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  1. Hope not.
  2. They better or I'll complain on the internet.
  3. We both know I can't do that LOL
  4. That's the problem is everyone is waiting for next year which is just going to cause the market to rise leaving those teams that don't have the monster cash saving it for nothing.
  5. But will they spend any or just try to sign Peter Moylan?
  6. So will this be over before my oldest graduates? She's in 1st grade. Even teams like the Cubs and Astros added outside help during theirs.
  7. I'm sorry but I'm just going to have to complain about the fact that the Braves have done absolutely nothing to improve this team. With the Rays trading off good players and now Dickerson to the Pirates not to mention other teams wheeling and dealing in the Braves couldn't take advantage of anything. Not even going to talk about the slow market that they probably could have also taken advantage of. I'm tired of watching this team underperform and lose year after year, this year isn't going to be any different and I'm sorry but next year doesn't look to be any better either unless they make some trades.
  8. This young man has been tremendous both on and off the field. I'm still upset about SB51 but Freeman's production, confidence and character have always been top notch.
  9. Can't believe with the Rays selling off that Archer hasn't been discussed publicly.
  10. Lol this makes zero sense considering they're trying to change the pace of play and shorten games.
  11. Probably the best nickname in the NFL.
  12. TDs real initials should be DGAF.
  13. Would rather just trade for Talib.
  14. Sark isn't going to grow into his role. He's a below-average to bad coordinator and nothing's going to change.
  15. I hope he's gone by next season.....