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  1. I unfollowed Falcoholic back in April when they were constantly making every post about the Falcons blowing the lead in the SB. They can choke on a bag of *****.
  2. Holy crap this is actually going to happen. Someone tweet him and tell him he can't play Third unless he has high socks.
  3. I dont see how anything is different than years past with this rule, seems like lip service to me.
  4. Reguardless the missed block resulted in essentially a 11 point swing minimum. You can say it didn't lose them the game but it **** sure stopped them from winning it.
  5. You're telling me that if he makes that block we don't win? Julio is streaking the seam for a sure TD if Matt had the time to throw. We most certainly win that game if the block is made.
  6. I agree but aren't Maitan and Riley at least 3 years away? I admit that I inew nothing of Camargo until he came up. What's the projection with him, is he a legitimate long term option at 3rd?
  7. Had he not missed that block Grady would have been MVP.
  8. Nothing saying they couldn't try it and resign Adams if it works out. What do we really have in the minors at 3rd that is even worth considering?
  9. I'm not sure what's to be on the fence about. His ERA is still barely below 5 and it took 7 shutout innings against the hapless Giants to get it there.
  10. Isn't Martin suspended the 1st 4 games?
  11. Make him an H Back.
  12. Hope he does this after the Super Bowl this year too.
  13. It's really none of our business what Takk and Vic do with their lips.