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  1. As disappointing as he has been I wouldn't trade him unless someone is REALLY overpaying.
  2. That doesn't really have anything to do what what I said though. I meant he ain't letting his guys make those calls on the field against good teams. He just doesn't respect the Jets.
  3. I bet BB ain't doing that against a good team like the Chiefs though.
  4. Hope he gets to keep his number.
  5. I might be tough on our guys but I'll always be Atlanta till I die.
  6. If Quinn stays that mean DK stays....
  7. Blank has always thought with his heart instead of his head as owner of the Falcons.
  8. Interesting. That's a strange way to spell Von Miller.
  9. I think a lot of you guys are confusing this deadline for the one in MLB.
  10. I said no because if all they can get is a 6th or 7th then what's the point? Just let him suffer here.
  11. **** Beasley let him sit here and rot, he doesn't deserve to be traded to a contending team.
  12. Yes he left after our Monday Night loss to the Saints around midseason.
  13. You are missing Petrino as the guy who didn't make it.
  14. We aren't blowing anything up, Sanu was gone at his current cap hit. They got amazing value for a guy who is our 4th option at receiver.
  15. This is a terrible idea my guy.
  16. Noooooooooooo Haha yeah I know, just bored.
  17. We signed or traded for anyone yet??????
  18. Julio caught 4 of 6 targets. 1 was a overthrow by Matt and the other was a thought pass he should have caught. Ramsey was steps behind Julio on every target but 1.
  19. The iceberg is in the dining area.
  20. My God Vaughn is a friggin idiot.
  21. I bet he's crying into his pillow stuffed with Cleveland's.