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  1. Game has been postponed.
  2. LOL I usually do it every time.
  3. He always talks **** and then picks us so this isn't suprising. What is suprising that he thinks our o-line is elite.
  4. I understand, I didn't necessarily mean he should still be there just that letting him go and beginning this carousel was a bad idea.
  5. Riggleman didn't though, that's why they should have kept him. Who said anything about them clashing with the players?
  6. Ugh here we go again, precautionary turns into 4 games.
  7. Yeesh. You think Kershaw would get 300 if he opts out?
  8. No one does lol Only guy I'd consider is Trout.
  9. He misses that pitch last week or watches it, glad to see him looking relaxed up there.
  10. Ok so I guess the time off has done Acuna well.
  11. Harper ain't so good without his daddy throwing to him.
  12. I thought Martinez was a good hire for them too. Should have kept Riggleman around instead of bringing in Williams.
  13. All things considered it was a good start and great rebound from those first couple innings for Anny.
  14. That a boy Sanchez.