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  1. Sounds to me like they are doing with him what we did with Senat last year. Shame.
  2. Sark didn’t beat teams because he was the offensive coordinator. Josh McDaniels didn’t get credit for Patriots wins Bill does. That defense was insanely porous those two years, but Sark performed admirably his second year, helping Ryan put up identical numbers from his Super Bowl year. And the fact that Ryan has become more comfortable with the style of offense Quinn wanted with Sark calling the plays only to have them cut him as the scapegoat was stupid. It would’ve been easier to implement new players to the current offense than implementing a whole new offense to everyone. Especially one wh
  3. Matt Ryan hasn’t even had weapons his entire career. Lol. Either he’s been in a run based system, or he’s has no running game. Or he’s had the best WRs or he has has Harry Douglas as his number 1. He’s either had the best TE in history. Or he had Toilolo. You can also make the case even if he had the best offense he’s never had a solid defense the same year. People need to stop making it sound like his whole career he’s been gifted the top players the entire time.
  4. Sark was a way better playcaller. Pity we moved on from him when Ryan was doing so well.
  5. ****, if he would catch them blitzing when they shouldn’t and “run” a screen or two, I wouldn’t mind
  6. This was discussed before. If he had kicked the FG on 4th and 5 the point difference plus have gotten us a win. If he misses on that 4th and 1, we take a chance on losing that game last night at the end. Instead of them trying to score and having to go for 2, even though we should’ve been up by 9, all they had to do was score and they immediately take the lead. Most are being too detailed trying to compare one play to another. Each week is different, each game, each opponent. They gameplanned well this game, if they had not scored the TD last week and kicked the FG we’d be 3-0 in ou
  7. Highly doubtful. Imo MAX would be a 4. But that’s pushing it. Injury concerns and contract ending making him an UDFA could cause hesitation for such a higher pick That would be probably one way the pick could rise up any further than a 4 or 5
  8. Technically it was a three team trade but in reality it was two falcons trades. ATL swapped their first for Denver’s 1 & 3 and following years 4, then traded that 1 for Abraham. Because it happened all at once made it seem more like a three team swap but ATL did it that way so they could recoup a little more for that 1 and not feel they gave up an higher end 1st for Abraham. In essence they traded down 14 spots for Abraham and a 3 & 4. Not bad for a player in his prime and 2 potential young players. They blew dog on those picks but hey at least we didn’t draft Jay C
  9. Agreed. On the draft picks. But 7 million only makes sense if you can use it. At this point we would be trading 2 players for low picks, and getting back 7 to use for the overage next year. Both, when healthy, are good players. Mack among the best even being older. Takk keeps getting injured but he’s at minimum a good rotational piece. And 3 million for someone who can perform like he did before he messed up his groin, seems decent.
  10. Sorry I just don’t see it. Is he playing like he did in 2016, nope. But most players aren’t as good as Mack is NOW. Lineman play longer than skill players for the most part. But either way people are judging getting rid of Mack based MAINLY on age. Age is great when you’re young and athletic. But Mack is still playing well. This scheme has taken a lot out of this offense and the defense allowing teams to keep our O on the sidelines makes it harder to establish much. I’ve also seen Hennessy play this year and at times HE gets blown up. How can we rely on someone not only to be the most importan
  11. IMO I feel we drafted Hennessy to play LG UNTIL Mack decided to retire. If it was the case that he was done for we very well could have draft MH this year AS WELL as cutting Mack before the year started in order to save 8 million to spend elsewhere. Mack is still playing ABOVE average. He has even talked about the possibility of returning to ATL, the issue would be how much he would demand and how much cap the falcons would have. Not his play.
  12. The problem is that it wouldnt be enough to make a different. Mack has a 10.5m cap hit this year, minus his 2.5 mil bonus, makes it 8 mil. But its PRORATED, so its only just under 6 million left before this next game. Takk has a cap hit of 3.2 m, but his bonus and guaranteed money have already been paid. For a savings of 185 million (prorated 1.15 mil remaining after this week.) chump change really
  13. Ok so ill do it this way since numbers tell more of a story than opinions. I used overthecap.com as a guide, but we need to realize the numbers might be a little off due to prorate. I took the top players that people on here are insisting on cutting loose, Ryan, Julio, Matthews, D. Jones, Allen, Mack and Ridley. I then TRADED each of them and ALL of them in 2020 and 2021 to see what they cap hits would be. Our estimated cap space sits next 4 years as such: 2020: 2.485 2021: -27.285 2022: 53.734 2023: 138.71 With each player the numbers change as follows in
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