high profile people that messed up at some point in their career, understood the gravity of the situation, and legitimately changed themselves for the better and learned from their mistake. I get the impression that a lot of these celebrities claim to have "seen the light" as a PR stunt when they get caught up in potential career killing events, I do not get this impression from Michael (my personal opinion). I also am a fan of individuals making the most of their second chance, Michael has done this in my eyes. He loves this city and team, let him retire here.
  5. Not reminding myself of the fact that we lost over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over........... And over again, helps me a lot. Time to move on people, we're on to the 2017 season now
  6. Not a diva in sight on this team, love it
  7. That footwork tho..... 'Everyday we lit' is the name of the song for those playing along at home
  8. That's not really saying much. Considering how they have been the past few years.
  9. Our resident 'experts' never disappoint
  10. Sometimes, I really hate social media. We aren't robots, most of us have lives. Of course you don't need to document everything, but still. Some of us like going out, some of us like staying in. As long as they aren't hurting anybody, let it be. However.... O'Dell pulling his whole "I'm on a boat" during the playoffs was stupid. Save it for the off-season