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  1. This post is the ultimate post/handle combination the internet has ever seen.
  2. Plus, he clearly states is his post that it’s legal 1-yd beyond the LOS which the patriots did. Nm. Just saw the exception
  3. He looked bad, for sure, but he was basically a dead man walking and, at nobody’s fault but his own, he essentially gave up.
  4. Collins was beginning to look like a good corner but he got in his own way.
  5. Maybe he just left the oven on
  6. Man, I hope so.
  7. I double take it back.
  8. I take my statement back. That no call PI was horse****
  9. You guys are sounding like Saints fans. STFU about the refs.
  10. It appears that our defense is on track to be in the top 10 in both total defense and scoring defense: PPG: 9. LAC 19.1 T10. ATL 19.9 T10. PHI 19.9 11. CIN 20.2 YPG: 6. BAL 310.6 7. ATL 311.9 8. NO 312.3 If the offense can continue to play like they did against Dallas and the D continues at this pace (they need to create more turnovers), we can make a run.
  11. How would the internet know how much fun I'm having if I put my phone down? pfftt
  12. You've invalidated your entire argument with this. They only have themselves to blame for throwing short in any situation. They were at the 1-yd line. To another argument, I believe if the call was correct on the field, it should have been reviewed anyway. I'm curious if any of you more knowledgeable folks knows what would happen in that situation, assuming there was still time on the clock and the call on the field was confirmed. Still a 10-second runoff?
  13. Sign me up! Very kind of you to offer this.