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  1. The issue I see this year so far is that we can’t put it ALL together. We ran the ball extremely well game 1 but couldn’t pass. Then we passed first half of Tampa game but second half couldn’t protect or run. Then games where defense was cursing everyone all game from behind. Drops, fumbles, non blocks, etc. This team had moments of great play but rarely in consecutive lines. Pitts and Hurst are starting to produce but at the expense of Ridley not playing. ︅L︅ine︅ is blocking well for the pass but at the expense of lack of a run game. it’s going to take time but once this team fires on all cylinders in every aspect of the game, it’s liable to be a very dominant team. The gears just aren’t completely in place yet. I have faith it’s coming together
  2. Least amount of TDs, but also least amount of games to get there.
  3. Born and raised in Los Angeles now residing in Fresno
  4. I agree. It’s what being a fan is all about. The hope for being the best. But all we can do is hope. And the support we give them is what being a fan is supposed to do. Not the ultimatum of win or else. Like I said I get the frustration. But, and I only speak for me, I don’t agree that the support of ones team should be based on the success of that team. I’m from LA so I understand teams that win. But I’ve never wavered just because a team loses at any point. I’ve grew up a Patriots fan but left when Brady became the starter because I didn’t like the way the fans treated Bledsoe when he got hurt. I became a Falcons fan at the end of 07 and haven’t looked back since. I understand but doesn’t mean I agree.
  5. I get the frustration. But I just don’t get how people feel buying into season tickets is imminent on a guarantee the team will win. That sounds like cherry-picking to me. We probably don’t agree, which is expected. But if you’re buying something like season tickets you’re willing to take the risk the team will go winless or undefeated or anywhere in between.
  6. Plus if we can get this defense a little more solid and not giving up huge plays to TEs like they have been it will help the offense. They did better yesterday but still Gronk ate them alive in the first half.
  7. Let’s throw in Franks and see how long he lasts
  8. I noticed that too. I then ordered a jersey Qi that my last name on it and got a number 6 because it looks like a G and that’s the first letter of my first name. Lol
  9. I agree. I believe last year was so detrimental to the fans because we lost so many games we had essentially won. It was a bad year. But the FO being cleaned out and a few changes should go a long way. Smith is a rookie head coach. But he is vastly different than Koetter. I can see him winning games with his intelligence and adjustments at times. Not just the talent on the field. I feel Koetter was someone who succeeded because the talent and without it, it showed his true intelligence.
  10. If the offense is balanced and the defense is improved giving them more scoring chances, I see him reaching 5,000 yards 35+ tds and maybe 8-12 INTs.
  11. End of the 2007 season. Loved football my whole life. Followed Drew Bledsoe his whole career, when he retired, needed a new team. Red is my favorite color. Chose ATL because no one else I knew was a falcons fan. Die hard ever since. Tattooed a few years ago the logo.
  12. We use it to light them up in Week 4. We should be either starting to or continue to be on a roll by that time.
  13. I think this defense is going to be an immediate improvement based on talent alone and once the get Pees system acclimated and consistent, they’ll do very well. mix that in with the offense we’re supposed to have (remember they don’t gameplan preseason games) and this team could be very balanced and compete week to week. I liked what I saw from a few of the rookies and this team might need a little bit of time to gel. But overall I have high hopes. let’s see what happens in PS game 2&3
  14. I’m sure throwing Julio the ball over 200 times didn’t help either. Jones got his stats but the offense was pretty much super predictable and unbalanced. i preferred it better the next year when Julio went back to his normal stats and Ryan blew up his but the whole team got involved. I could see 2021 being like that second year especially now that we don’t have nor need one particular weapon to target that much.
  15. I believe first 24 picks are fully guaranteed, final 8 are guaranteed for three years. Pitts and Lawrence got a similar contract and SB. But both of their first four years are guaranteed.
  16. I think he’d rather be falcons head coach because technically he’s the one that got brown and Henry where they are AND he put Julio in Tennessee. He had the option to work with Julio and he decided to trade him, no matter the circumstances. He’s taken on a team in need of changes this and the coming years, but it’s a little more solid than TEN because he’ll get to choose the team’s direction as well as lead the offensive every week without someone questioning his playcalling. Brown will be an all star and Henry is a BEAST, but whose to say they don’t take a step back with Smith no longer being there. It happened with us when Shanahan left, at least for one year and we had the near EXACT same roster. I think he chooses being here because not only does he get to manipulate this team to his vision, he gets to choose where this team is headed and the roster is capable of being just as potent as Titans in 2021.
  17. Being able to utilize players at multiple positions a seems to be the theme for this D and this team could benefit from it. Not knowing where a player will be after lineup could get us better matchups and confusion of the opponents.
  18. This is one I’m super stoked about. I think he could challenge for the number 3 spot early.
  19. Anyone else think Pitts could take the road similarly to what Chase Claypool took? Coming out of college as a TE but was such a playmaker he essentially became a WR (better yet a playmaker)? The Julio trade makes him more likely to get more targets and such, but his versatile weapon persona and skills should allow such a transition, don’t you think?
  20. Ridley isnt due an extension until after next year (which could be done by next offseason but wont count until 2023, I dont think we'll extend McGary unless he shows to be dominant this season and next, we should be hitting Lindstrom with the 5th year option and Foye might not cost us that much, but that all depends on who we bring in as competition and how he performs. Grady would need an extension solely to make cap space available now, Ryan could be extended for voidable years. IMO this FO has made the decisions to be able to keep this team competitive. They haven't blown up the whole roster, but I could see a few more changes and players being traded or having new DP take the place of some, Fowler for example. He took a paycut but I think his 2022 salary is almost guaranteed. If the option to have another team eat some of his cap next year is avalable, we might move on from him no matter how well he does. Can't wait to see what's next for this FO.
  21. Voidable years was what they used for Brees in New Orleans under TF. There’s ALWAYS ways to make space.
  22. That’s what I was wondering. I hope the trade isn’t Julio and a 2 for Robinson, that’s just insane.
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