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  1. I hope so man! I welcome it!
  2. They just made it to the Super Bowl that's all (Andrew Dice clay laugh) I gotta say this also that just might go against the grain here..................The mindset of that team in 98 hasn't been matched since!
  3. 98 was the best team..........believe that!
  4. My favorite Pitcher of all time! Da Masta!
  5. IDK, but we're gunna need a bigger boat.
  6. I agree. You know how sony is.............all hush hush about everything lol. If you have a ps4 slim, why even buy an xbox slim unless you "just" want it?
  7. Outta have that booty shakin right in front of us for money and tech. these days. Can't wait!
  8. Hold out on S. If I was gunna buy......i'd wait on scorpio. S is in reality a smaller, nicer looking xbox one.
  9. Dayuuum she fine!
  10. Black mass! One of the best mobster movies in awhile! Depp played a he11 of a role.
  11. I agree with a lot of what you said, but I look at the 6 game slide and still think about the first 4-5 games. If it wasn't for DQ's coaching and adjustments at halftime in those games............it could have been really bad. Not being all doom and gloom, but that's just a salute for the HC. Shocker, I hear ya and do think he's gunna be better than some fans think. Keep the faith on this one!
  12. Shocker, you didn't like the Sanu signing I assume?
  13. I'll keep it real.............top 10 in offense+Defense and 1 more year to learn dis thang right'chea. ^ Notice the little o in offense..........................Shanahan!!!
  14. I didn't know my man had throat cancer possibly. Great actor and thought he was one of the best to play Batman. Sorry to hear this.