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  1. Another visit for pain relief in the Hospital. Take care and think of a Great season ahead! I hope to see you all before the end of the summer............love you guys and gals(Specially the gals) Ya boi J ..........I'm not leaving you! ,
  2. I hope so man! I welcome it!
  3. They just made it to the Super Bowl that's all (Andrew Dice clay laugh) I gotta say this also that just might go against the grain here..................The mindset of that team in 98 hasn't been matched since!
  4. Dang right Poker! "OVER PAID" might look like he's under paid after this year. But no doubt in my mind, He'll be great for us!
  5. 98 was the best team..........believe that!
  6. Sanu will be fine. The man has a change of scenery now, and this in itself can do wonders for pros. We are gunna be happy guys!
  7. lol no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. lol Dave, Gotta go with Sanu. I am tempted by others on the list.
  9. New York City
  10. If I close my eyes forever............This women was an awesome performer. Her and Pat Benatar.
  11. I heard Vince Neal singing recently and about died! LOL, he looked soo nervous and sounded like utter crap! No wonder they called it quits. I don't ever remember him sounding any good live anyway, but that last hurrah was painful to watch.
  12. lol, Sounds like a honda. Cool!
  13. Dang my man lol, You didn't even break'in that Honda yet. I like those CRv's! Never owned a Hummer. Good Ride?