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  1. What I don't understand is people here actually think Gregory can DE in the NFL. He can't plain and simple, he is a OLB that played DE in college against some pretty average OT's and still got sealed and fails to maintain the edge. Like I said earlier he can rush the B gap but cannot contain the edge off the line. At least if he was Will or Sam backer he has the speed to pass rush or run stop.
  2. It's not hating on him it's more about drafting him at #8, he has great bursts and speed but he isn't a top ten draft IMO
  3. Ya that makes sense. He isn't big enough on the line IMO
  4. Are you saying that based on fact or based on the film? I saw very bad blocking and he tends to run inside and not contain. The play against Mich state he doesn't read the LT and goes with flow and gets buried from the pulling RG, if he is a true top DE he should stay his position and maintain edge coverage and know the guard is coming and blow up the edge.
  5. Watching the film on him he can pressure and get quick bursts in the B gaps but fails to cover the edge and play the flats. I would draft him as a OLB but definately no to DE, he would get buried on the line.
  6. I don't know what you guys are watching but I'm not impressed. He gets sealed to easy and horrible against the run. I am not saying he doesn't have potential, but if we draft at 8 still and he is there and along with his off field issues, I would hope they pass on him and look at other options.
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