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  1. I like that Gono is going to be in play for essentially BOTH G and T because I really want to keep him on this team and however he needs to be we just need to keep him. If he doesn't take the LG spot, he'll man the Swing T which makes him an essential piece to this line no matter where he goes.
  2. That color scheme going with that smaller logo just doesnt seem to fit well.
  3. I just hope they release it soon enough to get a hat myself
  4. I feel you, why is it we always let them go when they do well here, yet, the ones that don't do well seem to excel before and after playing for us?
  5. IG @falconswatch informed yesterday that barner would not be back.
  6. LMAO, I never said they would "suck" But ok, you and your tunnel vision can have a nice day. No worries buddy.
  7. I know that wasn't what he was asking, he was asking for who would we get and which direction would we go with picks accrued by not winning out last year. I just stated how I felt getting a pick that high would not be the best case scenario for this team because it would lead to totally different scenarios instead of the one we are at now. Being at 4 would have changed the team direction dramatically from being at 16. Players and coaches would more than likely not be the same in most considerations.
  8. Naysayers can't change ANYTHING about ANYTHING other than their own opinion, but each day we still get the demands for us to obliterate this team from top to bottom, so that doesn't make my point wrong, nor does it make it right, it just means that it would be the likely scenario played out getting a draft pick that high. I may have not stated it, but I knew it wasn't the main focus (tanking) of the post, but, I merely stated it the way that I did because it would be the only way we get to the point in question of having a top 5 pick. So in response to your recent response to mine, NO PLAYER is untradeable. Things always find a way to work themselves out if necessary. But the issue I was getting at, was that people would be comfortable getting rid of him for an unknown player based merely on his college credentials, which has shown plenty of times not to be 100 percent valid.
  9. Honestly, I could see it that if we had tanked, and gotten this high of a pick, the naysayers would be out in full force to not only get rid of Matt Ryan, but to draft his replacement, which includes trading up for Burrows or staying put for Tua or similar. I hate the idea of tanking and I know this was all in good fun, but IMO this idea has a lot more attached to it then just changing with draft pick we choose at.
  10. I agree, but I was more curious as to if we draft him and keep him on the field, and he plays utility, that doesn't necessarily plug any of our particular holes. He doesn't replace Neal AND Campbell essentially, so would we keep Neal on the field when he plays LB and Foye when he plays for Neal, etc.. That's all I was getting at, and how does that affect the rest of our draft board going forward if he isn't going to take up one spot, but he'll mix in with multiple spots? I think he would be a great addition to this team and I would LOVE to have him or Kinlaw, I was just more concerned about how we would address other holes on defense if he isn't allocated to one or two spots, but more of where he best attributes to make the biggest impact. Like when we took Kazee away from NCB to fill safety 2 years ago, it showed he has good ball skills, but left us thin at NCB because we hadn't filled enough depth to take the hit if he had gotten injured or (what actually happened) he changed positions.
  11. I used to watch his dad when he was in BUF and then in MIN, and he was a BEAST. He was a playmaker and they used him correctly because he played corner for the majority of his career and then when he couldn't keep up with the faster WRs they moved him to S for the last few years of his playing time. The only issue I think would be a problem with JR is that he's had a history with injuries and hopefully he'd be able to move past that and flourish in the NFL. But, if he plays like I saw his dad play, he's gonna be a very good player.
  12. If we somehow got him would you want to move him around the field, or are you looking to see where he fits best whether its safety or linebacker, and then get someone else to fill the other spot he doesn't fill?
  13. Honestly it's bitter sweet for me. I have been an AF fan since the end of the 2007 season, but before that I was a Drew Bledsoe fan when he originally played for the Patriots. When he got injured and replaced by Tom Brady, even though that was my team at the time, I took it very offensively because I was such a HUGE fan of Bledsoe. I loved the fact that NE was winning, but it was kind of empty victories because not only did Drew get injured, when he was healthy, he wasn't allowed to fight back for his job. It worked out for NE, and they built great success after that. But when the season was over, I read Pats fans put out a letter thanking Mo Lewis for nearly killing Bledsoe so that Brady could play and bring them a title. It was at that point, I knew I'd never care for the Patriots again. The Super Bowl loss was salt in the wound for me. My cousin is also a Pats fan as well and has tried holding that over me this whole time. I've since moved on from the SB loss, but when he signed with TB this year, it was nice because it gives us a chance to beat him at least twice and possibly affect him getting back to the playoffs or SB for that matter. Winning the SB is priority number one, but if the falcons can be the ones to keep Brady from winning again, that would be icing on the cake. Flip side of the coin, if he succeeds against us, or keeps us from getting to the SB, it would be worse for me than if it was someone else, but just short of a Saints team dictating our success. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.
  14. What about doing this trade for Murray instead?
  15. That and being able to not have to sign so many players long term allows us to fix problem areas quicker and be able to do that "Clowney" signing we wouldn't be able to like in recent years because we have so much cap tied up. We're starting to get more space available coming into our own team and will be able to round out the roster with draft picks and smarter signings hopefully instead of ones we end up regretting and force us to miss out on other players for.