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  1. Well I don’t like it...
  2. Offensive Line seemed to have it much more together with Garland in. Only time will tell with the D-Line I don’t want to get too excited. The Giants may have made them look a little better than they actually are, I’m hoping that’s not the case.
  3. Bowman would be nice, McLain and Richards have def been disappointing . Hoping a P.Peterson trade happens for us.
  4. Bro.... whaaaaaa? Do they allow just anyone to create threads now???
  5. I was working during the game and watching on my phone while I could so missed parts. But I did see most of the game and can say I was actually pretty impressed with Riley that game and hope that is a sign of steady improvement and not an anaomaly game.
  6. Peaches and cream?
  7. Guys let’s all relax on Ridley is number 1.. like really chill .. remember that guy Vic Beasley. We all thought he was going to be the next greatest pash rusher to grace the black and red but we were wrong. Guys get hot . Guys have great games. Ridley has played 2 good games and now suddenly he’s reason to get rid of Julio??
  8. Well f*ck
  9. Yeah yeah... whatever
  10. Def not worth what he’s being paid. And probably right about not a 3 down player. I hope this man can find his role with the team and quickly.
  11. Are we all done giving Beasley a chance ? I mean he had 1 great season. Do we all believe that was an anomaly ? Genuine question because I don’t know how I feel about #44s situation. I want him to get back into form and hope he will but is it a lost hope ?
  12. All we want is Vicktory
  13. Nah not after Vance McDonald stole his wife and adopted his children.
  14. Maybe if people would Reed more . They would understand the benefits.
  15. As I recall. He gained a little weight and already wasn’t that quick. But still I want him at SS.