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  1. This design would HAVE to include communication between players via headsets or such. QB couldn’t possibly get loud enough with these IMO
  2. Freeman and company didn’t help give the threat of a run game either. O line didn’t hold up at all. Ryan took a beating and still made plays. I feel Gurley and Hill are going to help change the persona. Ollison is going to be such a short, power threat that we could see all out blitzes be fooled by Ryan PA to Hurst inside the 5 a few times. I know I’m dreaming, but I like dreaming big. Lol
  3. Agreed. But the idea as in all mocks or Monday morning qbs will state the possibility being there was intriguing to imagine. I’m sure we’ve done that with MOST if not all our picks over the years. A la Julio Jones trade amongst the most popular lol
  4. This isn’t really relevant but I just realized, we were docked a 5th round draft pick for pumping crowd noise in the 2016 draft. I went back and looked and that pick could have netted us Tyreek Hill. Imagine that 2016 offense with Hill on it as well. We could have won a few more with him as well and KC might still be average at best?
  5. Bro come in. PLEASE tell me you know that’s photoshopped lol
  6. I ordered gradient Gurley, black Allen, and white Fowler
  7. His name is Albert Brock and says he is an NFL Performance Trainer out of New Orleans
  8. Hopefully he would be that addition we bring in where he doesn't have to play a lot, but his snaps are valuable because he is effective enough in the rotation like when we brought in Freeney to play a key pass rushing role. Situational player and additional blitzer would help with all the versatility on this team so far. A PURE pass rusher is always helpful.
  9. They're gonna cut him like Benwikere after they play falcons in week 5. lol
  10. Here is the most recent table I see updated accordingly by projections.
  11. We probably won’t be getting a pick for Hooper
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