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  1. Because Case Keenum turned the ball over 3 times.
  2. Yeah they scored a whole 14 points while the refs shoved their ***** in us the whole game.
  3. We don't have the luxury of losing to anyone now because you know the Seahawks are going to beat the **** out of the Jags that's just the way things are for us.
  4. God I hope we get in and face Minny. Bunch of fake *** pussys.
  5. I swear it's like these purple ***** eaters are sucking on purpose.
  6. 2 dropped TD passes, **** you Thelen.
  7. Olsen looks like his foot isn't going to hold up. That's too bad......
  8. Vikes had the refs screw us last week now they are going to screw us this week.
  9. It's amazing how teams can bring their "A" game against us only to **** the bed the very next week. This team's lack of luck knows no bounds.
  10. Like I said, fake good. This year's Dallas Cowboys.
  11. I don't care if they have 10 wins and one over us or not Minnesota is fake good. Keenum is trash and he's been getting lucky and just before I posted this he throws a pick the Panthers are going to blow these guys out simply because we need them to win.
  12. LOL ok John Madden.
  13. Both are exciting but they're still unknown.
  14. Must be nice to be a Yankees fan or fan of a big Market team. They get star players and good home grown players while the Braves have Freddie Freeman and nothing else after 3+ years of terrible baseball.
  15. I don't really see him costing too much to stay if he wants to stay. He had a good year last year under Shanny, did nothing before and hasn't really done anything now.