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  1. If both Ridley and Sanu are not fully recovered, but maybe ONE of them doesn't play, do you think Sark and DQ would go more 2TEs or put Saubert out wide more often to get him a few matchups we may be able to utilize his speed against their depth?
  2. I know it would take a lot of work from this team being that we have fallen behind to start the season, but the POSSIBILITY that we could literally do all of these is a great feeling to look forward to: Matt Ryan MVP Make the Playoffs Julio breaks receiving yardage record for the season Sweep the playoffs Play at home for the SB Matt Ryan breaks the curse and wins the SB AND the SB MVP becoming the first since to win BOTH since Kurt Warner in 1999. That would top off all past losses and hiccups for this franchise IMO
  3. Honeslyl I feel that unless we are to bring him in here to compete for the SS spot, I don't see this as a good move. If we move Kazee out of the FS spot and install this new guy, we will be starting over AGAIN. I just feel Kazee is doing decent and will only grow the more reps he gets. PLUS, if you think about it, it might be stupid to get him because he would be relegated to backup duty next year or we would have to trade him next offseason in order to get something back, so basically he would be a rental. That would be the ONLY positive in trading for him is if we trade a lower end pick for him and get a higher one in return when we ship him out. But now that I think about it, if we were to keep him next year as a backup to both safety spots like Kazee, that might be beneficial, I would just hate to give up another draft pick for someone who is not going to make some kind of an impact on this team when we could have used it ourselves to pick up talent we scout and develop.
  4. IMO i just feel this can also be said of the injuries to BOTH our safeties...what are the serious chances that happens ANY other time? Both Allen and Neal back to back? As much as it pains me to have to repeat it, it DID happen. And the issue that lots of fans are getting at is that they feel we need to pull the trigger and get someone like ET, or Joseph, or trade for this guy and that guy, but at what expense. We don't have tons of money and there are people stating to not only trade future picks (assets to this team hopefully) but give up the money needed to now pay them. So we trade a 6th, or 3rd, or whatever the asking price for whoever we get. We pay them for THIS year and had we gotten someone like ET, if we extend him, we lost money for other positions, like GJ, and if Julio wants to renegotiate at the end of this year. If he DOESN't extend, then we wasted a pick for one year rental and can't get anything for him once his contract is up,. The FO is taking into consideration that we can't always give up future assets and money just for the sake of appeasing to the fan base. We've had over 6 months to put together a team capable of competing in this league and although we aren't winning these games, it's not complete annihilation outside of the PIT game. They have all been winnable, and I read the other day this is the first time we have had the same defensive backfield for two weeks in a row. THAT should help dramatically. But, I'm just getting at the if we choose to give up our future for our present, then all there is is reason to complain. People are arguing that we can trade Beasley for a 1st round pick. I just don't see anyone giving up that. I trust this team, from top to bottom. We made the SB however we did it. We came close last year as well, and I have faith that we can do it again with this team if they get the pieces lined up, and not necessarily blowup the roster to get it that way, like madden players do.
  5. It will make me happy. I'm sorry, but not matter what the result of prior games, i CANT just not hope that we don't win every game to come, even if we don't make the playoffs. I HOPE we do get the chance to make the playoffs by the end of the season, but if after 5 games there are already people who have thrown in the towel for this season, then hey by all means I guess they were never here for the ride anyways. It is upsetting seeing the losses and in any fashion, whether its last minute not making that final play....or defense not keeping the opponent from scoring to take the win....or like last sunday, getting obliterated from the start, a loss is hard to swallow, but I was looking to week 6 a few hours after the loss.I sit in my seat, each week, rooting my team on, no matter the circumstance. What will winning the next 5 games mean? To some of us, IMO the real fans, it will be 5 more exciting games, and opportunities to sport that jersey, scream at the TV, jump in their living room, and feel the adrenaline of seeing our team succeed. The beauty of watching football is that there are good days and bad days. Since no one knows what you're gonna get, that's why we watch, for the hope to cheer on the team and feel good about a win. That's why I watch and I promise this, even if the Falcons were to lose the next 2, 3, 5, or 11 games...I'm gonna be right there in front of my TV, in one of my falcons jerseys, screaming at the plays (good or bad) cheering them on standing by my team each and every week.
