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  1. Who has left here in their prime or before their prime we pay alot of times overpay for our talent and then keep them here until they are injured multiple times and can no longer walk or we wear them out and finish their careers. Also teems dont pick up our players because they are so clueless after being under smittys lead for so long they have no perceived upside. Who has left? who has gotten better here? The only player that improved during his time here was Roddy white and the year with joe horn he improved the most. Roddy Taught Julio and gonzo also taught both of them which is why our receivers are what they are and perhaps why they are the best group on the team. Even harry got better when gonzo came. Smitty can barely string together a post game press conference. Watching hard knocks was hard to watch. He is a bumbling idiot with the footbal iq of my sandwhich. I have never even heard smitty talk x's and 0's, strategy, technique...all he does is bumble mumble some inspirational jibber jabber he tried to remember from his peel away a day motivation desk calendar and then runs out of content. We are what we are because dimitroff drafted a stellar offense.......this offense should be putting up 45 points a game if not more and we just cant figure out how to use it. **** if smitty and koetter have it scoring 27 you know **** well a good coach would have us humming along around 50
  2. Mike smith is andy reids long lost tard brother I just went to ancestry.com and tracked it back. I got curious after seeing many similarities
  3. Lol Now you guys are seeing it...i have been posting on this mentality for years the manageables is even worse as it effects us on every play every week every year manageables tells us inherently that if we dont get into second and short its unmanageable so in the back of our mind if we dont gain 4 on first down were in a bad spot hellllllllo
  4. I dont think you can truly grade dimitroffs drafts until you have a head coach that can teach and manufacture talent I bet we could have ten stars on this team and not even know it. Kinda like how the chargers sucked then brought in a new coach now they are ripping up the best teams in football Denver and seattle The bills sucked then they bring in this new coach and all the sudden they are playing great inspired football There are examples everywhere of this happening and then the opposite... In order to appropriately judge players we need a coach to first maximize the talents instead of minimize it We have taken countless FA that were studs and they immediately dud out Even this year our guys that were balling in KC seem to be useless Hartwell Osi Dunta Asonte Milloy Ray Edwards Jam Anderson never did **** Our safeties have forever sucked Linebacker after linebacker with no clue a bunch of aimless bodies flying around and we can never tackle all of this with 7 years of a defensive minded coach who got all of his credibilty because his bro in law was actually good they arent even related smitty got swept into the family like he got swept into this great team by circumstance you have to earn this **** not fall into it this isnt his cup of tea so let him go ruin another team
  5. I hope smith gets a coaching job in either NO, Car, or Tampa that way we will automatically win 2 games every year and our offense will be top five every year
  6. Miami so badly wants tannehill to resemble Ryan and Smittiott is the reeason Ryan so resembles tannehill.........def a match made in heaven
  7. mike smiths tenured win loss record is hovering below 20% against teams with a winning record and dropping still. thats terrible absolutely terrible he is also almost dead last on the list of win percentage for coaches whom have played in at least one playoff game hes like 107 of 115
  8. LOL it was 2009 and 2012 we just foget all of his terrible moves cause there are so many zero good moves though thats what i notice he could have 199 terrible ones and have 200 good ones id be pleased its the fact that he has a hundred terrible ones and 3 good ones that is the most telling how bad he is
  9. you know smitty he can only count to 5 so he needs to make sure to bench tone after his one carry otherwise he wouldnt be able to note down and commend each explosive in the game, " "when i say explosive, i mean plays over 20 yards and when i mean plays over 20 yds i mean the plays that explode" Smittiott guys a simple minded crumb
  10. What have you done personally in 7 years with your supposed defensive minded expertise done to help this D and its players? Has it worked in your opinion? If so or not, WHY? What are you now doing differntly and has it worked? Obviously not so how can we trust someone with Defensive exptertise that has failed over 7 years to now all the sudden wake up with a plan to get the job done? Oh yeah is that true, well then wtf wasn't it done 4 years ago then? on another note, if your so stinking great on defensive and we suck this bad, then how the **** logically do you expect us to believe you have had anything to do with our offensive prowess? through 7 years, multiple first round drafted WRS, a franchise stud at qb that you have softned like warm butter, our offense has been pretty good, not great, but pretty good, why in fact aren't they unstoppably great at this pooint? Through 2 different coordinators on both sides of the ball i still see stark similariities in the style of play and It feels like we are overly cautious in both regards, does this have something to do with your guidance to all of the above coordinators? Do you have them playing with less risk and more straightforward to keep games within distance at all times so there are no embarrasing losses? What kind of coach do you think would be best for atlanta moving forward? why the **** did you punt from their 37 yd line for a net 17 yd punt when in fg range early on only to go for it from our 30 yd line thus ruining any chance at a comeback for us at the end of the game and handing them 3 points minimal? do you do anything positive for this team and if so what and when was that done? Would you bring yourself back here next year if the decision were up to you? if so then why?
