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  1. I have never been to a HOME game for the Falcons but my first game I ever went to was at the Oakland Coliseum, I took my girlfriend (now wife) on a date vacation where we watched the Falcons bury the Raiders 24-0 with all the Oakland fans talking so much trash beforehand that I guess they were too embarassed to stay the whole game so they left right after halftime. It was a great experience for my first game, but there was always that worry about the Raider fan stories, that when I saw another Falcon fan walking past me we gave a small head nod and a quick smile. LOL I have been to two other games since I became a fan both in LA and both against the Rams. I went to the game where we decimated them 42-14 in our super bowl season, and I was at the playoff game last year, which was, BY FAR, the best game I have ever been to. We had pretty good seats, and all the rams fans around me were loud and it was a great atmosphere. But the 16 year old kid next to me never said a word in the first half, but once halftime was over and Snoop left the field, you couldn't shut this kid up. He was constantly yelling at the refs, saying "you better" this and "you better not" that, even threatening to "come down there and smack some sense into them" LMAO it was so funny. We were about 40 rows back and he just seemed like he had never been to a game before, but I went with my cousin and i remember on Julio's TD catch, i got so excited that I picked up my cousin and shook him like a rag doll in celebration. (BTW he's 6-5 260, im 5-9 240) lol I can't wait to go to another game. They are 3-0 in the games I go to and have outscored the opposition 92-13.
  2. I know he's not getting that for a few more years...that's why i stated averaging. He may have heavy cap hits in the back that we can take smaller hits after 2019 but he still averages 8 or so per year in his contract life. his bonuses and guarantees are still decent sized. I was simply stating that because he was making that much and the price of rbs is increasing due to other players a la Bell and Gurley, we could still plausibly get Coleman for about the price we paid Freeman and we could afford it since he probably wouldn't be asking for Bell or Gurley type money. Cutting Free after the 2019 season should he not hold up to the value of his contract would help out in the sense that we would be spending that money from Freeman on Coleman in a sense.
  3. Which back to my statement about Coleman plays into that. They technically could bring him back at around THE 8 MILLION we are averaging for Freeman and Freeman could be let go for minimal damage after next year, BUT if they choose to bring him back for about the same and keep them both they could team with ITO and we would have one of the most deadly committees in the NFL for at least 5 years or so. This is just me dreaming but the reality is something like this COULD happen and we have the options to do that now with the FO spreading the dollars out correctly instead of playing the SAINTS game and overpaying players from other teams then letting them go to go get someone else while not being able to keep their key players.
  4. True. The FO is playing this out well, we may be able to pay Julio, Jarrett, and still keep the young risers. Plus we draft pretty well since DQ came in and it will only help us build from youth up and establish stability for years to come. Having consistency this well can only be good for us and when you look at the turnover for the other teams we are way ahead of the game even if we don't FA splash year to year. But the way I see it with growing our own players into our scheme allows us to keep the core in tact and not break the bank for high priced players while paying our own and still being in the hunt for a SB every year. Kind of like GB has done for years and years. Now all we have to do is get a QB behind Ryan where if he gets injured we won't worry if the season is shot or not.
  5. Only Jarett and Coleman are now key FAs after next year Beasley, D. Jones, Hooper, Campbell, and Bosher would be top FAs in 2020. And it might not be up to date since Allen's extension, but we have about 30 million left next year and 56 year after that. Coleman could resign or walk either way with 30 million available next year it could be up to the team if they choose to give him a new deal. if GJ takes 10 of that next year minimum we still have 20 with mostly lower end names to deal with besides Julio. The year after could be a little tougher if Julio eats a lot of up front cap, but I think they can make it work as they have been doing a pretty good job even with MRs 150 million record contract. and still focusing on key players left to keep.
