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  1. Isn't life ****** enough right now though?
  2. Are people actually "locked down" here in the US? We have stay at home orders here in VA but you can still pretty much go anywhere except non essential places.
  3. Most certainly before.
  4. Because people aren't happy unless they have something to ***** about around here.
  5. Thinking of you Gritz, hope you and yours find peace.
  6. I don't think who they drafted last year has anything to do with this year because last year at this time their jobs were not on the line like they are now.
  7. Ya'll mean.
  8. Do live stream of Madden simulation and serve us drinks you lucky *******.
  9. I saw draft hats were out but didn't see Falcons.
  10. Must be nice to be rich enough to buy whatever you need and still not actually have to buy it. I miss my gym, good read.
  11. Glad to see discount Malcolm in The Middle defeated the super virus in just a week.
  12. LOL no thanks
  13. LMAO sure thing. You can't even give an example but at this point I really don't care. You do you, I'm sure you've grown used to that by now, queen.
  14. Nothing I said proved anything you said. All you've done in here is belittle and toot your own horn. Now you can add gross assumptions to your resume. Again congrats.