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  1. That would probably be the only thing I could think of where people could say 28-3 and you could repond with "19-0 MBS" and there would be no comeback whatsoever. I think the only think that would make that sweeter is if we beat the patriots 28-3!
  2. Yeah Kim's daughter. Kroy is only like 11 years older than her daughter. LOL
  3. I went through the roster and NOBODY stood out name wise that made it into the NFL. so he didnt have all star help it seemed
  4. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/3/24/17136524/the-atlanta-falcons-depth-chart-after-the-initial-free-agency-flurry This is from March 24. Posted Aug 3, 2017 FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- The Falcons have waived/injured Devin Fuller after the receiver suffered an ACL tear during Atlanta’s first week of training camp practice. If Fuller clears waivers he would revert to the Falcons reserved injured list in 24 hours. Fuller missed all of the 2016 season with a shoulder injury that occurred in the preseason. Before suffering the season-ending injury, Fuller was competing for a spot at punt returner for the Falcons. On six punt returns, the receiver averaged 6.1 yards. Fuller, who switched from quarterback to receiver while at UCLA, was a seventh-round pick of the Falcons in the 2016 NFL Draft.
  5. Well in some cases like with Grady Jarrett, they were projected way higher and they were just overlooked and bypassed. I'm sure there are teams that regret not taking GJ when he was there in the 5th and earlier, and IMO if Oliver is brought along correctly, he can supplant one of our two CBs in a few years if need be, and there will people who regret not taking HIM earlier in the second or late first when he was available. Late second for us works out well because we will have him for 4 years at a great price and we don't need him to be great right away but I expect he will exceed all assumptions and help us bring home a Lombardi
  6. Up until this year we didnt hadn't had wr's in the 80s since 2016
  7. **** it only took 4 days lol
  8. Coleman has at least 1 50-yard td to his credit
  9. I didn't go in any specific way or position like I went 2 safeties instead of Free and Strong, and 2 RBs instead of starter and backup, same with LBs, I went with 2 inside and 2 outside. Matt Ryan Michael Turner Tevin Coleman Patrick Dimarco Julio Jones Roddy White Mohamed Sanu Tony Gonzales Todd Weiner Justin Blalock Todd McClure Harvey Dahl Ryan Schraeder John Abraham Grady Jarrett Johnathan Babineaux Vic Beasley Mike Peterson Curtis Lofton Deion Jones De'Vondre Campbell Brent Grimes Desmond Trufant Robert Alford Keanu Neal William Moore Matt Bryant Matt Bosher Devin Hester Eric Weems
  10. I was just going to mention this lol.
  11. They might cut McGee and he can switch before the season starts
  12. Can you imagine the year if all works out well? I read that we were 2nd in drive success rate and yards per drive, and the turnovers and drops were what killed us most. When all that is remedied we can get back the points that we left on the field last year and slaughter opponents like in 2016. Imagine the possible effects of us getting back to a number 1 offense: 1) Matt Ryan wins MVP 2) Julio wins OPOY 3) Ridley wins OROY 4) We get #1 seed and home field throughout ENTIRE playoffs 5) We become first team in NFL history to HOST and WIN NFCC as well as SB 6) We get the title that we should have gotten 2 years ago and cement ourselves as one of the best teams in NFL history now and forever.
  13. His rookie year he is going to be eased into it just like Jarrett was, maybe getting 30% snaps unless they don't sign anyone else. But with how BEAST GJ has gotten over the years with his workouts and how much better he has become, it would be smart for Jarrett to take Senat under his wing and get him ready so not only it makes it better for him to take the spot next to him, but it should accelerate his growth so GJ will require fewer double teams, allowing him to be more dominant and line piercing while also solidifying the NT position next to him. Kind of like when we signed Chester to play RG and he mentored next to Schraeder accelerating his football smarts while teaching him on the fly.
  14. How is that? He was placed as a June 1 cut...the money would be available after June 1. Right?
  15. “The notion that I can be a great signing for your team for cheap, not because of my skill set but because I’ve protested systemic oppression, is ludicrous,” Reid wrote in another tweet. “If you think [it] is, then your mind-set is part of the problem too.” He will not come cheap, he has already stated that and it would demean his whole process of why he is doing what he's doing.