  6. I believe this may have been the biggest issue with the protection scheme sunday. They even said, they haven't gone against too many 3-4 defenses and it causes confusion because they don't always know who to block because the outside LBers are essentially causing them to guess which side the rush is coming from. From the POV besides this game, I feel this season is still salvageable because we have only shown 1 game where it was over early. I have faith we will be able to get this going next week against TB, we'll be at home, on turf, against a division opponent, and facing elimination in the face. We will do well this week, I just know it. I can see all three WRs going over 100 yards if the offense gets into a shoot out. The pressure allowed by PIT prevented MR from putting up his usual numbers this year. We still have not been turning the ball over like last year which is a plus, but I feel week 5 was the exception rather than the rule. ATL WILL lay the wood this week, putting up 40 points against TB and getting some confidence back against the BUCS to get this streak going and back in the wins column over the next 4 or 5 weeks.
  7. I was more or less stating facts of records to be broken and such. lol such as Julio has the most yards in first 100 games and most 100 yard games in first 100. He needs 444 to reach 10,000 and he'll beat Calvin Johnson by almost a full season once he gets it.
  8. I just read that Julio also needs 444 yards to be the fastest to reach 10,000 yards receiving in his career, he is only entering his 100th game and Calvin Johnson did it in 115 games. He has a whole season worth of games to take that top spot, which he should get in 4 games or less.
  9. plus ryan has never beaten them
  10. I dont think that he was trying to negate the touchdown. I believe he was implying that if the penalty had been enforced, they would have kicked off from the 20 instead of the 35, meaning the would have either had to kick it harder to eliminate the possibility of a big return or if they had kicked it like they did, we would have had the ball around our 35 , which would have allowed us to only have to gain about 25-30 yards to get into Matt Bryant's field goal range. IMO i believe that is what he was trying to say
  11. I was furious with this call because you could CLEARLY see that he brought in his left arm to corral the ball as if he was bringing in the ball which is not a forward pass. The special commentator ref was implaying he had to consider whether or not his left arm was consistent with being used to bring in the ball or if it "happened to hit the ball on pure chance due to his throwing motion." Just seems plain silly to me how these calls are so borderline when most are clear as day. But in regards to TRU, YES he needed to catch that INT. There were many plays that could have kept this game in our favor. The 2PC non conversion was one, the strip sack another, dropped INT, the poor coverage on the last play, and the poor tackling altogether. I feel with us doing so well in the redzone this year, we should have considered going to the TD the last time we got a FG even though it was 4th down. Running up the score should be the consensus the rest of the year if possible. Until our defense starts to allow less than 20-25 points per game, we are going to have to play like we need to lead by 2tds every game so as to not have to put the game in the hands of the defense each and every week. I know this is all talk and the team has to dictate what actually happens, but we have seen we are capable of putting up the points. so lets speed up a little more and open up the throttle enough to determine the games earlier than the last play.
  12. Honestly, with all the injuries, all we can hope for is the DQ and MM do what is needed and adjust accordingly. There is no other choice unless we cave in and I won't board that ship, no sir!. I think that since we still will get GJ and DJ back at points this year, this is the time when our defense has to make adjustments and NOW is the best time to do it because our offense is on FIRE. If we can continue to play the way we are, we can help our defense get in the necessary reps and get our youth caught up to speed hopefully faster than we expected and win these games we should be but just aren't pulling away with. THEN, by the time that DJ comes back we should be at as full a strength as we will be without our playmakers at S. Kazee will have had a significant amount of time to get adjusted and Takk will be leading the league in sacks by then, and DQ should have enough smarts by then to put Ish back at SS. This offense will be setting new records with close to 35+ points a game and we should have enough of a lead in games to play the cover 3 we work so well with that leading to more wins and less fans getting so close to passing on from heart attacks.
  13. Yeah as do most of the players on our team, but he is listed as a DE while the one we just signed is listed as a DT. That's all I was implying, I didn't mean he couldn't play DT as well. I'm sure he can and does, seeing as why fans wanted him here because his versatility would have enabled us to use him all over the line pending run or pass situations.
  14. OOHH....lol i must have shown up late when he already changed it, my bad. lol
  15. LOL well it DID say DT and not DE....