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  1. "We ready...... We ready......."
  2. And he turned himself around, no reason why he can't do what he's doing right now after beating his addiction. I get the no NFL experience thing, but taking aim at him because of his past issues with addiction is a low blow bro. Don't be that guy
  3. My ex used to rustle mine..... On topic: I hate it too. Which is why I don't bother with it anymore
  4. This too. I'm not oblivious to some of the issues the team has been having but ****.... These wins aren't gonna be pretty every week, especially against a division rival that's trying to play spoiler and has nothing else to play for
  5. We won the ****ing game! WTF is wrong with this place lately?? Jesus Christ......
  6. I've said it before around here and still maintain it.... You would think we haven't won a single game all season reading these boards
  7. This is what can happen when your QB makes up over 80% of your offense
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if in the future you could toggle through camera angles for live sporting events at home. I like sky cam, but not for every play
  9. Could someone pass the peyote?? Thanks
  10. People need to chill, overall. You would think we were 0-13 reading this board
  11. Don't forget to show Sean Payton some love. What a jack**** move that was