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  1. I can see Bryant going to Tampa or Minny, Coleman to SF or Jets
  2. Just to point out...in relation to Mock draft picks pertaining to last year....do you know that I couldn't find anyone to get more than 1 pick correct for or 2018 draft? Falcoholic was the only one I was able to find that picked CB oliver and they even picked him correctly in the 2nd, while most mocks had him going in round 1. So as far as who will be drafted to replace other players or fill holes, it's more than likely we are gonna see surprises with each and every pick, I mean honestly it's rare that we look at their picks and not at least are a LITTLE shocked by what they do and who they decide to draft. When Julio was traded up for, honestly, Idk anyone who could have ever seen that one coming. But, I look forward to the draft and the new players we will be bringing to ATL this year.
  3. I guess this depends on what they intend on doing with the two guard spots first. If they bring back wes and fusco, one of the surely should be a starter. or battle it out for one of the guard spots then either drafting a replacement or bringing in another FA. Either way we can't do too much overhaul without paying for players already on the roster even if we cut them, and/or replacing them with FAs without adding to a reduction in cap space. I think Wes is doable for now at his LG spot. Consistency is key. Placing and replacing players changes up so much that you never get enough familiarity in the lines. I don't think we will be drafting a lineman within the first 2 picks but wouldn't be upset if we picked up one in the 3rd as long as it wasn't a tackle. I feel the farther down the draft we get the more likely we'll see a huge dropoff in talent for that spot. And since I think we have bigger needs such as DT, Edge, and OG i just don't think OT will be a necessity especially if we can get Schraeder to take a pay cut, or if we cut him June 1 altogether, implementing a new player immediately whether its Ty or not. Levitre playing at his best was an awesome option, but that has come and gone so bringing him back would only increase the risk of losing another roster spot. I just feel being able to minimize the amount of spots to fill will not only get us better players in those spots, but not have to divide that much more money amongst new players than we already have to. Having Fusco and Wes battling it out for one spot, with loser being a very decent backup, drafting a G maybe in round 2 to start immediately allows us to focus on possibly only RT in FA, and focusing more on defense with remaining picks and spending money.
  4. Agreed. Especially with players like Mckinnon getting what he got and not showing enough of the results to warrant not giving other players like TC a similar contract. Plus like FFS1969 said earlier Shanny may go after TC seeing as Mckinnon has an out in his contract for this year i guess being able to break off some of the contract and use it towards someone to be more productice. But i guess we will just have to wait and see. Less than 3 weeks away and hopefully we get this team back into shape.
  5. SO in theory, that essentially means that he is better known for his breakaway plays in the passing game allocating yards on his own. So if we can't replace that, then we are losing a HUGE weapon for a team that loves to pass as much as it does. Spotrac has his MARKET VALUE at about 5.1 million a year. How much more do you think someone will pay him if we can't get him to something near a contract around that? Or do you think someone is willing to offer him the money we gave Freeman? Possible we could get him for a backloaded contract at around 6 per? cut Freeman loose after next year if he doesn't recover from his injuries and still be able to keep Coleman to work with Smith and Hill?
  6. I loved blitzing the QB, hitting hard....played FB/MLB/SS in HS. Near the LOS where are the action was lol
  7. so almost all of his yards came after the catch?
  8. Im not as tall as him, but I'd be closer to RIcky Ortiz if anyone...im 5'10" 240 and he's 6'0" 236...everyone else my height weighs way less lol
  9. I believe Harlow is also cross trained at G/T
  10. Any chance now that we have signed Ty to a long term deal, that instead of straight cutting Schraeder after June 1, we possibly trade him? or even before then? We might only save under 4 million if we trade/cut him before june but we could possibly get something in return. Even a lower 5 or 6...heck even a 7 could be used to help us move around the draft or get lower end prospects to put in Plan D?
  11. I still think they will keep RS around until at least TC or PS with possibility of asking him to take a pay cut and if a FA can take over or if they feel good enough to get Ty in there for the foreseeable future until they can draft a replacement, they may just designate him a June 1 cut altogether
  12. This probably preceeds FO asking RS to take a paycut or end up being a June 1 cut
  13. in terms of age? or early retirement? if it's age then that shouldn't be a problem. Ridley came in at 23 and performed pretty well.
  14. McClure tweeted that they want to bring him back but not at the RFA 2 million dollar amount he would receive. So there is a chance they might try to bring him back at maybe a lower amount if he's willing. SInce he was not tendered and not CUT, he can't sign with anyone until March 13, so technically they can talk with him until then and possibly work out details and keep dialogue going.
  15. Wow, Ijust read that AAF reached out to him and Tebow to play for their league....Tebow declined because he wanted to focus on baseball and his spring training, but Colin apparently declined because they didn't want to agree to pay him the $20 million he requested in order to play for them. So I guess that means even if we wanted him to play, he isn't likely to be taking a pay cut anytime soon? Schaub's 5 million looks a little more promising, but I'm hoping we look towards Benkert this year instead.