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  1. We are pretty much at the point of no return on this season. There is no one player we could bring in that would fix our horrible defense right now and anyone we do bring in would take some time to get up to speed. By then we are talking mid season and very likely well under 500 at that point. This off season we need to focus upon getting some quality in our defensive depth.
  2. Before long they will be asking fans to suit up before games...
  3. Sorry but Ryan is the least of our problems right now, it is the total lack of any kind of defense that is going to end this season.
  4. I don't blame Quin for our defensive issues right now, we have some serious injuries. But we can't continue with the current defense we have. It is either trade for or try and pick up some cobble together some thing for unsigned players or just let the season go. We honestly can not expect the offense to be winning ever game in a shot out.
  5. We would first need a defense to complain about...