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  1. He's good, we like him.
  2. Because **** them that's why.
  3. Freeman came in with 2 outs and a tie game in the 5th. Got the 3rd out with it tied 2-2 then sheet all over himself in the 6th.
  4. LMAO same.
  5. Ramirez is on the DL.
  6. I can't watch this **** show anymore, more power to you guys watching the worst team in baseball beat our ***.
  7. Don't worry he'll call up someone from AAA and keep the same garbo pitchers out there.
  8. No no we're fine because they have "potential ".
  9. How many L's does this bullpen have? It's gotta be at least 6.
  10. LOL then Snit brings in Moylan with bases loaded with his 1BB per IP.
  11. I'll never understand what is so difficult about a pitcher to throw strikes....
  12. Freeman is trash but he's a LHP so he'll keep getting chance after chance to keep being trash.
  13. Going to lose game 1 to the 3 win Reds because no one can throw strikes.....again.
  14. Man none of our pitchers can be economical.
  15. Looks like Brooks Robinson out there.