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  1. Considering I've been on him for 3 years.... nope. Ozuna's issues have been known since before he was resigned btw.
  2. When you have a guy batting 4th that is barely a 4th OF then you know you're GM failed the offseason.
  3. WTH was Wash doing waving him to 3rd..... God this team is full of ******* morons....
  4. JFC why can't Minter just fall in a hole.
  5. LOL no one wants that.
  6. AA isn't trading more than the ghost of Tommy Hanson for Gallo.
  7. I can get behind this as long as he isn't a high priced Hooker.
  8. So is he? I haven't watched any of the game. Kids trying to drown me in the pool all day.
  9. So Ronnie hurt again??
  10. LOL the secondary is a disaster as it stands, am injury doesn't make it that.
  11. Get that close to a freaking World Series and you cut payroll and spend what bit they had on a 40 year old SP and another SP who has to set up a PO box because no team wants his sorry *** long enough to buy a house.
  12. What the **** is this team's problem? I am literally ready to rage over these guys, there is no excuse for this **** and after this many games of the same garbage it's time to call them what they are. There isn't going to be a run when your leader is too busy worry about literally everything except baseball.
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