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  1. Same for here in VA, no WFT or Ravens but still no Falcons even though it billed as GOTW. Now I gotta find a crappy stream.
  2. Man our boys have not been playing well the past few weeks.
  3. The poor guy has had 1 good OL his entire career here and never hd a defense. He deserves better than what this franchise has given him.
  4. I don't think putting a rookie QB behind this OL would be best for their development. Ever heard of David Carr?
  5. You are literally the guy who has a smart *** answer to a question no one asked. I have seen nothing from you except posts trying to start trouble. I'm not the one quoting people and telling them who they are, that's you. You are literally here doing the same crap you've been doing for years, nipping at heels in hopes for a response. Your only goal is to try and get people banned, you are a joke.
  6. Man don't give me this "not a fan ********". I don't like what I've seen for 4 years now. I'm not going to come on here and kiss *** for likes on the internet. I'm not telling you how to be a fan, I don't need your advice on it either. Only thing you ever do on here is try to tell others how to be. I know you think your cheeky or funny but you just come off like the same annoying kid you've been since you were banned. Don't like me, block me kid.
  7. File that comment under "no ****, Sherlock". I don't bandwagon though so no I'm not going to follow another team.
  8. There's also a play where Mike Davis gets blown up immediately because Mayfield pulls to God knows where and leaves Cox unblocked.
  9. He's not a good pitcher, I rarely see a start where he has more than 2 pitches. Hopefully they move on from him soon because he ain't it.
  10. Is Touki able to pitch in a game and not give up a HR?
  11. If that the case then he needs to shoulder some of that blame when it's been a constant for 4 of 5 years.
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