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  1. Yooooooooooo **** the Saints
  2. What's the deal with Oliver?
  3. LOL'D at "my new whip".
  4. Was nice of him to stick around for that bonus money though.
  5. No sacks but they were still janky in pass protection. Fantastic is run blocking.
  6. Play wasn't over when he began his assault.
  7. Yeah Matt had it working in 2016, all of his passes had zip on them. Now he looks like he's just throwing off his back foot and there's way too much air under anything over 40 yards.
  8. Happy to help.
  9. I don't buy the "tired" excuse for the walks, it's been a problem all year. A pitcher who can't throw a strike is useless.
  10. It's not so much the empty seats as it is the fact that the opposing fans seem to be the only ones sitting in them. The chants of "Luke" were sickening to hear.
  11. If Fowler was able to be gotten for a 4th or 5th he wouldn't be in Jacksonville right now.
  12. I get it just seems like they go overboard now for some reason. It ain't like he hasn't been the best player on D for a few years now.
  13. Are both Kendricks and Wager on the field at the same time?
  14. No but they were still locally and available with Sunday Ticket. These announcers are borderline corny with their over exuberance this and last week.
  15. I don't remember this obsession with Mack during games in Oakland.