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  1. Im shocked ANYONE would be choosing numbers yet with the chance of available numbers allotted to positions might become open this season.
  2. There was also an article that showed like 80-90 percent of Hoopers catches came in non man to man zone coverage, so either he didnt have anyone covering him or he was wide open for most of his catches. The plus that I saw was that Hurst was making more contested catches in his first year here then Hooper did IMO. Speed is a big deal as well, Shanahan was able to get Hooper open many times for long plays, Hurst made a few plays where he outran defenders for long gains or touchdowns. I loved having Hooper here, but for big play potential I'm taking Hurst instead IMO
  3. IMO Matt playing here for so long and the fact that he works so well with ALL the players on this team and has been a top notch leader every year shows it’s in everyone’s favor for him to stay. We can always draft a replacement when he’s done or cut, or even bring in a FA eventually.
  4. Another thing I think people mistake is that they say Ryan isn’t worth 41-42 million dollars a year, which is what he will be earning this and next year if nothing changes. But what a lot of what people don’t understand is that he signed for $30 a year in 2018, and he lowered his cap number in those first three years to help the team make cap space. He didn’t earn MORE money, he simply allowed the team to give him money from future years and move part of his current salary into those years. He’s already agreed with the team on this money. The FO just chose to move it around. He isn’t technical
  5. A lot of people don’t realize that an extension not only pays him about the same with maybe a little more in this final years, it moves monies into those final three years helping the TEAM and allowing us to maintain his stability for the original contract, but also if he didn’t hold up his end, we could trade or cut him for about the same 30 million dollars in two years. Cutting him now digs us a huge hole. We’d have to be like the Saints and figure out how to cut his dead cap this year. Next year would be similar but we’d have very little cap space as well due to Foye and Ridley contracts co
  6. Matt signed his extension in 2018, he restructured his contract Mar 2019, Jan 2020, and again Mar 2020. Ending 2023 his contract average value goes up because it keeps getting pushed down the line. If he does it again and he restructures 10 million, we could see his contract value hit almost 45-50 mil. Extension could work because they could always add one or two void years at the end like they did with Brees.
  7. I still want to see what we have with KB. He showed real promise and it would be nice to have him ready to go once Matt is done. Plus he’s only 25
  8. Agreed. Scheming a player open was key in 2015-2018. Matt might have all day to throw but nobody was getting open and the playcalling was so horrid the defense never had to feel threatened of a running game. We passed so much because Koetter couldn’t plan a game to save his life that included ANY run game. The only times our team did well was when the defense was outperforming (Raiders) or the offense found the rhythm to throw at ease (Vikings come to mind, might be wrong). But we never saw the group talent in cohesion for any real stretch. In 2016 we had Julio, Matt, and Freeman/Coleman play
  9. sorry, that to me is kind of the same thing. people are clamoring for going all in on him because Lawrence wont be available, so I was just curious for someone whose stock rose dramatically these past few months, and mainly because he beat clemson to get to the championship, if he was to bomb in the most important game of his life, would they not see him the same way they have leading up to the draft and lower his draft stock in place of someone else. I see a lot of people have had Wilson's draft rise up as well because they feel Fields and Lawrence will be gone 1-2.
  10. heres a question. If he leaves, traded or otherwise, how long do you think before anyone ever wears 11 again? hopefully never, but never know...
  11. So his good game against Clemson raised his stock value but a bad game in the championship wont drop it? sounds legit...
  12. I agree, being able to trade back down, ride with Matt for another year, pick up another 1st next year while getting more picks this year will help us fill holes. The cap is a factor this year because of the COVID keeping fans out of games, but I could see us earning back more of that the following year with an even bigger increase in SC for the whole league once they get fans back to games. Having 2 picks next year would allow us to draft someone in next years draft while not having to eat a huge amount of cap space for Matt and once the 2022 season is done we should have his replacem
  13. I just think so much is riding on this pick and spending it on him could possibly blow up in our face because he was pretty inconsistent throughout college. Not saying he is a bad player, but id be worried that his stock rose quickly before the draft, and he might be the second best qb in this draft but Im also hearing there is a huge drop off from Lawrence to anyone else.
