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  1. Another visit for pain relief in the Hospital. Take care and think of a Great season ahead! I hope to see you all before the end of the summer............love you guys and gals(Specially the gals) Ya boi J ..........I'm not leaving you! ,
  2. You are just soo much better than everyone else aren't you? I have watched you attack fans on here left and right, but you are never wrong are you? Keep getting Tired and irritated trying to convince you are never wrong...............I love it!
  3. And when he was close to passing................I heard from people he accepted Jesus while dying.
  4. You know something JP....A lot of women like to have Abraham and Turner Jerseys. Hmmmmmmmmm......and they don't wanna wear our favorite players. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
  5. If I don't believe in one thing going into this season...........it's Tootsielolol. Shanahan comes in 2. That doesn't mean at all, that I'm not rooting for them.
  6. They just made it to the Super Bowl that's all (Andrew Dice clay laugh) I gotta say this also that just might go against the grain here..................The mindset of that team in 98 hasn't been matched since!
  7. Dang right Poker! "OVER PAID" might look like he's under paid after this year. But no doubt in my mind, He'll be great for us!
  8. We've heard this for 2 years already. Take this Number 1 position Hooper! We know what an old school TE can do for our redzone problems!
  9. Still gotta go Julio number 1. Raw, Special, Bo jackson of the WR corp talent. This don't happen all the time and you gotta cherish it!
  10. No matter how great or good you are as a team.............it does rest in the official's hands. Some very questionable calls in the last 10 years, and that includes other sports. I'm sure the aint team is still kissin azz.
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