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  1. I feel like in typical Falcons fashion we will win . And that’s only because we SHOULD lose. I’m sure they’ll find a way to slide up the draft board the wrong way.
  2. Well.... now that Arthur Blank has stepped up and made some moves. Now publicly acknowledges Matt Ryan could end his career somewhere else possibly . What are we thinking now if we fall on a top draft pick ?
  3. I’m saying this. We’re looking at 0-4 in less than 2 minutes. We keep this up we’re looking at a top 5 pick and potentially really could be a top 2 pick. Do we really not take a QB in that position with all the hype and pressure that’ll be around the QBs in this class ?
  4. I was just thinking that as the half ended on that sack. This is just the worst I can remember right now .
  5. Exactly. As much as I curse this team and describe them with expletives . It’s embedded in my soul at this point. I can watch a 2nd team and kind of root for one but it just ain’t ever the same.
  6. I thought this was supposed to be a pretty **** good one ?
  7. This is a pissed in corn flakes forum my friend 😕
  8. This isn’t a Matt Ryan slander thread so save that banter please. If the scenario played out and it came down to us drafting Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence who do you like ? And why ? go
  9. I don’t slander . I realize what he’s done for the organization and I respect the man he is and the skill set being had. That being said he’s not going to get any better and he’s declining. His Deep Ball is GONE now pretty much non existent . He can’t hit receivers in stride anymore and to me that spells the beginning of the end. I don’t hate Matty Ice in fact I love him he’s one of my favorite Falcons of all time. But I think it’s time to start looking towards the future. Which is I why I wouldn’t hate a Trevor Lawrence or a Justin Fields draft pick.
  10. I like Lawrence. I like his size I like his intangibles. He seems coachable .
  11. https://sports.yahoo.com/arthur-blank-gives-dan-quinn-vote-of-confidence-after-14-falcons-start-222723320.html WTF
  12. At least for a few seasons no. If it were up to me I’d have plan A for Matt playing MVP caliber football and possibly bringing in a guy to sit behind him . And then plan B for Matt playing terrible and looking at possible replacements as soon as possible (given salary cap) .
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