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  1. He is personally involved in crushing our spirits.
  2. Yes because that's all football is a game for entertainment. He expects his players to "do your job." This is why they are the best and consistent. The Falcons have a bad manager and all his employees are screwing around watch youtube all day.
  3. Now UGA has choked against South Carolina. Unbelievable Smart is another Mark Rict
  4. This is dumb. Their job is to entertain us. Not collecting pay checks. Maybe you do that on your job. Most of us go to work to a place we enjoy, to perform and get paid.
  5. Saints have a Super Bowl ring and we have gone thru 3 coaches embarrassed by them multiple times and blew a 28 point lead in the super bowl
  6. All the gods pick one
  7. Note. He has a pocket. Our ol doesn't do that
  8. None of you guys know what's going on behind closed doors. Its simple our online and dline are trash. Blaming Tru for having to cover for 5 secs is ridiculous. Blaming Matt for never having an online that could keep a pocket for 3 seconds isn't going to help. Fire the GM and Quinn. Bring in a coach and gm that understands the trenches
  9. Anyone who can get Matt Ryan more that two seconds to throw and can recognize the importance of a line that can get to the qb
  10. You got to put a product on the field worth watching
  11. I will wait until a product is put on the field we can watch. Boycott!!!
  12. **** naw not after 28-3
  13. Look he has time to throw
  14. We cant get a yard. We are done. Blow it up.
  15. I have never seen a more incompetent tenure of a coach. The Legacy of Dan Quinn First team to start 6-0 and not make playoffs Blew a 28 point lead in the super bowl Waisted years of video game level talent This team I'm watching is the worst I have seen. Since the June Jones coached this team.
  16. How can we win when Matt has no time to throw. 3 men beat our 5 lineman and freeman
  17. Lol kotter didn't cause a blocked punt, throw two interceptions or fumble the ball
  18. Not sure this has been addressed yet. Got to protect Ryan
  19. Our D was trash that year. Offence carried us. All we had to do was run. The ball
  20. Consistent coaching. If Shannahan stayed we would start to look like the Pat's.
  21. AFC is not competitive at all. It's always the Patriots. They stay consistent while everyone else is always changing. I swear it's like the cheif defenders gave up.
  22. Looks like they were not trying
  23. No one underneath no pressure no heart is what I just saw