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  1. Spending money was nice while it lasted.
  2. Man this season went from "ok" to "OK!" TO "okay 🤧" quick. This has to be the worst rotation in baseball.
  3. Team is toast with pitching like this
  4. It doesn't matter because every game is a bullpen game with this "rotation".
  5. Unless AA goes out and gets 2 SP this team is sunk.
  6. Please let tonight be the nail in the SP coffin for Newk.
  7. That'll happen when your boss opens his mouth and removes all leverage by calling a player a "Falcon for life". Of course he's had guys like Edwards but AB hasn't helped.
  8. Haha I expected to see him there today Game 1 and it made me wonder.
  9. JFC both pitches were low and got them both, these umps have been ****.
  10. Random question but is Camargo not able to play 2B?
  11. Hech is the best player on the Phillies.
  12. Nice job going back out there and pitching a good inning. He's lucky to have the rangiest RF in MLB out there though. 😄
  13. Figures the game is actually on TV tonight and they play like crap.
  14. I get that but let's not pretend he hasn't been giving up piss missiles. **** this **** ump but the kid gotta get outs, not 430' bombs when things don't go his way.
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