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  1. I'm not one of them but I do know a bad idea when I see one.
  2. Also seeing lots of other sites reporting the same. I guess they are just piggybacking off a tweet or maybe there's weight to it.
  3. I haven't seen or heard anything other than him being at an airport. Just don't believe AA is willing to spend that much on a closer but not a RFer. Hope I'm wrong though.
  4. 35-40 is a good number for him and considering it's been nearly 5 months since his season ended that's around 2 pounds a week. He should have kept his strength or gotten stronger.
  5. LOL exactly this. Only players I gaf about are Debo, Neal, Grady, Rico, Kazee and Tak.
  6. Correct but cap deadline is later.
  7. They don't have to wait until June 1st to actually cut him naked designate him a June 1st cut any time they want.
  8. Excited to see all these new acquisitions! oh wait...
  9. Sometimes you just gotta realize disagreeing for the sake of it isn't worth it. Especially when you use Troy Polamalu and Brian Poole in the same sentence while attempting to do it
  10. Poole would have made an excellent Dime CB but unfortunately he won't be paid a Dime CB's salary.
  11. I wouldn't consider using a 2 year old overdone joke "roasting".
  12. Can TD find a non trash OL in the 4th?
  13. Ice isn't a rookie, this guy doesn't need someone like Schaub sitting behind him. Bring in someone new and more talented, 4 mil for this guy is lunacy.
  14. David Irving is a freak but he's always either hurt or suspended.
  15. Means or Irvin? I don't even remember hearing Means name till Week 13 lol
  16. That's not Bruce Irvin.
  17. I read this as HOFer Brian Finneran and was like .
  18. Why would you cut Freeman when Duke would replace Coleman. What has Duke done that would make you believe he would outperform Freeman?
  19. Plenty of players out there that could help this team who would make far less than that.
  20. Wonder what he considers short term though, under 4 years?
  21. That 1-4 might be the best in baseball.