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  1. I agree. You know how sony is.............all hush hush about everything lol. If you have a ps4 slim, why even buy an xbox slim unless you "just" want it?
  2. Outta have that booty shakin right in front of us for money and tech. these days. Can't wait!
  3. Hold out on S. If I was gunna buy......i'd wait on scorpio. S is in reality a smaller, nicer looking xbox one.
  4. Black mass! One of the best mobster movies in awhile! Depp played a he11 of a role.
  5. I didn't know my man had throat cancer possibly. Great actor and thought he was one of the best to play Batman. Sorry to hear this.
  6. A big, black Falcon swooping down out of nowhere during our next Super Bowl appearance.

  7. Mike Smith interviews.

  8. Thanks Freebird, it was a rough time in my life, but I knew in my heart all of us that could remember that day as a fan had it bad also. Talk about being on a high then a low brother....Geez man.
  9. The man is a falcon again and we should root for him and our team at kickoff time. I see why people are upset, but he's our player. Lol, it's not like he pulled a stunt like Robinson before the super bowl. You wanna talk about not liking a player? After that day, I lost my beloved Boston T named "Brutus" and had to go to the azz doctor the next day. You talk about a guy you didn't want to look at wrong...Me. Thanks E.R.
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