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  1. Levitre has been performing very well since we traded for him a few years ago and he is not old by apparently NFL standards although he may be on the back end of his nfl career, as well as Mack. But they still have at least 3-4 good years left I would believe. When you take into account that this team has had quite a few seasoned veterans that have performed well after turning 30, its not impossible to see that these two can still be effective for a few more years. Todd Weiner played until he was 33, Todd McClure played until he was 36, and Chris Chester played until right before his 34th birthday. Age isn't always a surefire sign that their play is not worthy anymore, and players today tend to play longer than they used to. Injuries are what tend to shorten a career and we haven't had many players with ones like that from what I can see. Mack had a fractured ankle in the SB and still came back this year to play well. Levitre suffered a torn triceps at the end of the year but still played well throughout the year. I honestly hope that we can keep this line together rather than blowing it up and trying to get new faces in here at more than a few positions throughout the entire team. Keeping Levitre (with a restructure) and drafting DT/OG in the first few rounds to me makes more sense because I just hate to see this team start signing expensive FAs when we have done so well developing young talent, especially on defense. But i do feel we can keep a majority of our players while we develop replacements even if they are high round picks, rather than breaking the bank on free agents that will for sure keep us from being able to pay our own soon to be FAs because we cant afford them
  2. I was just curious that since we signed Poe to a one year deal last year and we MIGHT not bring him back, if we were to draft a top DT and keep Crawford and Clayborn as depth, could we get a 3rd or 4th round COMP pick for Poe if he signs a mega deal with someone else?
  3. Honestly I posted about this subject a few months back because of this situation. I would not want to see this arise when it could be avoided. We need to keep Coleman as long as possible. I also feel that if we can pay Tru ans Alford, we should be able to at least make a substantial offer to Coleman and keep them both especially since we don't know what we are gonna get if we draft someone again. We lucked out getting TC and might have had something going with Hill but that never amounted to anything. I think if we DO end up trading Tevin, that we should draft his replacement this year and get him in the rotation, but be sure that we keep him the whole 2018 season and possibly reup him for one more year until the end of 2019 if he is willing. I know its not likely but hey its nice to consider.
  4. True, but if it were up to the league, they would have football everyday. Thought about friday but took away from people attending HS games, can't do saturday until close to end of the season because of college. LOL $$$$ talk you know.
  5. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/fox-sports-nfl-thursday-night-football-games-joe-buck-troy-aikman-erin--andrews-announcer-ratings/1cgziuvhnwyb71mc0cvxtixhm1
  6. Not too bad, I like FOX better for some reason lol
  7. JG didnt have much to go on either but SF gave up a 2nd for him and Im sure they would have still given him his new contract had Beathard not gotten injured early. McCarron as been in 7 games his whole career and started 3 winning 2, and a playoff game. SOMEONE is going to give him a decent to above average contract. Maybe not JG money or MR money, but better than most.
  8. Plus he does add the element of speed that Quinn covets. Which would be awesome if he could take the nickel spot and implement his speed against all these slot players that would burn us from time to time
  9. I agree and was just about to say that. I think with his size he may need a year of conditioning maybe playing ST or dime, because I know some smaller players can play and all but with him being smaller than Poole I just think with the way our coaches teach tackling style he'd have to add about 10 pounds or risk real injury in the pros.
  10. Honestly IMO this idea about Taylor would ONLY be valid if Ryan were on his way out.either injury or retire, but they FO has made it perfectly clear that he is and will be the QB of this team. I know it's fun to consider ideas of all sorts, but this is just so far out there because Matt Ryan is still very much in his prime and a very well off player for this team. Then when you take into account his overall stats compared to Taylor, it shows that He passes more yes, but he is also more effective as a passer and he gets sacked less. ALL while noting that 20 percent of TT's yards are on the ground and together they dont even come close to meeting MR's AVERAGE Rk Player From To Cmp Att Yds TD Int Sk Yds Att Yds TD 1 Matt Ryan 2008 2017 23.0 35.4 264.5 1.6 0.8 1.8 11.6 2.2 6.5 0.0 2 Tyrod Taylor 2011 2017 13.7 21.9 156.1 0.9 0.3 2.2 11.9 5.3 29.5 0.3
  11. First falcon's game...well i listened to the Matt Ryan debut on the radio vs LIONS, 2008. WATCHED the game vs BEARS later that year, and ATTENDED the RAIDER game that very same year. (Also was my first date with my now wife) I have missed maybe 2 games LIVE since then but made sure to watch every game. I have attended 3 Falcons games, all away and we have outscored the opponents 92-17 in those games. I feel kind of like a luck charm sometimes lol. JK.
  12. Also, with consideration just for the "what if" would anyone be opposed to resigning Poe to another one year deal, Drafting someone like Payne, and getting Bozeman later in the draft?
  13. if were were to draft Price and then Bozeman, just asking, but why wouldn't we put Price in the C spot? is Bozeman a better fit overall? Seeing as they both are C/G potential fits on this team how would you determine which would play C? And since we drafted them both pretty high with Mack still playing well, would they both play G this year? or would one be a backup until Mack retires?
  14. LOL that's funny.
  15. This and yet you still decided to respond?