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  1. If you look up bum in the dictionary, you'll see his picture. I have thought this since seeing is arrogant cigar smoking *** on hard knocks. Hasn't improved one thing.
  2. I cannot love this post enough and for that, I tip my hat to you good TAFT poster! oh how this thread has made me laugh, thanks y'all!
  3. i enjoy learning more about the X's and O's. Admittedly, playing madden or ncaa I sure had no idea what all these plays meant. While do think it's fun to be the overzealous jumping off the ledge fan over the smallest of things, is great to be educated to know more about the game within the game.
  4. Agreed wholeheartedly. NFL has a serious culture issue as I'm pretty sure they're the last workplace that allows for this type of behavior. I'm sad that everyone is overlooking it or defending Norman due to the NFL not knowing how to handle gay in their workforce. People are defending the trash talking and the bullying indicating this is the grid iron. Last I checked the US Military doesn't allow this behavior on the real battlefield. I'm disgusted by it. We suspend children from school for this behavior - now they see it's ok on Sundays. Good job NFL.
  5. people make mistakes. own it. fix it. move on. that earns respect in my opinion. hanging on to mistakes is why this team is playing at 38-0 caliber levels. it's a hot mess and everyone knows it. i would not see quinn making the wrong call as an indictment of his judgement unless he continued said bad judgement. just fix it.
  6. Gritz, I agree wholeheartedly. Dysfunction always begins at the Top. The product on the field is reflective of this dysfunction. Accountability needs to start with Blank then trickle down to the players with checks at every level of the operation. Significant changes with executives and coaches must be made to restore my relationship with the Falcons both emotionally and financially.
  7. I left the game 9 min left of the 4th qtr and thankfully missed that horrendous 4th and 1 debacle. I also haven't leveraged my NFL Gamepass privileges since the Saints loss.
  8. but he's not the one actually throwing the ball, meaning he's not the cause of the turnovers, either fumbles or ints so I'm sure his record is reflective of the awful non professional football league caliber talent. I mean only about ~1700 poeple play the sport and he just keeps inheriting the bottom 53 of those 1700. I mean can you believe his luck!?!?!?!!?!?
  9. The thing is - is we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Shanny came in knowing Matt Ryan was THE guy here in the ATL. Arthur put big money on him. His job is actually to make Ryan look good. That is the whole point of a Leader (Coach)
  10. Quinn and Blank both came out and made their supportive statements of Ryan today. Didn't hear any noise made about Shanny. And I do love that Ryan stands in the face of the media and says he screwed up. Not sure if Shanny has done such things other than make a mockery of the Atlanta fanbase and media.
  11. And I get that we trot out the QB who's the Leader to that Mr. PR stuff - however, and I don't have to see it - I want him to fight - fight his own leadership to do what is right. This isn't the military where you are back talking a commanding officer in the middle of a skirmish where lives are at stake - this is a football game where most of these men have been playing all their lives and wins are at stake. They know the game and understand their roles as well as the roles of the players around them. I believe DQ gets this and wants to facilitate a more democratized program vs. top down.
  12. Company man won't talk outta turn and will fall on the sword for this Team. As a Leader, I expect a 100M Franchise player and tell Quinn what the **** is wrong with him and the Team. They are struggling through the changes and have awful chemistry with Shanny. Ryan also doesn't trust the routes or the rookies so he is jamming the ball to the wrong receivers at times. This is all butterfly effect of not handling the change and the personality of Shanny. He doesn't fit with these guys and that is basically what Roddy as saying weeks ago.
  13. I have been a Ryan defender until today. I too have joined the darkside. He doesn't have 'it' factor and the awww shucks do better company man 'shanny called a good game' BS has got to go.
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