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  1. Does it matter? That's still a knock on him coming into the NFL, which is why all these Ohio State QBs are bad. His fault or not, it's still a problem. I'm not saying he won't be good, I'm saying it's an issue.
  2. It's Fields too, he locks in too often and stares down his reads.
  3. Why we drafting WRs when Zacchius is on the team? Thought he was elite.......
  4. He never said his plan with McGary, he going to bench a 1st round pick? He says to spend cap on a FA RB and isn't aware that AS uses 2 TEs in his system but says we are good there. Not too mention he'd like to draft a WR in the 2nd that might be there much later.
  5. His take for the O line is very bad like near brain dead bad. Edit: his entire take for offense is God awful.
  6. I would hope if they are dumb enough to help a rival they would be smart enough to get over compensation. I still think it would be a terrible idea to help a rival at any point though.
  7. Why the **** would the Falcons help a division rival get their quarterback of the future....
  8. He's my favorite player so I'd be pretty freaking upset to have to hate him.
  9. Are you saying Ridley is only slightly above average or just making a general statement?
  10. Man why can't I make lots of money for being brain dead like the people in this video....
  11. That ain't enough? Liberty has made a massive profit off the Braves, 1 year didn't change that.
  12. The pandemic hasn't seemed to hurt a lot of teams. Liberty Media is just a **** ownership group and they know Braves fans will just be happy with meaningless division titles (and buy tickets) until they're not.
  13. If the Falcons helped the Panthers get their franchise QB and they only got that as compensation I'd already be *****ing to get TF fired ngl...
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