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  1. I agree... it's always better to represent yourself well rather than be a quitter and they all certainly did that. Plus the way we finished gives us something to build on for next season as they have proven they can win as a unit. Plus it's so much better going into the offseason with a win over Tampa!! Well done guys.... let's do it all season in 2020!!
  2. That's the way to finish!!!
  3. No the play-calling
  4. These commentators are so pro Tampa!!!!!
  5. Kotter is not the guy we need....time to move on from him...
  6. Didn't sound like Kotter coming back was cast in stone during the press conferences this week...
  7. So easy to see the difference when Hill or Wilson hits the hole VS Freeman.... they just explode through while Freeman looks like he is stuck in park!!!...
  8. Hill is next season's starter!!!!
  9. Drive killed by Freeman trying to run up the middle....what a waste...... Bring on Brain,,,,,,
  10. I want to see big doses of Brian Hill today.... he's going to be the starting back next year!!!
  11. A win today is better than going into the offseason on a lost!!!