  14. I think that's kind of what I was getting at. His stock rose dramatically this past month with Lawrence possibly going 1 overall, and now we have 4, people are hoping that we take him. I was just wondering because he hasnt been a model of consistency throughout his college career and he has had some good games, but he has also had some bad ones as well. I'm just curious is if he were to play a terrible game next, would people still feel he should go that high in similar fashion how Lawrence's stock hasnt dropped. Or would it be maybe he was projected too high too soon?
  15. what if Fields blows dog in the championship game? Does that change anyone's opinion of him then?
  16. not necessarily true. when Burrow went down Herbert played 9 games at that point, so over the first ten games of each Herbert out did Burrow in yards (3015 to 2688) tds (23 to 13), only 2 more picks and same amount of wins.
  17. I’m not familiar with too many college players, but improving the line is key especially if we are trying to stick with a WCO. Ryan upright and running back holes are important for success of this team Thay said, I don’t like the idea of getting rid of Matthews or McGary. Because if we look at the style of offense that is being called, Koetter is not utilizing them correctly. Matthews is a very good LT, playing in that 2016 style fast paced offense. Kaleb is coming into his own and should only get better if he isn’t having to pass block 70% of the time on 7-10 step drops. We ar
  18. I think when you consider trades like this, how many ever really work out trading up with a bounty of picks? Our Julio trade is one of a very few that have actually showed one sided victory for the loss of massive picks. And rarely do you see both sides getting a positive return. RG3, Wentz, and even Mike Vick are a few where it’s very questionable about whether the bounty was worth the return. I’m sure there are others, but the amount we’d have to give up coinciding with all the holes we’ll have to fill with draft picks next year, seems irresponsible to give up for someone who isn’t
  19. His current oLine would work great if he was running the scheme from 2015-2018. Koetter makes him stand in the pocket for ages. Look at Brees. He is a high efficiency passer because he moves the ball with quick short to medium throws mixed in with a above average running game opening up for big plays downfield. Ryan isn’t getting any younger. But he’s still a great player. Give him the offense Sark and Shanny were running along with this defense improving and I’m pretty sure we’ll see rings.
  20. My issue with my tanking or best possible player is this....if the team wants someone, and want them BAD ENOUGH, they’ll get them. Look at Julio, all the capital we gave up to get him. It’s not impossible to think we could t possibly trade up if opportunity comes. Especially since it’s likely top three picks could be qbs. And we traded up from mid 20s to 6. We gave up a lot but they did what they needed to get who they wanted. so because there is always a chance we can move around, especially with a new regime coming in, let’s hope for the best and if they win ANY of these next games
  21. Carpenter will be gone, and depending on Mack, Hennessy might not even be a LG next year. We could walk into 2021 with Matthews, Gono, Hennessy, Lindstrom, and McGary as our starting 5. you say stop blaming coaches and schemes but it’s makes a huge difference. Jon Asamoa was brought in because he excelled in KC as a power run blocker, but when Quinn got here he switched the scheme and he fell out of favor and injuries derailed his career. plus if you notice Matt Ryan does darn well in a quick passing, roll out, bootleg offense. Koetter runs a deep passing long play offense
  22. I can see however this team is assembled next year, Koetter being gone is key to offensive success. You can’t go from wco to 4/5wr deep and expect the same results. Linemen are built and trained for quick passes, timing routes and wide runs. Short bursts of plays not holding the block for 7 seconds every play. Ryan will be on the team as the starter in 97% sure. Anything could happen, but money is biggest issue. with that in mind, this team can excel with a wco sole coach. We can’t rest his successor, fine! But he’ll still sit another two years while we’re paying Matt. Let’s finish
  23. I believe Koo is a rfa for 2 more years so we control if he stays or goes thankfully
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