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  1. A lot will depend on what happens in those next 6 games, if they lose 4 or more, they could be out of the equation early. If they win 3 or more, they could hope to bring Brees back for a playoff push, but honestly, if he does stay out 6 weeks and comes back against US, that could be gold right there. Not playing a month and a half and coming back cold....we could break them in half....and probably run away with the division by thanksgiving. If they lose 5 or more, Im willing to bet if Brees isn't at least 85 percent, maybe they keep him out rest of the year depending on where they are in playoff seeding.
  2. The problem with this is that it makes it where players who feel that they deserve MORE, as you can see with Prescott and Gordon this year, you will always have those who want to exceed everyone else. Setting spending limits on positions will only make things more difficult, when you look at teams that spend LESS on certain positions and are able to allocate monies larger on QB, DL, WR, etc, it makes it where you can distribute accordingly without having to pay EVERYONE top dollar. We have so many top players that we are either going to pay them and be strapped for cash, or we are going to lose some of them.....or in this case, BOTH! Everyone always wants more, no matter what position or team they play for. It just is what it is. I agree they should get all they can. Also, that would be difficult, since dead cap also takes into account, what position would you be in if, for example, we cut Matt Ryan, had to eat his 30+ million dollar cap hit and be left with 5 million to get a new one. I just wouldn't work.
  3. If Gage misses Eagles game, do we see more of Zeus?
  4. We'll adjust. Some teams take a little longer. If we remember correctly we lost to tb IN 2016 and from there we were in every game and and eventually took the league by storm, putting up record setting points. We WILL get this taken care of. We have the offense and defense needed to do this....and we will adjust to get back on track. I always think of 1997 49ers in this reference. They couldn't do anything week 1, and everyone wrote them off after opening day loss. They then pulled off 11 straight wins and were one of the more dominant teams. Noy saying a for sure thing, but i have faith Quinn will right the ship, plus a loss offers so much film to correct mistakes going forward
  5. 7+7+7+6= still short Being behind so much there were so many reasons for why the team did why it did, and Im sure not many would be acceptable unless the outcome was victory. All these score possibilities are moot unless we take advantage of every possession possible, which, we did not at all and sad to say, we lost that game in every way Sunday! Onto the Eagles, let's put up 45!
  6. I believe that even though we might not see double digit sacks from anyone in particular, I DO see this team increasing very much from prior years totals and getting better pass rush which leads to more turnovers. IMO sacks are not the most important stat, but they are up there, turnovers being the top. I think, health pending, you're going to see the team create pressure, cause turnovers, and get sacks when necessary. It's going to be a HUGE upgrade on this defense
  7. Julio across the middle from left to right, catching in stride, takes off with a defender chasing him before Hardy blocks out last defender, allowing Jones to hit it from 75 yards!
  8. No Im not implying they are. I trust that Dimitroff works this cap the best way possible. I am just saying there are teams like the Raiders and Saints from more recent years that abuse the ability to borrow from future years and still got nothing in return. They pay players huge contracts and after one year they release them and allocate the guarantees over the next 5-6 years while trying to save a few million the current year. We are paying our players, but TD is doing is right. I am glad we have paid all our stars and the front office is doing what is necessary letting the unsignable leave and focusing on rebuilding through draft and mid-level currency FAs. That way we keep the cornerstones of the team intact and remain a contender for years to come.
  9. Yes, but when money "appears" too much you end up in salary cap **** like the Saints and Raiders were almost a decade ago. They "borrow" from future years to keep players on this year. That's all well until doing that get's you to be in a spot like when you're paying for players NOT on the team ala Raiders and Saints from before. There are always way to make the dollars work, it's just how badly you want to cut into your future currency that determines what you can take from other places.
  10. Well I just assume with all the talk about 3te sets and less use of the FB, as well as Stocker can be used back there as well, that we would have less and less need for someone like Ortiz unless we ran I-back enough to warrant a spot for him. I see it as we have so many players on this team playing multiple positions, we do all we can to limit need of one player for one minimal position such as FB. Sorry Ortiz, but Ollison and Stocker can play your part just fine with as little playing time we might actually use a FB. Plus when you think about it, being able to use Hooper, Stocker, Graham along with Ollison and Freeman in a goal line JUMBO formation, or even a "power I" with Stocker at FB and Ollison as HB, man, we could run all sorts of ways this year and could be close to unstoppable if plays are called right.
  11. They'll wait until they cut GT and BW
  12. I agree, as I stated before, with having Stocker being able to play FB/TE and Ollison able to play RB/FB and neither of them needed to be a starter, and with how little we actually use FB, it opens up that FB spot and be able to carry less players such as Ortiz and Paulsen in hopes for getting better depth and rotation at other positions.
  13. Seeing as Hooper, Stocker and Graham are all capable blockers and Stocker and Graham as well as Ollison can play FB, I can see Ortiz being next.
  14. I feel depth at Dline will allow us to not have to keep any of those 4 listed
  15. They want their 2nd rounder back, Patriots CLEARLY didnt tell them Jimmy G was broken BEFORE he got there lol