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  1. All I've hear from DQ is "if he's 100%" which tells me they ain't playing him Sunday even if he's 100%.
  2. His start against us where we rocked him essentially cost him the award.
  3. I'm still drafting DE in the 1st because it won't matter who we find when there's no way passrush.
  4. No it's just like a false start. Hey blow the play dead it's not the same as offsides.
  5. It's likely that either Allen or Kazee will be moved to Corner next season.
  6. Snit laughing at all ya'll haters.
  7. People praising Sark should be giving some of that to Knapp. idc what anyone says that Redskin game had Knapp's fingerprints all over it.
  8. If he can go then he absolutely should go, there's no excuse not to.
  9. "Hope Trufant gets hit by a bus". But I've also said it in GDT.
  10. What makes you think that? He's already had his option picked up. They might be able to rescind it but no one is going to trade for him.
  11. Was just about to say this exact thing.
  12. There's one hat that will always be in style and that's tinfoil.
  13. Go or blow. **** it.