  11. okay riddle me this the falcons have never in their career have had a team so great is that due to coaching or players well would you argue that td paid star FA to come here over the years only to have them turn terrible and sour becaus ehe chose them or because of the coach, scheme and system that reguided them in new directions let me guess you really believe we are the most succesfful falcons team in the history because smitty is such a good coach and dimitroff just failed to give him enough talent to score in the second half after the oppositions adjustments td gave us just enough talent that our physical ability beat the seahags and niners in postseason for one half, but the coaching which was vanilla and extra predictable was conquered, mastered, solved and violated then entire second half. thats coaching son we had the players to dominate for the first half the brains were so terrible that they outweighed and overcame the first half roster strength (2x) at plus (21) for a coaching fail of minus 28 in second halfs last postseason and that was just last year alone A few guys go down and smitty cant even muster a team capable of compettitions EBBBBBS FLOWS and DARRRRYLLLLS see ya smittiot have fun coaching HS footballl im sure youll get schooled there too
  12. why dont we just come out with 10 dbs and one pass rusher put two speed dbs in a 8 yd zone on passing downs with one pass rusher and drop 8 more into double coverage on ever wideout. have the two in zone count to 4 and then send one blitzing and the other on a qb spy we have no pass rush anyhow may as well send them out in coverage at least this way we can get some knockdowns and picks shittttt gve me the job ill show you how to scheme some ****
  13. If I take seven years of smitty at head coach and sum it up to all of his defining moments and all that he stood for here is what you get is it suprising that we suck???????????/ 3rd and manageables discipline all games will be close in a league this talented hat tipping ebbs and flows didnt execute in the 3 phases and when is say three phases i mean three phases, one two three offense defense special teams Daryl did i already say daryl daryl inuries im not gonna make excuses but these injuries are unfortunate, but everyone has injuries, we just have more injuries, if I fire someone every year it takes heat off me My best coach went to jax and drafted a punter in the first round holy smittiot.......i wanted that punter......field position bitchccces that is not characteristic not how we envisioned it not the outcome tip the hat hat is tipping tipping my cap baby wow they played a great game although we sucked i thought we played great minus this and this and this and that and this and that well how can we fix **** we only get to practice like 3 hours a week, i think the other coaches are sneaking in extra practice in secret locations today the breaks just went the other way, we just werent lucky they caught all the breaks, sometimes its just not your day win the turnover battle explosives we didnt win the battle of the explosives and when i say explosives guys im talking plays of 20 yds or more, trenches, battle of the trenches, gotta win them yah eumm daryl, i think sacks are the most overrated stat that we keep yeah we only have one sack in ten years, but we have 99 hurries and uhhh hurries equal less explosives thus equalling less big plays thus you get my drift you end up with the ebbs and flows dont fight, fight yoru man on the field beat him with technique dont fight and throw punches HARD KNOCKS
  14. we did a qb sneak late in november of the 2011 season and it worked.................cant tip our hand this early........we only run these superior plays once ever leap year to keep teams guessing and smittiots hat tipping his hat is tipsy topsy turvy mania Tippity tippity top smittiots hats cant stop for if his hat would stop it would mean we finally got a game against the jags the jags we certainly know for half our team is made of them which is why we blow but blow vs blow equals a close game and close games we are best at too bad we are in a hat tipping competition cause wed surely be blessed at hat tip hat tip ebbs and flows smittots is the neighborhood whore all hes does is blows blows your knob, blows your load, and certainly blowed ours wins, wtf are those, we usally lead for hours only to succomb, only just to flounder no lead is safe with us, cause we ground n pounder as if we have a 30 point lead we need the clock a tickin then we realize we started too soon oh my this plot is thickening youd think after 6 years and 75 simialar games, this clown would get the clue and start to change some things instead hes stubborn and does the same which in fact is insane which is doing all the same things expecting different outcomes but getting the same a recipe for disaster, the master of the worst coach in the history bud mr smittiot Go back to jax and see what your capable of here no more you get no love for you ruined our best years and made me cry all my tears and now I am over you i just hope that blank is too time has come to win for us, and win is something you have none of, cause a loser is a loser till the day he dies i hear it in yoru voice, i see it in your eyes you cower and fold every single week i dont even know why they let you speak, they should just play last weeks videos cause the same speach and again you froze no answers and no gameplan, but I guess thats nothing new for this man he lost hes clueless and he neesd to go matt in the hurry up has saved your whole career cause without it you were toast you would lose every week you wouldnt get to coast but instead you were blessed with our best roster with it was born the greatest imposter a fraud a phony a fake a faux pas get the **** out of here if you know whast good for this team these fans and all that we stand for, minus you wed have a superbowl after all that we fought for indeed we were ahead but like your career it went to year head by half you were on to the big dance we were harbaughed, aka worked over again goodnight the lights turn out after your career is no more, now just laughter from all of those whom had your back we now see through you, Mr coach Quack
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