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  1. Yeah that's exactly what I mean about you guys. Thanks for proving it.
  2. Fantastic mod work saying things that'll get others a warning. Well others that aren't in ya'lls circle jerk that is.
  3. F*ck. The. gNats.
  4. Combine the last 2 and you get a dickle. He can eat a dickle.
  5. Holy **** this ump can eat a ****....
  6. If everyone came here and didn't disagree or have critical opinions it would be a pretty boring place.
  7. 2 absolutely terrible calls by the umpire trying to help the gNats.....
  8. Of course they do, their secondary is their weakness and their D-Line is one of the best in the league.
  9. Wait Fredward is hurt????
  10. Yep but he got a big knock earlier so hopefully he gets going. Hate him hitting 8th thought.
  11. Nice comeback for Mike!
  12. Dansby has been bad since coming back.
  13. I'm sorry but that had zero effect. Matt threw 2 god awful passes and Freeman fumbling has absolutely zero to do with playing together.
  14. Come on Mike...
  15. Started off promising, bummer.