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  1. This doesn't mean much until he misses game time.
  2. He could have saved a drowning nun holding a basket of kittens while he was being baptized and it still wouldn't make me like the Eagles.
  3. You guys complaining about these uniforms are crazy, they look better than most of the color rush. They definitely look better than our current home unis.
  4. We almost did.....TWICE.
  5. I'd be lying if I said it won't give me a little closure, more so because I feel like this is pretty much a must win forthis team's moral.
  6. I feel like it's not really Envy as much as it is wanting to get revenge for that nightmare we had to witness back in February. I don't like that the Pats 2 losses have come at home because I feel like them opening up with 3 is going against law of averages.
  7. These look clean as heck in person. Picked one up because I was worried they may change their unis.
  8. I wenta couple Nats games with a friend who has season tickets. Was nice seeing them fail in person.
  9. You know things are bad when fans are getting excited over this signing. The guy isn't even average lucky to be below average. But you guys love it.
  10. Gronk hasn't gotten hurt in 2 weeks so he's overdue to miss some time.
  11. Looks like the Braves are treating Snit like the Falcons did Smith only Snit hasn't done anything worthy of getting that treatment.
  12. If the Yankees and Dodgers both make it to the World Series then I don't think I'll be able to watch.
  13. And all of the Pats DBs are better than everyone other than Jones. Ain't no one giving up Malcolm Butler for Rashad Jones.
  14. Cooks, Butler, McCourty, pretty much anyone on their oline, Gillmore and Hightower off the top of my head.