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  1. Does the OP fancy themselves a professional writer/ blogger? I give you your posts are written well enough, but you’re just another poser ...err poster. I’d let your narcissism slide but the tag line for me is off putting. You don’t have special knowledge or inspiration inside information, so why do play like you do?
  2. Change the name and conference!!!
  3. Trash yards for sure the Seattle game, but I cannot see how you can fault a team for scoring 20 points on turnovers. I remember plenty of games where they 3 and out or only get a field goal. Ryan, Gage and Ridley are dialed in tight. Ryan, Julio and the tight end are almost as tight. It’s the hit and miss run game as always. We never can impose our will running and it’s the number one reason we can’t finish games on the offense. Defense quits playing in the 4th.
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