  6. I really had hoped we could have kept him longer. He made the offense so much more dynamic. Can you imagine Free, Coleman, and Snelling all on the field at the same time? like a wishbone type. or Coleman in the slot with Snelling at FB? the fact that you could put those guys almost anywhere would give matchups uneven almost all game long
  7. 4 backs on top of the FB makes it too much to carry. It was different when we had Snelling because he could play RB and FB in a pinch but as well was a excellent receiving back. Great at nothing but good at everything, he was able to carry the load of a starting RB, and block for the guy when he came back into the game. I don't know if anyone on this team is of that quality, our best bet would be to hopefully get the best of the bunch at 3rd and PS the other guy in hopes he doesn't get picked up, but we do have killer adaptability along this team where we might not need to carry as many lineman or DBs in order to make room for an additional spot. Guess well have to wait and see
  8. I don't think anyone will be ok with less than a SB win. If we make it to the NFCC game and we HOST but dont win, it will be extremely saddening. But, I do agree that if we get HFA we will have the upper hand. Our offense AND defense should be working on all cylinders by that time and Ridley and Smith should be key cog rotations inside the offense. Minimum I feel would be like I said, but I think if we were to lose in the divisional playoffs against anyone other than CAR/TB/NO or the eventual NFC rep, I could handle that possibly. But I do feel that with everything playing out the way we did it this year, SB or BUST HAS to be the mentaility. I think our SB window could be open for the next 10 years. As long as we keep drafting the way we have been, we have solid pieces along this team. If you look at the eventual needs (QB, C, G) by age we are not in need of a LOT of spots to fill. If Ryan plays until 40 like he hopes, thats about 7 years. Mack may play 3 more years if he can keep at it, and LG is more need than age. We could possibly find a better option than what we have rather than just younger. This defense is super young and we have massive depth at most of that side where we don't have to worry about someone getting too long in the tooth just yet. Looking at offense, WR we have Ridley to eventually take JJ spot, a few bright spots along the depth, TE Hooper and Saubert along with Gray possibly becoming a factor. RB we have a young Freeman and a younger Smith. Coleman is still up there but I am not sure he will be here after this year. Taking that into consideration we have a nucleus of great older veterans, mixed with solid good talent along most spots, sprinkled in with young talented prospects and stars who aren't asked to immediately be a leader but will eventually become one. The BROTHERHOOD has assembled more or less like the Avengers. Quite a few powerhouses mixed in with middle talent whose job is to assist the higher ranks, adding in a few weaker persons who have one or two tricks that will surprise you from time to time. Altogether creating an awesome team when working together is darn near unstoppable. Julio's age is difficult to factor because he is older than most people his age for the fact that he's been injured so much but still produces incredible every year. I think based solely on his actual age and his heart to want to play such a physical role on this team, but also the idea that he may be less likely to be doubled or tripled so much thanks to ridley...I believe he will play 5 more years. He will line up just enough to finish out a final contract and throw in a few SB rings, asserting himself as a shoe-in for the HOF and a dominant force as one of the best WRs not named Rice.
  9. not only beat us twice...both games will be in GB and both will be the EXACT same score? SMH....S....M....H...!
  10. I dont think he is top 5 but I do feel he has argument for top 10 in the league. Past few years have hindered him because of injury but he as well as Coleman is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. They are pretty different in play style, but they both fit evenly well into this offense when they are in the game. The thing about it is that even though they are so different, they don't have to change much once the other comes in. I look at how Bettis and Parker used to work together for Pittsburgh, Bettis would grind you out and he'd have that ability to once in a while break a 40+ or 50+ yarder because he wore out the defense all game long. Then you had parker who was more shifty and able to cut a defender out of position for a big gain. But both were similar in the sense that when one went out and the other came in, the defense was already tired out from playing against the other guy. I see that in this RB combo here in ATL. When Free is in there they are constantly taking bad angles and poor tackling efforts bring him down causing the defense to get tired, so when Coleman comes in if he gets the better angle, he is off to the races and scoring a long TD. But take it reverse when Coleman is in, they are constantly having to chase him down they tire themselves out and once Freeman rotates back in they are not 100% when attempting to tackle him or bring him down it makes it easier for him to break tackles and bust long run or score TDs. I would love to keep this duo because they complement each other so well, but I also know TC deserves the chance to succeed as the starter should he pursue that opportunity and whoever gets him will be getting a great player, but hopefully he gets a starting gig and not a rotation like he does here. If that is offered to him hopefully he will want to stay a few more years rather than making a parallel move with another team.
