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  1. You're biased because of what he did almost 10 years ago?
  2. LMAO I was wondering about this when I saw one was in there.
  3. I was thinking they got Rocky and Tru's 40 mixed up.
  4. Still don't understand why he was suspended. I thought the issue from last year was proven false.
  5. Every time time an athlete gets popped they try the Adderal excuse.
  6. Unless I can find a reliable babbling brook then I won't see anything here in VA.
  7. AND THEN HE GOT WORSE IN JULY. .156 .216 .306. .120 Which of those is an aboration? You took his terrible May and good June spliced them together in an attempt to fluff his numbers. Just the fact that you compared his May to April in an attempt to say he got better is silly in it's own right. I'm through with this. He had a good month in between 3 terrible months. He is worse now than ever. Therefore HE IS WORSE.
  8. Nothing I said was wrong was he not worse at before being sent down? He had a barely above average month that you consider hot and then completely terrible after that therefore he got worse I'm not sure how you can't understand that other than the fact that you never can admit when you're wrong.
  9. .277 is not a hot streak, it's barely above average. Was he not worse before being sent down? Does being worse not constitute as worse?
  10. No I am saying .277 on a "hot streak" speaks volumes to how bad he has been. He also didn't hit .277 on the year, he did it over 5 weeks. That's not hate it's common sense.
  11. So what's the estmated cap hit because that's all I care about.
  12. Are people really comparing Freeman to LT and Barry? Really???
  13. This could possibly be a precursor to a Freeman trade.