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  1. Being able to utilize players at multiple positions a seems to be the theme for this D and this team could benefit from it. Not knowing where a player will be after lineup could get us better matchups and confusion of the opponents.
  2. This is one I’m super stoked about. I think he could challenge for the number 3 spot early.
  3. Anyone else think Pitts could take the road similarly to what Chase Claypool took? Coming out of college as a TE but was such a playmaker he essentially became a WR (better yet a playmaker)? The Julio trade makes him more likely to get more targets and such, but his versatile weapon persona and skills should allow such a transition, don’t you think?
  4. Ridley isnt due an extension until after next year (which could be done by next offseason but wont count until 2023, I dont think we'll extend McGary unless he shows to be dominant this season and next, we should be hitting Lindstrom with the 5th year option and Foye might not cost us that much, but that all depends on who we bring in as competition and how he performs. Grady would need an extension solely to make cap space available now, Ryan could be extended for voidable years. IMO this FO has made the decisions to be able to keep this team competitive. They haven't blown up the
  5. Voidable years was what they used for Brees in New Orleans under TF. There’s ALWAYS ways to make space.
  6. That’s what I was wondering. I hope the trade isn’t Julio and a 2 for Robinson, that’s just insane.
  7. I still expect Ryan to do his thing. He’s a great passer. Much better than tannehill. I think they’ll do like what KS did and implement a balanced running game while giving Ryan opportunities to strike and bomb his passes. We passed so much with DK we never had running game threat. We just had to hope Ridley out routed his man or someone got so so Ryan just threw it up before getting clobbered. I think we’ll also See more RAC yards than in years prior with that new threat and balance running attack.
  8. At least we know the 19-0 record will never be matched again by anyone else, and its very likely we never see a 20-0 season. Although IMO we are more likely to see a 21-0 season than a 20-0 season. LOL again not likely in either but who knows?
  9. possibility of getting a lower end comp pick is good as well should he be allowed to walk
  10. Heck even if all those are covered, who’s covering Hurst and Gage. We’ve got a plethora of weapons this year. Better than we did in 2016 and a better player caller than we’ve gave in 5 years.
  11. Ok then whats the answer to YOUR question then? How many plays was Julio the primary option and couldnt get open? What other factors are in play? Was he doubled? Was Ryan pressured away from him? Did Ryan read someone else open instead? You just said Im making conclusions about a static number of TDs, but then relate Calvin Johnson to Julio Jones TD production. SMH Look, it would be different if Julio constantly dropped passes or he showed he just wasnt a good player. But even when he gets the amount of targets, it doesnt mean it will always warrant him TDs. He has lead t
  12. regressing, disgressing is not a word calvin had injury problems but it was the fact that he was playing hurt for a team that never had any real direction which he stated lead him to retire. The fact that he was hurting for a team being blown up wasnt worth it did julio not attend and act like he was part of the team at some point? what special privileges? not attending Voluntary workouts? So did someone else step up and get all those TDs he was supposed to get? Or has the team been pretty evenly distributed for the most part? IDK what is necessary for acceptable TD c
  13. At the same time he could also take catches away that Julio would get otherwise
  14. I heard that they take into account which interconference division we played two years prior, so in 2019 we played AFC South so they chose the team tha finished in the position we did (4) and added them as the 17th game. I assume that next year we should be facing same position in AFC West as our 17th game.
  15. Agreed while he dominated the AFCE for two decades. He came into this season and they loaded up on talent (and a few BS calls) to win a title. Can’t take it away from him but one season in my eyes shouldn’t crown someone best when Ryan has been here his entire career. Brady was best last year by his performance and overall team success, but Matt is best QB in this division hands down. He was better than Brees last year as well IMO
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