  11. Why is it that we give so much attention to something we know very little about? We still haven't hit TC. We don't have an answer from Julio as to what he is thinking or how he is going to react. I know that's what this message board is all based around, being able to think and express those thoughts in hopes of getting other people's opinions. But it seems to me that his decision to not show up for Voluntary Camp has caused more of an issue than most of us were ready for. I agree it's annoying not knowing what is gonna happen, but we still have a week and not matter what happens, whether he shows up or holds out or retires, either way this team will find a way to deal with it because they have no other choice. They have made their decision about his contract and I agree they made the choice that is in everyone's best interest and we all should just understand no matter how much we disagree with each side, there is no need to talk smack about any player or organization that we hope will help guide this team to a Super Bowl this year or any year after. P.S. the ones that leave and join our Divisional Haters are the ones we should be talking that way about LOL
  12. YES hindsight...because you could not have POSSIBLY known what would happen after that. Julio had just made a HUGE catch so they mentality was they could throw against NE very well and that was the attempt to do that. Repeating the successes that got you where you are. You are talking like you can predict the future and that's not at all possible. The situation is not always the same as it wasn't just once we were in that situation of getting into range to finish the game. And the falcons addressed them differently each time, even running the ball and getting no success when they tried.
  13. But that's how they had been playing ALL year long and the main reason why we lost or came close to it earlier in the year, by NOT keeping our foot on the gas. Saying he should have this and should have that being the MVP and whatever doesn't matter. He still takes orders from his coaches. The game plan is set that way because the OC has prepped it the way he sees fit. Again, we can say all this now about this ONE play but you can't say for sure it would have worked out any if they had run the ball either. I saw the replay of this drive and when he got sacked and the blocking was poor, if he had proper blocking and been given the time, he had Gabriel wide open for a first down possibe touchdown. You have your right to feel however and I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else that your wrong, we just have a difference of opinion as we should. But, when things go wrong we all look at the situation and say "they should have done this" or "why would you even try that" because they didnt execute and succeed. But people rarely look back at a plus play and say the same thing. There is only criticism when it didn't work, even if it had been working 99 out of 100 times before. We didnt score any more point after we reached our 4th TD and for me I feel we should have put 50 on them in this game, so our defense failed to stop when it counted at times throughout the game and our offense failed to keep up the pace needed to help the defense when it mattered most. We got up so much that the gameplan changed and by the time we tried getting back to it our momentum had shifted and we weren't playing the same way we did the first 30+ min of the game.
  14. I understand that. The loss took a toll on all of us in our own way. I was in LA that night and had to be back in Fresno early the next morning for work. I left **** near angry sad and heartbroken all at the same time and still had to drive the 5 hours home replaying the game in my head because everyone else was sleeping along the ride. I HATE Brady and this loss was worse for me because I USED to be a patriots fan from 1995-2000 when I followed Drew Bledsoe. He was replaced by Brady himself. So winning this game was pretty important to me outside of just cheering on our team. SO i get it. There are a lot of things that should've happened. We can throw in the fact that Shanny "lost" his playbook. Or then he got Jimmy G the next year. So it pisses me off when I see the outcome that could have been opposed to what actually happened. But I just see it as there were plays that could have gone our way. The Sack, penalty and Non-facemask on Sanu were BIG. I agree its not one we will let go easy or anytime soon. But, I just see it as if the calls on both sides had been correct this topic would not be the same, thats all.
  15. I honestly feel this has becoming silly. You say this now but what if they play had worked? Had he hit Gabriel deep and converted the play this wouldn't have been an issue. Plus there are people making it sound like he can just do whatever he wants. There are coaches for a reason, and it wasn't like we hadn't had success throughout the game at that point in his play calling. I'm not in any way trying to offend, I just see numerous responses on here to how we "should have" done different, and I agree to an extent. But, whose to say running the ball would have made much of a difference, he could have fumbled as well, tried juking out and loss yardage. I know it doesn't seem plausible, but the play calling as well as the play callers are there for a reason. KS was brought in and everyone wanted him gone after the first year, then when he called the play in the SB everyone blamed him and wanted him gone, then Sark came in and people were screaming for KS to come back. It's never ending and I know the ultimate goal is Super Bowl wins, but this can't be placed on one play or player, or even a coach, it's a whole team effort, and based on the NUMEROUS messups in that game, this was a team loss. Adding in the sack with missed block, the fumble, the allowed catch by Edelman, the TWO two point conversions and this was a game where we came out hot and lost focus on many levels. I just hate to see how people can look at this game, or any game for that matter and pin ONE play or scenario where it determined the game. A game is 60 minutes long and as we all know because the end was not to our satisfaction, the game can turn at any time and the team allowed it to by not doing what they should have the ENTIRE game instead of just the first 2.5 quarters. Hindsight is 100%, but the fact that we can know for sure AFTER the fact means we miss the point that no one can know for sure what the outcome will be.