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  1. Yes but sanchez was pretty much on his last leg as a major league player. He was the classic by low and hope for the best that a rebuilding team looks for. At what point is this scheme going to move past deals like that and try to move past that? I know people round here just call me negative and yes I admit I do speak from emotion more than I probably should but to say that this off season isn't disappointing so far is false.
  2. Guess we better hope they all hit homers every it that because after them there aint much left. And that's if Donaldson stays healthy.
  3. You can't look at it that way because last year we made a living beating up on the NL East this year the in NL East has gotten better across-the-board not to mention the NL as a whole.
  4. Either way. Still a misleading, underwhelming and disappointing offseason so far.
  5. I don't care what anyone says call me negative call me Eyor, call me what you want but this signing just prove they had no intention of competing this year either. He literally went from telling us that he was looking to require a power hitting outfielder to back clean up. To being 70% done on a trade. To then making us think he sighed Nick so he could go out and get a starting pitcher and some bullpen help. To now looking to get bullpen help which is thin right now on the market and bench bats. You signed a bench bath when you sighed Nick, this all season has did nothing but a giant terd in the toilet.
  6. We have this saying where I'm from. ****. The. Saints.
  7. The problem is after 1-2-3 there isn't much to worry about. If Nick hits 5th then that's very underwhelming.
  8. I'm tired of waiting. We were told to wait till they got here. Then we were told to wait because we were a year early. We were told we'd have more $$$$ and now we're being told to wait again. This is the same team that got railroaded in the NLDS. I'm tired of waiting man, I'm sorry it's been long enough.
  9. Hope I'm wrong but this team made a living beating up the NL East and was below .500 outside it. The Nats, Mets and Phillies have all gotten better. We got a year older.
  10. Obviously we don't know what they know but I don't see anyone out there that's going to cost much other than Greinke and they better be getting Peralta or their closer along with him.
  11. Nah mods here only move threads and ban their own people. Right sad if you ask me.
  12. Don't forget he also traded for O'day and his 9.5 million salary whose also coming off season ending surgery.