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  1. Talked a big game and forgot he has to play instead of talk.
  2. They also are doing it with LBs and DBs adding to it. Outside of Grady there is no one on that line anyone cares about.
  3. This defensive line is devoid of talent outside of Grady.
  4. 2 weeks to plan against these guys, going against team with no QB and this is the result. At least these morons won't be back next year.
  5. Once again Julio resting his hamstring on the sidelines.
  6. The guy was literally crossing towards the sidelines. This line has been playing like crap but you're not thinking rationally if you think Matt hasn't taken unnecessary sacks today. This is what he usually does, rarely does he simply throw it away.
  7. LMAO so now they just gunna run right into the middle.
  8. LMAO you serious rn? You literally throw it over the guy running to the sidelines.
  9. Yes I saw 2 routes that were covered right in front of him and he just keept looking at them being covered instead of throwing it away. Did you not see it?
  10. So once again Matt just stands there and takes a sack.
  11. Everyone on earth knew they were running that play except for the Falcons defense.
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